Monday, December 16

Artifact Uprising

Have you guys seen Artifact Uprising yet? Its a high design shop to convert your digital images into very beautiful physical products like a hard cover book, a stack of prints, or postcards. It is beautiful and easy. I just uploaded 25 images for the 5x5 print option. I am going to do something like this.

This is as image, as I am sure you know, from Rita Konig's amaze apartment. I love how she displays personal photos in a casual way. This is her old place with the famous mantel shot. I would love to have bowls around the house with photos in them for easy browsing whenever. 

I just ordered the above print set.

Hard cover book, so beautiful and a fabulous gift idea. Wish I had thought to tell you guys about this before their Christmas shipping deadline passed. But I be procrastinating y'all.

Instagram book, basically you use images from your mobil device or whatever, low resolution. They are so beautiful and I want to do them for vacations and other fun events like weddings, epic parties, re-models, a running joke or event (like the evolution themed dinner parties we have with our friends.)

Last but not least one of my very favorite items, the calendar! What a great gift if you can create a family theme for extended family, or a sexy one for your lovey. How about for a new baby, you can do monthly updates or if you have an older child, you can do yearly updates for every month.

Check out their blog, or instagram.

Tuesday, December 10

Free Shipping Sale is happening now

Hello dork-wads. I am just here to tell you that if you wanted to you could get free shipping on any painting in the store. Like right now, until midnight tonight. Just enter "freeshipping2013" when you check out. No, you can't combine it with another coupon code.

Coco, 24x36. Letting loose and letting myself get very scribbly without controlling it too much is so much fun. Plus I love peach next to deep blue so much. Also dusty blue next to lavender, and army green next to magenta. You know what? Someone put this in a nursery please. Its exactly the kind of thing a newborn should be looking at (red and black are the first colors they see right?) Its much more unique than something pink for a girl, and blue for a boy. Put this bad boy on a mint green wall, or a lavender wall for either sex! For the love of Zenu!

I have some new pieces up that I personally like to look at. I have been painting much less lately, but what I do end up with is much more of "what I want to look at." It takes a long time to shift gears and I am still grinding that clutch all up and down Peachtree but soon my dears I will be a drag racing- painting metaphor.

Stumble, 36x60. I love this size for over furniture personally. Bright mixed with velvety dark is hot y'all. This painting has rich chalk pastel lines over matt dark paint layered over drips, and graphite scribbles and then over that is more paint. I love deepest darkest green. I would hang this over my bed because it is soothing as crap! If I were a designer I would put this puppy over a very dark purple velvet sofa with square lines.

Picina 36x48. Is there anything prettier than tomato red and pool water blue together? I always think of Swiss graphic design for no reason other than I guess I saw that one time and now its imprinted. This one would go great vertical, or horizontal. I have a confession: people who don't understand that the drips in a painting don't have to move downward make me crazy.

Talking Only Me and You, 48x48. This was one of those paintings that I shunned in my studio bathroom because it looked so bad to me. The original painting (which I nick named Clown Chlamydia). Then I painted over that bad boy and I like that you can see through the yellow paint. Its like yellow cellophane on a gift basket and your like "smoked sausage...ewwww." There is just something about gold and yellow that I love.

I talked about "shunning paintings" at the talk I gave over at Gregg's last month. Not my favorite thing to do, speak in front of a few people looking at me. Not at all. Never doing that again. Then I paid out of pocket to video that shiz. I probably will never show you that video. All I could think about was how much I hated it and how much I wanted to go home. I was like a little new girl in third grade who cries in Math class because she misses her mommy (true story dudes). This time I didn't cry though, I just had distracting fantasies about martinis and then bed. Lordy! Everything about being a grown up is better isn't it! Plus when you are an artist you can just say "I am a sensitive arteest and its totes normal for me to loose my prunes y'all."

Thursday, December 5

Pantone Color of the Year

I love this tradition of Color of the Year! I always try to predict it, whenever it was red, I got it that time. I am not surprised at all that Violet is the color this year, its meditative, could be conservative but with this fuchsia undertone it has it has something more, something secret and sexy. I have used it in every painting lately, and I won't stop. Its so inviting. I gathered up a bunch of purple inspiration images from my "color" board. Enjoy lovers.

What do you think? Could you tell it was trending? In art school we had a great eclectic old teacher named Syliva and she really taught me about color. She said you could always predict what would trend commercially if you watched the Super Bowl! I did it once, and all of my predictions came true, crazy huh. 

Wednesday, December 4


Just inspired by these soft images today. I would create a color palette but no one really notices and they take a lot of time. Instead, just enjoy these colors together. 

Monday, December 2

Save 25% on Cybergasam day

Save 25% on anything by entering: "thanksforthediscount" at checkout, you sexy thang you.

Meet me in Philadelphia

You probably already read Meet me in Philadelphia, cute Ashley's blog. If you don't, correct this woeful error now. She was asking guests to create posts about gratitude in November, and I created a post for her too. As you know I am really focusing on being grateful and so. There you have it...

What am I grateful for? What am I thankful for? You know, I think about this every single day.
I have started a gratitude journal (so very Oprah of me isn't it.) It helps me to get over myself and the problems that I sometimes allow to consume my thoughts. Are they really problems though? Not when I change my perspective a little and I take stock of what really matters and what I really have.

These past few days I have been pondering how lucky I am to live right here, right now (yes, that song totally just popped into my head). I am free to be whoever I want.

Read the rest of this titalating, dirty, shocking, NC17 story here...

PS. That is one of my favorite pictures of me, but O took it. That means there are approximately 42 others of me looking like a demented, windblown freak show. Oh, how un PC of me. Does your husband or wife take hideous pictures of you, if they ever happen to take pictures at all? O only feels the need to snap on if say my hair is especially crazy, or my face cream is hanging off my chin. Very lovely. 

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