Friday, June 29

Shoe....S.A.L.E. at....Shopbop

OMG, gotta check it out, why all my posts are about clothes latey, who knows, probably because I have yet another cold (damn airplane travel!) and I am longing for the look of someone who can get out of the house and get dressed! Well, all of you healthy active people, buy some of this stuff, gotta stimulate the economy...and all that garbage.

Tashkent by Cheyenne, originally $299, now $89, UPS delivery (they are shoes, it doesn't matter if the UPS guy plays basketball with the package, he probably will, but your shoes will be fine)

Mint and Vintage

I think this dress rocks.
And I would wear it with this bag from Frosting...

Thursday, June 28

Should I get this???

First of all, this store, eShakti is super amazing, really great prices for unique and beautiful tunics, camis and dresses, all with a glamorous Indian design asthetic. So, should I get the grey one? or the white one? So many hard decisions to make in this life...

Beautiful Packaging

I love this packaging design, I go to Sephora and stare at it, has anyone used it? Is it good stuff?
I must leave you know to continue staring...

Wednesday, June 27


I am a better person because I read Dooce. O totally doesn't get it, I tell him all about her adorable daughter, and how she does all these funny things, he says I must have a lot in common with her to appreciate her point of view so much...I think that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, that is why I am gonna marry that boy. No, seriously, I have read all the archives (it took some time, I am not like, stalking her) if you have a life that includes life, then you will love her too.

The other Michi

OK, so how cute is this? I had not heard of this before but seriously, how cute is this! Michi girl from Australia has a hysterical and cute blog, with lots of very enviable illustration/collage creations that I love. PLUS, a newsletter, sign up! I also must confess that I have never met another Michi, that is my name, only people who don't really know me call me Michelle, everyone else calls me Michi, crazy, never in my bleeeeeeep years have I met another one, well, there is a first for everything.

Amy Schimler

The talented Amy Schimler emailed me about her new textile designs, they are cute as can be. I just spent a week with my nieces in Atlanta, and I am crazy about all baby things now, naturally. These two are my faves, but she has so many adorable prints to choose from, and they are not all girly either.

Thursday, June 14

My many moons

Lately I have been reading lots of books about the universe and physics, even learning about string theory, anyone? Well, this print reminds me of my childhood b/c my dad is a huge astronomy buff and we had posters like this around all the time, well, maybe not so cool and 60's psychedelic, but cool none the less. I think ya'll should buy it, there I said it. My little underground, $35.

E Pluribus Venom

Just wanted to let everyone know, and this is important, Shepard Fairey will be showing his most recent work at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Dumbo (Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), June 21-July 6. His show, entitled E Pluribus Venom, is an exploration of the current culture in the US, I will not expound b/c it should be exciting to experience your own interpretation, and also when I get to talking about government and disintegrating society and well...I get all orwellian and preachy so I will spare ya'll.

I heart Brains

All I can say is yes please! Check out all the other juicies at CircaCeramics. Doesn't it remind you of that Futurama where the brains tried to take over the earth, and Frye saved everyone by locking the biggest brain into a badly written and misspelled story? Dude, I loved that one.

Be a Renegade

Don't forget to come out and scope the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this weekend!

Friday, June 8

I am a Tulle for you

How pretty is this? I ask you, and you reply, oh my, yes it is dern pretty aint it...(you are southern in my mind, sorry)...AND it costs less that $50, yes it do, it sure do.

Monday, June 4

Want some cheep stuff

Nice vintage pumps right, yah I thought you would like them. I am selling them, along with lots of other ripe goodies on ebay, swing on by and check it out. Starting bid, $9.99, 6 days left.

Friday, June 1

Make it Bigger...BIGGGER

Thank GAWD it is Friday, for this reason, the reason that it is the last wretched day of the week, I offer this little ditty. I am a designer after all and I work with all of the "Make it bigger" people on the upper west side....THE UPPER WEST SIDE. Nothing is ever big enough, and no one ever has a lack of ideas and design suggestions to offer...oh if only they would sing to me like this guy, maybe their terrible ideas would be more palatable.

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