Monday, April 28


Great sale over at Calypso. I love this jersey multi-wrap dress. So smart, and so sexy. Nothing like a good sale to get the week started off great. I am craving dresses and sandals lately, so very much.

Thursday, April 24

Thanks Gigi

Gigi over at Roadside Scholar has posted a very sweet interview of me. Thank you.

Tuesday, April 22

Summer time!

I have been doing some shopping lately, by which I mean that I am siting at my computer, buying things on sale, online, knowing that i will probably have to return half of it! I used to scoot right on down to Bird when I lived in Park Slope. Most of their stuff is way out of my budget, but they have such great sales. I miss that place. I still check their website out to see what they have, b/c I know it will be really interesting. Well, these are all things I love for summer.

Thursday, April 17

New New New

Still plugging along with some new work. Inspired by a cold spring here in the south. Oh, and I found the most beautiful wedding blog, thought you might like. I now here, officially apologize to every bride I ever made fun of for stressing out, and spending too much money on their wedding, how could I know?

Tuesday, April 15

Hannah Waldron

This is so inspiring today. Hannah does quirky illustrations and also art direction. This is for a music video, watch it here.

Coco looks so cute here, soaking up the sun. I has been unseasonably cold here, we had hail yesterday. Crazy.

Friday, April 4


What do I love? Is it the Sartorialist? Maybe, this man's beard, so nice. Plaid? TWO kinds of plaid...His boots? Those killer buttons on that sweet-ass cardigan? Paris? Who knows, but I.Love.

Thursday, April 3


Update: which band do you prefer? Dixiland Jazz and some more, gosh, I love it. OR, do you like this Maricahi band? it is so festive! but would it be too loud for a patio like the one below? What do YOU think?

HELLO there you dork, ME dork. Do you know that it just, JUST hit me that I am planning a wedding, and that it is not an outdoors, casual, spring affair but an urban, Saturday evening, fall little shindig and it really wouldn't do for me to wear a cotton shift.

Seriously Michelle. It has just occurred to me, people will be staying at the Ritz, I gotta really dress up, and pay attention and make this a beautiful event. You would think that an artist and designer would go crazy for an opportunity like this, but I have been living in denial.

So, I am going to start making more wedding posts, because you, ladies, have excellent taste and I need your advice! Oh, and the Ophthalmologists of the world have decided to descend upon Atlanta on my wedding date, hogging all the hotel rooms and cramping my style! So we had to move the date up a week, 11-15-8. Yeah, that looks pretty good, no?

So, some dress options.

I love this Spanish look; Simple, graphic look; So so Modern; Preppy Lace.

The venue is our fave restaurant, Shauns Social Club.
We are having the ceremony on the patio at sunset, then dinner, and then dancing on the a swing band? or a bluegrass band? So how 'bout these dresses?

Any suggestions?

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