Thursday, December 11

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Just a random mood board for what I wish my life looked like right this second.

Wednesday, December 10

Sally King Benedict : New Website

I just love Sally's new website, her style is so eye catching. Its like finding the most perfect vintage piece of art you could ever hope to find. I am totally in love, like just lusting after this piece.

I think its always smart to have a shop where customers can buy what they like right when they see it! I get so bummed out when I love an artist but can't buy something right away, and I have to contact them, and usually they take a while to get back to me, and then its actually already sold. blah blah. I love that you can find something you love, and then buy it right up! Way to go Sally!

Another piece that I love:

also this:

Tuesday, December 9

Thank you

I am alone in the studio today, drinking coffee and listening to podcasts while I build boxes for the millions of paintings that you guys bought yesterday. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love. For those of you who are not subscribed to my newsletter, you have until midnight tonight to get either free shipping, or 30% off.

30% off: HOLIDAYS30
Free shipping (hint, large paintings): FREESHIPPINGFORME

I was kinda worried about not being able to work as much as I wanted once I had a child. So far it hasn't been bad at all, some days I get anxious because I have ideas in my brain that I don't have time to hash out right then and there, but for the most part time away from work always makes my painting better. My buddy Sally told me not to worry, that I would still have time to work but I kind of didn't believe her! How has it been for you?

In other news, I have been working on portraits for years. I have some that are ten years old in my studio, waiting to be brought out and loved on again. I am thinking maybe doing a show of just portraits? What do you think? You will notice some faces and body parts start to end up in my paintings, just a heads (hahah) up.

Sunday, December 7

New Small Paintings in the shop

There are all kinds of new paintings in the shop today! I kind of didn't want to do the whole Cyber Monday or Black Friday thing because they annoy me. I think that weekend is for being with family and not buying stuff. But thats just me I guess.

If you follow me on instagram, and you should. You really should. You know that right now I have a discount code for 25% off! Enter "hohoho2014" to get your sale price. I was going to make the discount code iamahohoho, but I thought that would be rude.

When I feel. 18x18 acrylic, oil, soft pastel on canvas 275usd.

There is still so much time left before THE HOLIDAY(S). Plenty of time to get your painting to you or a loved one, even a large painting.

Lets Meet Half Way. 16x20 acrylic, oil, graphite, soft pastel on canvas. 275usd.
Ever since I became a mom, my desire to do exactly what I feel in my gut has strengthened so much. I just have to make a million decisions all the time based only on what I feel to be right, since I am a first time mom with zero experience. This has really seeped into my work! I am more impulsive and really believe in the marks I make, and really love subtle texture over bold color. Even though, color is awesome!

That Little French Place. 16x20 acrylic, oil, graphite and soft pastel on canvas. 275usd.

I Think You Will,  is 24x24 inches, acrylic oil, soft pastel and graphite on canvas. 500usd.

Lipstick Disco 36x48 acrylic, oil, graphite, soft pastel, oil pastel on canvas. 1800usd.

There are a lot, and even more are going into the store this evening. If you are signed up to my newsletter you will get a nice little greeting in your inbox tomorrow morning with a very nice holiday sale. I am not sure yet exactly what I will offer, but it will be exclusive to newsletter subscribers, that I know for sure.

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