Wednesday, June 17

Oh Cocó

Slang for poo in my Spanish family growing up was cocó....I suppose it is telling that I named my doggie Coco, yes this post is all about poo, it is a pooost.

Poo, why do dogs love it so? (I feel like I should have started a poem there) Coco, I have recently discovered, loves to find it in the back yard, and roll around in it, as she did yesterday. I will spare you the coat matting, hour long "bath" details...suffice to say it took all day for me to stop smelling phantom poo all over the place.

So this morning, sweet smelling, clean little coco runs outside, finds another pile (except I looked, and I didn't seeeee any, but I smelllled it on the ground) and rolls around in it like bank robbers roll around on their big pile of money on the bed, got me? She rejoiced in it, she made little moaning, tiny growling sounds as she scooted all over the grass on her back. Now, I am scared to let her go outside! BLERG, what to do???

Ok, who has poo rollers? How do you discourage this nastiness? Blerg.

Tuesday, June 16

Wren Wedding Dress

Oh, this dress is dreamy...I wanted to have a dress made for my own wedding (don't get me wrong, loved my dress...) but I pictured something like this. I love how summary it looks, and that nipped in waist, classic bride. And that bouquet! I love it, I used vintage milinary flowers, and now I can see my bouquet all the time, and remember my special day. I just love the idea of not using live flowers, so interesting. Don't you think? via {frolic} via Martha.

On an unrelated note, this weekend, O was showing some signs of hesitation about the blue bedroom, and I was beginning to reconsider, but then I got bold again, so today I am headed to get some paint!

Thursday, June 11

Brain Mares

Arrg, both O and I had nightmares last night, and I have an ear infection, on both ears, seriously, how old am I??? Maybe when I get the bedroom all nice and blued-up, it will keep nightmares away, isn't blue supposed to do that? Does anyone know about this? I was told if you imagine blue, and keep your mind on that, it helps with bad dreams. I don't have them often enough to really have ever tried it.

Usually when I am in the middle of a bad dream, I get pissed off, and start having super powers and blowing all the bad people up with eye lasers and I can fly and The problem with this is, when in real life, people piss me off, the first thing that comes to mind is "I am going to eye laser you!" but it doesn't work. So I will them to get violent diarrhea from the depths of my mind. It hasn't worked yet, that I know of...The power of silent suggestion is quite powerful, don't you think.

Henry Fuseli

Wednesday, June 10


Oh right, here is another one! The perfect shade.....Naturally, from Kate Spade's guest room.

Fabulous Wedding

My very stylish real life and blog friend Leigh, of Found, now Home, sent me this fabulous wedding yesterday. It is soooo freaking cool, I wish I could be friends with them, and they had invited me to their wedding, but then maybe I would be jealous, since it is so cool.

Monday, June 8

Round One: Bedroom

Ok, so this weekend we finally moved most things out of the holding area, now comes the fun stuff...rugs, paint colors, and cabinet staining. So what I am going to do is this, each room will be done little by little, but a mood board, or general design concept will be established for each room, so I can snap things up if I see them at a great steal or something. The living room as it is now is fine, the bedroom, however, is driving me crazy, and since it is right off of the Kitchen, both of these rooms are first.

Bedroom, BLUE!!! Our bedroom is large, and gets plenty of sun. (The house is West facing, so we only get direct sun in the front of the house at the end of the day, result: sunny but cool.)

every single fabulous image found VIA

But do I want a light blue, or a deep blue? My heart says DEEP, my brain says light...
These two images below, are really what I had in mind, but can I commit to that?

This is a great blue with all white sheets and such...sooo crisp and happy. So what do you say??? Any experience with dark blue walls?

Wednesday, June 3

New art logo

So I have made a little logo to stamp my prints and paintings with, and for my art in general. I am thinking of offering digital prints of my original paintings in large sizes, or printed on canvas and stretched onto a frame for about $100-$150 usd. Do you think anyone would be interested in this? Let me know, you fabulous people know everything.


Wow, wow wow...I love it. I just love it, more and more I want my house to look like this, loved and lived in and totally bursting with poor husband. Oh, and that painted paneling, I am loving this idea. I have a ton of white paneling in the living and dining room, and I am itching to paint it! At first I thought a nice, glowy cream color, now I am being drawn to bolder choices...what do you say?


Monday, June 1

Wedding dress gets new life!

Remember when I sold my wedding dress after my November nuptials (what a sassy word, nuptials) anyway, a lovely lady named Shannon bought it from me, and she sent me a few images from her own wedding, wearing the now her Melissa Sweet dress....

I really wanted to pass along the great vibes that dress had, and I think selling your wedding dress is a fabulous idea, why should it sit in the dark, in a forgotten closet? I will admit though, it is slightly sad to see it go...but this totally makes up for it! Isn't she lovely?

Radical Cartogaphy

This makes me so happy, like my brain is slipping into a nice, hot bath...

radical cartography via share some candy.

Plunge Pool...fantasy

Plunge pools at the Nash in SouthBeach...they are so nice...

As I write this, some lovely gentelmen are putting a drive gate up, and generally improving our little back yard. I can't seem to stop fantasizing about where we are going to put the plunge pool. Ever since I stayed at the Nash Hotel in southbeach, I have been dreaming of having a small, salt water, or mineral water plunge pool with jets and a stone patio around it...lets face it, Georgia is disgustingly hot a lot of the year...and then maybe it could be heated for when it is mildly cool, as it is for most of the other part of the year. I found these by googling plunge pool, creative, I know.

Lush garden

Kinda spa like...



Anyone have any experience with a plunge pool?

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