Friday, October 29

Happy Friday

This photo.....

Inspired this painting....Hortense. Contact me if you likey.

Happy weekend? What are you gonna do? I have to get together my Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor!) costume for a party Saturday. And I am painting up a storm for a gallery here in Atlanta. And carving pumpkins, and enjoying my new windows in my office. Dude, this place is pimping out quite nicely. AND my daddy wore American flag suspenders last time, but we forgot to get a photo.

Wednesday, October 27

Totokaelo I love you

I have a plan. To dress like an adult. Hm.

Comfort in a cool way. Lets face it Michelle, that outfit will be "accessorised" by paint.

I need these pants please.

This one, I could seriously do. I need to get my butt over to the fabric store and get some amazing wool jersey in black and then drop it off at the tailor and have a l.b.d. made like this. Comfy, stretchy and just the right length (right at the knee)

Back to work!

Tuesday, October 26

Don't you think?
I did get a great haircut though, and from a man who grew up one block from where we lived in Park Slope. Small world. First good hair cut in three years. Thank you hair gods.

It is nice and windy and gloomy today, thank you weather gods. I have been nauseous for two days, on account of eating too many rice crispy squares. What can I say, I have a small obsession with them. Although not for a few years at least. Belch.

O is home from a longish trip, and I am only half way through Mad Men's second season. And I have that nice sore feeling from a good, stretchy Pilates work out. Thank you Pilates gods.

Friday, October 22

Hairry Friday

Getting a hair cut this weekend. What do you think? Pretty hot huh? I always love her hair.

Now if I could just stop off at a salon and get those

Monday, October 18


This weekend was very productive. Wanna see?

First, everything has to go out of my office.

Then paint all the trim a glossy, creamy white. Remove closet door, and paint the inside of the closet grey blue, same as the hallway.

Next the rug pad goes down. Boy do I have blisters from this thing! I had to cut it with scissors, yikes. I still am not totally finished trimming it.

It was really fun laying these down. I can see the dip in our floor much more clearly now that the rug is down. It feels very soft and cozy in here now.

Ta Da. I have a nice spot for my bajillion canvases (there are more in our shed, yikes.) That window will have long drapes, soon. I want something very special, so I will show you those when they are done too.

What do you think? I think it turned out so much more blue than I realized. The puppies like it, they have wrestle mania in here now.

The view from my desk. A new piece I am working on.

I am going to install some shelves in the closet, and paint them the same color as the dark walls. You can really see my cart leaning here, we have slopey floors in this room.

You can see my unfinished edge here, I still have to cut some tiles to fit in there. And a new piece that I liked with the color theme in here now. There you have it!

I also had a rather nasty fight with a Bouncy Castle at a block party I crashed. Also, danced like it was 1998. Wanna see that too? I thought so, here you go:

I think I was doing the Liz Lemon here.

Friday, October 15

Glamourai Gonna Try

Have a wonderful week-end ladies and gentlemen. I am sore as a lumberjack, and busy making things for ICE! Weee, I hope to see all of you Atlantans there, it would be killer to meet you.

Ok, layers, jewelry, puppy...I think I can do this!

Also, I am looking for an office space for lil ol me. I need a place to paint some bigg-ass canvases, and have them delivered. Last week, the courier giggled at me, on account of of my snow globe pajama pants and paint covered apron. Yup, it is time to grow up, and dress and go to work like a real woman. 

um, where can I get sunglasses like those! Hello. Now I just have to do my nails, and wear lipstick? 
Uh oh

I want to look just like this pretty lady named Kelly, who I learned about from Erin, (most stylish herself, btw, she has got me thinking about DVF dresses and over the knee boots! Shame on me!)

I am starting to think I won't be able to pull this off, she looks

Ok, this is the ONE. Seriously, could not be more perfect. I am going to carry this image around with me, so I can try to emulate her! Is it creepy how much I love her? Don't answer that.

Another day, another set of perfect jewelry and glasses. I don't think I could wear that much
jewelry, it would get in the way when I paint...and I wear glasses, but lets 
not get too caught up in reality here. 

Thursday, October 14

I have windows THAT OPEN!

I know, not a lot of very sexy photos here lately. But, we have two new windows, and I think after we install at least two more, I will be able to do one myself, lets hope. My dad, black socks and another Hawaiian shirt, your the best dad.

Looking good huh?

I tumbled down these damn stairs last year this month, and so began my year long recovery. Now they are painted with a skid resistant coating, and they have tons of traction. I am having a hard time choosing a green for the pillars, any suggestions?

I couldn't help myself when I got my Flor tiles, and made a little entry rug. Of course, this makes me realize that we do really need an entry rug...and that leads me to....

More Flor! I think I may have a problem. I like this one a lot, and this one too.

Oh, and Harry the Spider says hello. Georgians: is this dude poisonous? Is it like frogs where if they are bright, then they have poison? He is just setting up shop for Halloween, most helpful Harry.

Monday, October 11

Front Porch

Boy did I have a productive weekend, I need another break. Anyway. Our front porch is finally painted and it looks pretty hot if I do say so myself. I have been browsing some ideas...getting excited! After thinking about all the possible seating options; table and chairs, porch swing, wooden Adirondack chairs...

I decided on a love seat with cushions, a small table and one other chair, they don't have to match. In fact, not a huge fan of the matchy matchy. This one is nice. This one is on sale! And comes in green, that would look nice too.

I am thinking an outdoor rug, to protect all my hard work, and make it feel cozy. I have always loved this one. I also like this one, and this one.

Lighting, I always go to Restoration Hardware, I just know I will like something there, and that slims down the massive selection down quite a bit. I would like to put one on either side of the pair of windows we have, since I can't flank the door, as there isn't room.

or this one, I like the wavy glass

Most likely I will buy everything off Craigslist...will keep you posted!

Friday, October 8

Suck It Week! It's FRIDAY

Teehheheee, the graphic designer in me is rejoicing.

Hey Atlanta Peeps, I need an artist studio, any advice?

Paper is Lovely

Dawn found my blog, and I found her's. (or is it hers with no apostrophe? ugh, why so complicated English? you think a lot of yourself don't you, English, bah!) A classic online love story, aw how sweet. But seriously, how freaking awesome is her paper work? Totally, way tubular awesome, that's how, ain't no denying.

I want one of these little ladies in a jar! AHAHAHAH, she has a hat and a book! Where have I been? Why don't I have one? What is happening to me? Why don't you have one?......What do you do with plastic bags from the grocery? I usually recycle them, don't you think people will find them a quaint waist of resources in a couple of hundred years? I do, at least I hope so. hm.

Check out more of her amazing creations here.

Thursday, October 7

Winter Time

How are we getting ready? New windows, going in next week, whew (thanks dad). Insulation going in next month, double whew, (thanks O) and my little office needs a rug, and an insulating rug pad under it. 

Flor to the rescue! More specifically Flor Outlet. I ordered one of each of these tiles, to compare, and after I buy the estimated 68 tiles (at 7.99 per tile) for my 13.5 square room, I will be spending around $550.

Not bad for wall to wall carpeting. Idealy, I would not have to put down carpet, but the floors are in bad shape too, there was a fireplace in here about 90 years ago, and some of the floor is black, I know nice, and has large splinters. We will fix it one day, oy I say that a lot. Then the insulating pad under it, to fit our room we need the 12x15 footer, at $235 with free shipping. Or, order a custom size at no extra charge.

Which one would you choose?

Wednesday, October 6

Spotted: Covet Garden

 Secret Garden, looking sexy, that chics got good taste.

 Love that nursery, can I have pompoms on my ceiling? I think yes.

I am always happy to get my greedy little hands on a new shelter rag, or whatever it is called when it is digital. Covet Garden out of Canada is pretty swell. AND, although they didn't credit my work, does include a shot of my Secret Garden print from Urban Outfitters, sadly sold out.

You didn't seriously think all I had today was Hillary's bad hair day? It still makes me cringe.

P.S. WELCOME to my bloggety blog, if you have come here from Covet, and thank you Covet for the link to my bloggety blog!

Tuesday, October 5

Oh dear

Painting my porch, or rather, getting that beast ready for painting has occupied me for three days. This, however did not get by me. Ouch. I would be trying to keep my hand from reaching up and snapping that thing off her head (I had to re-type head four times, fyi).

She looks like she was fixing herself up, and turned away from the mirror before she finished.

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