Thursday, May 31

Classic Beauty

When I was a kid, I used to watch all kinds of documentaries with my history-lov'n dad. I clearly remember being so fascinated with the intricate burial rituals of the Egyptians and the Greeks among others. Noble people buried with gems and jewelry the like I had never seen. I still refer to those memories when I think of a perfect piece of jewelry, organic, rich and unique. I would buy all of these pieces form the Metropolitan Museum of Art, plus, you get to support the museum, so if you have oh, say $40,000 laying around, I say, "donate it to the museum."

Moving to Atlanta

Yup, it is official, O and I are moving to Atlanta at the end of the summer, going back home. I love so many things about Atlanta, hmmm lets, so many wonderful restaurants... I will miss New York dearly, oh so dearly.
YO: Side note check out Ma Vie en Rose

Wednesday, May 30

Bajillion Dollars

I want this. Too bad it costs a bajillion dollars....

Takashi Iwasaki

At Motel Gallery. Embroidery thread on stretched canvas. So beautiful.

My dream garden

Wonderful garden inspired living, in my imaginary back yard...sigh. What do you need? Chairs, Ikea watering can beautiful vessels and more chairs from Sprout Home.


Tuesday, May 29

Private Sale at JCrew

Enter "privsale" at checkout and enjoy %20 off of an order of $175 or more. Hurry, sales ends tomorrow night at 12am.

Fishs Eddy

I love Fishs Eddy, great place to find unusual and perfect pieces for the kitchen. I personally love the woodgrain serving plates....yummy.

Wednesday, May 23

Funay Stuff

You will enjoy this if a. you have ever been high on cold medicine, b. if you have ever had a brain fart, I am guessing that goes for all of you...enjoy. I just listened to this little ditty and laughed so loud at work that I scared the crap out of my friend...sorry. It is hysterical, I just got over a cold....and this is how I felt for dayzzzzz. Thanks Dooce, you da best.


It was so great to get away, I played soo much during the day, and ate wonderful dinners at night. We stayed in another part of South Beach this time and do not recommend it. If anyone has questions, go ahead and ask away, but I will not diss out right. Except to say that O and I were at the Tides Hotel and had dinner at their restaurant La Marea, and it was a huge let down. $34 for a mound of fish the size of a deck of cards...that was their whole fish dinner too...couldn't event tell it was a fish...and $14 for one scallop...seriously peeps. Stick with Marks if you are heading down to SoBe. Side Note: The Tides is beautiful, and so is the restaurant, it feels like the coziest house party.

Wednesday, May 16

Going on Vacation

To the beach. See you guys on Tuesday :)
Hot suit via Outblush.

Speechless...via Spray Glue

OMG, this is my future living room, this photograph made me speechless! The brilliant Spray Glue posted it yesterday and I thought about it ALL NIGHT, I am THAT captivated! Oh yah, wallpaper designs by House Couturier.

Monday, May 14

Cake Girls

This is a cake! Yes please. Wouldn't it be perfect for a child's fairy tale party? Hmmm, I would serve it on this...

Libertine at Target

Libertine is the new talent designing a line for Go International Target. Yesssssss

Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor

I am loving these dish towels by Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor who hand-prints her wears out of her studio in Glasgow. Not too sweet, graphic and playful, with just the right saturation of color, perfect. They are available at Papa Stour.

Redhook's Erie Basin

I really want to go check out this store in Red Hook, Brooklyn. They offer select 19th and early 20th century jewelry and objects with contemporary stylistic and cultural relevance. This spring Erie Basin is showing the work of Benedicte, Natalia Brilli, and R Jewellery to name a few. Plus they have an online shop! I love these handmade silver and beautifully polished labradorite earrings.

Saturday, May 12

My birthday was fun...

and my parent's visit went really well, we had a great time. Plus, I got lots of great presents! My mom and I went to Purl Patchwork and I got some fabrics. I also got an a beautiful Alyssa Ettinger vase, a really sweet tree vase from Nest in Park Slope, a pillow from Show Pony on etsy that I have wanted forever and lots of beautiful fabric! O gave me some beautiful, bright cotton from Mood, and a beautiful porcelain necklace from Rare Device. Oh, and some great suede flats. Actually, anyone who wants a good, peep toe flat should check out the Bunni style from Steve Madden. Needless to say, it sure was fun! Now, unfortunately I am sick, and I have to go back to bed :( I guess I could take my laptop and just pass the day reading all of the great blogs I love.

Friday, May 11

Claire Scully

I love typography, at my current position, I play with beautiful type all day long, proportion is everything, it is very exciting to me. I was so inspired by Scully's work, she is inspired by "the conflicting and harmonious relationships the urban environment has with the natural world." I learned about her via the always fabulous Another Shade of Grey, thanks!

Sick today

Feeling under the weather, and still I will post later :( I wanted to post this wonderful tea from MarieBelle in New York. I went there this past weekend and enjoyed the Aztec hot chocolate so much...but tea is better for the throat don't you know.

Wednesday, May 9


So, speaking of pink...I want a pink room, anyone know of a pink paint color that is subtle and vibrant? I pulled this picture form Martha Stewart, isn't she great...anyone know what paint she used?

Queen Anne on Ebay

How gorgeous is this queen anne teacup? It would be perfect to drink rich, thick hot chocolate from, I love it, a bit pricey for me, starting bid is $29.99 with $9.31 shipping. There are 10 hours and 25 minutes left. Happy bidding!

Gallery Hanahou and Stina Persson

Quick note for all you New Yorkers, Stina will be showing her water color paintings at the Hanahou gallery from May 24-June 7. Go check her out! Hanahou is located at 611 Broadway St. Suit 730.

Tuesday, May 8

Moss and Moma

I went to the Moma this weekend, it was amazing, of course. My favorite section was the graphic design, and furniture and industrial design area. I fell in love with this amazing glass wear set designed by Josef Hoffmann in 1912. It is made with clear mouth blown mat crystal with hand painted enamel using a technique, "in which a crystal surface is decorated in a brownish-black enamel, is called "Bronzitdekor" and was developed by Hugo Max only a short time previous to the design of Series B. Designs using this technique were Hoffmann's first for Lobmeyr." I found them online at Soho's Moss design store. At $250 a pop for the goblets, I will not be purchasing them any time soon, but wouldn't it just the a perfect gift for the person who has everything? I will post my pictures from Moma soon, for all of you who don't get to go :)Domino also featured the designer in their magazine!! How cool, I just got it and opend it up and almost peed my pants, I love Domino, so right on trend.

Friday, May 4

Moma maddness

AHH, I have been such a bad blogger, sorry. Between birthday celebrations and my folks being in town, I have been buying too much fabric and getting too many gifts to post...ok, now I am just bragging, but seriously, I will be back on Tuesday full time. Until then, enjoy this killer chair (I sure will, going to MOMA in a few minutes!!! so excited) I love these outdoor chairs, the drain in the seat is brilliant, nothing worse than wet-pants from the chair puddle. Plus, this green would look gorgeous with lush vegetation is various shades of green.

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