Friday, March 30

New Sugarloop

Oh how perfect is this, dude, I can taste orange when I see this print by Sugarloop!, and I just want to sit under an orange tree Sevilla, Spain, there are beautiful Valencia orange trees lining the streets, and this time every year they bloom with "azar" and it smells to wonderful, I can not describe to you, soon Semana Santa will herald plumes of incense into the streets and when it mixes with the azar...I think I might cry I want to got back there so much!

Thursday, March 29

Moving along

More progress on some paintings...Taking so much longer than I thought it would, when oh when will I be done!

Dreaming of Miami

Oh so much to do, but it is time to start planning our vacation! O and I would like to head down to South Beach again, we have had some terrible luck with beach vacations before, and last year when we stayed at the Hotel Nash, we had such a great time, that we just don't want to chance someplace new, although we will not be staying there again, even though we had a good stay. Especially the restaurant called Marks, oh my goodness, it was the most amazing meal I have ever had, much better than Wish or the Blue Door, which are generally touted as the best in South Beach. This is the view from our room window at the Nash, three different pools, one salt, one mineral and one fresh, they were nice!

We will rock you

Tee jeee, how cute. I love this lino cut print by nydampress via her lovely blog and Etsy store. I am just starting to learn to use those lino cutting tools, I know how much talent it takes to be able to carve a beauty like that, plus, I am a total sucker for chair prints...look to the right of this post...a little more...:) Scoop this beauty up for $15 bucks, and check out her cute phone and bird and bike and all sorts of cute prints!

Wednesday, March 28

Art Idea

Not only is this the sweetest gift I have ever received, but it is also just about the coolest too! This print is a copy from a beautiful painting at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. O and I went there on our very first date, and I fell in love with it. He remembered it so he called the museum and learned that they rent out special plates of all of their art works. These plates can be used at a printer to recreate the art work on a smaller scale. He took it to a printer in Atlanta and had it printed on canvas that he stretched over a frame. Now I have my very own copy of my favorite painting! Of course it can cost a pretty penny if you want a print of a very large or very well known piece, and then depending on how large you want it printed out, it could cost a bit. But for the person who knows exactly what they want, it sure is a good idea! I hope this inspires you just a little today :)


How cute is this children's print for bedding! Designed by two mothers for Kukunest, I learned about them on Print+Pattern, a favorite morning read. Dude, I think I would like these sheets for my bed...what do you say O? I think he would say it was cool with him...

Passing Notes invites or any other part of the big party that I get to design...Since I am a designer, of course I will have so much fun with every little detail, but I have to say, if I were too busy to make my own invites, I would most certainly turn to Passing Notes. I love how conceptual and smart the work is, plus, good typography. I can not tell you how poor typography on an invitation makes me cringe! (O can, he hears it all the time, poor guy)

Tuesday, March 27

Working on new stuff

I am busy working on some prints that I will eventually put on Etsy...I am so inspired by spring, that I can't help making happy, bright paintings and drawings :)
Just sharing my progress, check out Armas Design too!

Animal Rings at Boucheron

Mmkay, so I love animals and animal jewelery, remember when I was obsessed with finding a snake ring or bracelet? Well, How cute is this hedge hog ring, or the other amazing animal rings from French store Boucheron? Seriously I tell you! Check out K Style blog too, she posted about these rings and that is how I found them!

Monday, March 26

Rare Bird Vintage Discount

The lovely Rare Bird Vintage wanted to let all of Armas Design's readers know that if you mention this blog when you check out, you will enjoy a 15% discount on your orders through the month of March, time is running out peeps, hurry up and scoop up these delicious items!


Hello all! My vacation was wonderful, and O popped the question while we were on our date, and of course I said YEESSSS! We are very happy and my ring is beautiful, it was my grandmother's, perfect! These adorable cake toppers are made by Ann Wood and are for sale at her killer shop. I just love these, I have always wanted a small, hand made wedding with handmade details, and these toppers are on the top of my list...jejejejejej!

By the way, I am having major Internet problems today, so postings may be sporadic.

Tuesday, March 20

Going to Atlanta

I am going home to Atlanta with O for a little rest and relaxation with family, and a killer date that I always look forward to at Float Away Cafe and a little stop over at Star Provisions, my favorite place in Atlanta to do some shopping for cheese and tea and wine and beautiful things. Images from Flickr. I will be taking a break from blogging too, until Monday :) See you then, Cheers!

Monday, March 19

I am an Aunt...again!

In honour of my new niece Cassedy Sierra, I share this super cool vintage, teak high chair on ebay. Current Bid $24 with 6 days and 14 hours left.

This handy and cool star burst clock is for telling you how many hours of sleep you missed :) Current bid $24 with 6 days and 14 hours to go.

Friday, March 16

Block Printing at Make

Last night I had so much fun taking a block printing class at Make in the East Village. I met so many great people, we gossiped and laughed and got paint all over ourselves. I highly recommend taking a class there, in fact, get on it, right now! This is my fabulous scrap fabric adorned with my favorite carrot prints, the radio active symbol is my faves :)


Etsy seller Sumiko has really beautiful hand made pottery, with lovely little details. I love little plates like this, I have a little corner of my home where all of my jewelry and make-up live in little plates and bowels and this one would be so perfect to add to my cute! Or, on a rainy day like today (well, at least in NYC, and it snowed a little last night...dude, bummer) it would be the perfect plate to have a little scone from Colson, that gives me an idea!

Thursday, March 15

Wardrobe ReMix

Some interesting and colorful images via Wardrobe Remix Flickr pool, a great place to get ideas on how to wear your own clothes in an unusual way, or stare in amazement that someone is actually wearing that, IN PUBLIC, and....AND being photographed, your choice. I personally like the color and composition of some of the photos and that is why I just keep coming back.

Rare Bird Vintage

So, I like Ebay right, if you can't tell...I discovered RarebirdVintage, she has many beautiful and unique vintage items and she doesn't over price them, I turn to Ebay for good deals on vintage, and it cracks me up to see so many sellers have just crap and they put some dumb hipster girl in the photo and someone pays $200 bucks for it! But there are so many great sellers who offer truly great deals, I wish you happy bidding!

Red French Horn belt, (how cute is that!) $5.99 right now with 1 day and 13 hours left.

60's wicker bag is $26 right now with 8 hours and 25 mins left.

Vintage Party Dress $11.99 right now with 6 days and 15 hours left.

Wednesday, March 14

Armas Design Studio!!!

Howdy folks, so excited to announce that my Armas Design Studio website is finally live and ready for your peepers! If you didn't know, I am a graphic designer, freshly minted from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, and even more freshly minted from a short stint at Landor Associates (only my dream job!) Now I am ready to start freelancing, I hear birds chirping and angels singing...or that could just be the actual birds and angels that are hanging around Bland today for it is spring! I am going to link it on the sidebar, here as soon as I figure out how to do that, anyone know? In my opinion Blogger HTML is not very intuitive. Thank you Oshy, for working so hard to make my little web site so nice, I love you. Below is a sample of work from my site, under Corporate Capabilities.

Heather Bailey

Heather got her Sugar Shop finally ready, boy is it sugary, I dream of an office kinda like this one day. I imagine a loft or attic space painted all white (floorboards too) with beautiful antique book cases, all different shapes (like the one here, soooo adorable!), also painted white, and lots of bright yellow chairs around my new and special desk...I wonder if I could keep my things so neat and, I will have to work hard on that, check out her blog, eye sugar at it's very sugariest!

Tuesday, March 13

This is what my brain is like!

I swear! Actually, this darling photo is from SouleMama's blog, her collection of thrift store embroidery threads and yarns, I think it is brilliant! This blog just makes me happy :) Check our her amazing etsy shop too! (nothing there right now, but by March 20, be sure to check out, I am positive it will be worth it!)

Isn't this image perfection? It makes me feel better about living in a nice quiet house and leaving the bustle of the city (people I am from Atlanta, Brooklyn is HAPPENING) Lately O and I have been discussing moving and buying a home and..gasp..settling down, mostly it makes me cry, but her description of her early makes me feel much better.

Jen Stark

Artist Jen Stark makes these beautiful sculptures are made from good old construction paper, how cool is that! I am so inspired, I hope you are too. Check out some other of her beautiful work, including illustrations here.


Well, today is one of those days when my connection is messed up, why does this happen? why! Anyway, this is the only post for today, it is just too frustrating! I love these kiddie clothes by ModCherie's etsy shop, nice, fresh, springy colors and patterns, and well priced! For the same money you spend on a massed produced item, you can have an original, hand made item, and support a small designer! Wow, how cool!, I wonder if she would make that top in an adult size?

Monday, March 12

Spring Fever via Anthropologie

Today is so beautiful here, I saw a guy driving down 6th Av, here in Park Slope, with his windows down blaring "California Dreamin", singing AND playing air guitar, he was so happy (and cute). I though, yup that is how it feels on the first really, truly nice day of the season! I was so inspired, thanks air guitar man, that I made a little compilation of things that make me happy from the ultimate source of happy making: Anthropologie...sigh.

Baby Crazy

So many friends of mine (and relatives) are having babies all around me, like a blue eyed, blond hair explosion of sweet baby drool and floppy-heads, and tiny little fingers! I love babies...I want to just buy all the baby stuff I see, mostly because it is so cute, but also because I want to support great designers and artists who's work I cant wear or use, because I am not a baby, you see how that works..(although O and I do think that adult strollers would be super fun, the ones with the little sleeping bag built in, those damn lucky kids, dozing off while us adults forge against the wind and cold...but I stray)
Bloesem on etsy has beautiful baby items, and a great blog as well.

Danish modern on Ebay

If I had some extra cash (and room) to buy some more furniture, I would consider this one, at $10 right now (reserve not meet) and 14 hours and 50 mins left! I would have so much fun reupholstering it...Oh goodness, poor O, he is going to live in a house one day that is all upholstered, all fabrics, all patterns, all the is true, you really do turn out like your parents...I am exactly like my mom!

I also like these two beauties. Right now the auction is at $87.00 per chair, with shipping at $70.

This Paul Frank pair of chairs is a bit more expensive, but still groovy. Starting bid is $420, with 1 day, 13 hours left, financing available too :)

Saturday, March 10

Purl Bee Breeeeeliant

What a super killer idea! I love this so much, via Purl Bee, the blog for Purl Soho...they needed a way to display some fabrics, and honestly, I could sit and stare at these, or my very own fabric swatches displayed this way, I think it would drive O a little bit crazy, he would say it is too busy, but maybe some day, in my office...a girl can dream...
Decor8 also posted this idea...


I have been eyeing this lovely little handkerchief over at Nest in Park Slope, and I finally figured out who designed it! Sukie! There are also tea towels, cushions, journals and more, all with her very interesting and bold graphic illustration style.

Friday, March 9

Second Space

This brilliant UK vacation company, Vintage Vacations (run by women) is based on the idea to offer refurbished American style vintage mobile homes for rent in beautiful areas of the country. Talk about rest and relaxation, in cute style! O and I were recently talking about throwing a large party, perhaps in a lake home, over a weekend with all of our friends, and when I began looking around, I realized that almost all the rentals are just horribly appointed, I am talking real red-neck-duck-themed decor, know what I mean? Well, I am still looking for something stylish and clean and accommodating...but I digress. This idea is killer and it got me thinking, I would love one of these for all the time...imagine living in a more or less rural area and parking this bad boy (of course it could run on bio fuel if it has a diesel engine) and work out of it? I don't know, not feasible perhaps for security reasons, but dude, cool! Or perhaps if you are renovating a home and need a place to live? Perhaps I have been in the south too long, where parking a Mobile home outside your home is perfectly normal in the suburbs...


Today is one of those days when my head is so flooded that I can hardly think straight. I am beginning my second month of working from home and trying to secure freelance design work and I am about to launch my website, yuppeeee! But, it still isn't moving fast enough for me, I just feel kind of restless. I hadn't anticipated the loneliness that comes with working from home, especially if you are a very social person like me (my friends would be surprised to hear me say that) but I enjoy people more and more as I get older. I have met some great people in the blog world though, that has been great. Anyone have any advice on how to not go crazy from working on freelance basis? ( I am reading Creatively Self Employed) and it is a great book for anyone who has taken the plunge. I am working on even more color studies, so I thought I would share this one :)

Thursday, March 8

Okay, I know I said I was off today

I posted about Olga Goldstein a while back, her little chair cup makes me soo happy. But this little guy, Nueces (nuts in Spanish), oh I gotta have him! A little friend in a nut with a little cowlick! Oh thank you Happy Cavalier for reminding me about her! Ok, off to work, seriously.

Wednesday, March 7

Recent Ebay purchase

My French silk just arrived via ebay! I got two yards for 9 dollars, very excited, I recently ordered this pattern by Built by Wendy, can't wait to get going, as soon as I repair my sewing machine again! I am making a lot of posts today b/c tomorrow I am taking the day off, lots of work to do.

Working from home

Inspired by some other interesting bloggers, I wanted to share a little bit of my workspace! My favorite chair, from Ikea, a gift for my birthday from O, I like to chill in my chair in the morning and look through my books for inspiration, and wish that the fireplace worked! (Blissen print on the mantle from Rare Device and coral from my parents, pillow from Spain that I gave to my mom but took back, sorry mom), Me and O hanging in Brooklyn, I am wearing a scarf that my mom got from Portugal, I stole it, again, sorry mom, and my desk, yahhh! A gift from O, again, thanks! And flowers for Valentine's Day. On my desk there is a little bird that I got from Blue Bell Bazaar on etsy.

Random acts of lighting

I am pretty much obsessed with lighting, Especially very unique or unusual things that inspire me to try to make my own crazy versions...These amazing images come from a lighting company called Random. You must contact them for pricing, I am sure these beautiful creations cost a pretty penny.

Pakhuis Oost

This crazy little joint online has amazingly colorful things, from tiaras for girls parties to adorable little animals, like these that I just want to take home! I love the photography too. So check out Pakhuis Oost pronto.

Ebay Hunting

I really want a snake ring or bracelet, this one is modeled after an ancient one in a museum, that just about explains how I like my jewelry, if it looks like it was dug out of the ground, then, I like it! Current bid is about $14.00, woohooo

Its Log!

Oh its log from Ren and Stimpy! No, sadly it is a useful piece of wood, with a fire starter wick for all of your light a log in a hurry needs! I personally like the convenient handle, anyone? Anyway, I found this sight via the always amazing Hoping for Happy Accidents, Copper loves Abraham Lincoln too! What are the odds of that! He is my all-time-if I could have dinner with a dead person-guy; had a huge crush on him when I was little-guy; and he would totally be proud of this little wood log fire-guy! Seriously, the soundtrack to The Civil War was my first CD purchase (then Swing Kids)

Letters to Marc Jacobs

I love this blog, and I thought you might too! E is a funny mother of two living in London and writing Letters to Marc Jacobs that are funny and offer a view into her life. I can't do it justice, just check her out.

Tuesday, March 6

Psst...fabulous Mod coat on ebay

I find the best stuff on ebay! I just wanted to share the love, someone please snatch this lovey up! Great classic but cool plaid, nice cut and oh soooo well priced! This seller has a great track record too (VERY important when buying on ebay, check the seller!) current bid $20.35, with 1 day, 8 hours left, shipping is only $8.75!


Wow, designed by Roderick Vos and available at Gelderland, these tables and chairs can be used as either, or stacked to create a really unique art piece or book case, or whatever! They are available in 6 different shapes. I really love the concept, they remind me of some wooden puzzle toys my dad had when I was little, I used to wish I could live in them, well, this is pretty close to that! I found them via Terramia, a great blog where I always find great inspirational images.

* Terramia *

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Monday, March 5

Wee Wonderfuls

This little lady is waiting for spring, just like me! She fits right into the theme for today, colorful! I discovered this wonderful site today and I am just imagining my adorable niece playing with her! I just love her little expression, and her adorable blanket! (and even that cute little chair). Check out Wee Wonderfuls!

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Perfect color inspiration!!

Thank you Another Shade of Grey, she posted this fabulous picture (unfortunately don't know where it came from, if anyone knows?) I love it, I never would have thought to paint each brick! in any space, I think it would be killer.

Beautiful Inspiration for today

Keeping in line with my colorful mood, I wanted to share this amazing artist. I remember his work from an Anthropologie catalog that I have never forgotten. I love this detail of one of his pieces, it is light and bright and to me, it looks like it tastes like heaven! Check out Jacob Magraw-Mickelson at the Motel Gallery.

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