Wednesday, September 28

Ben Pentreath

Perfect blend of prints, texture. So cozy. Just feast your eyes if you please. Meanwhile, I will be working my patooty off. I orated for O all I had to do this month and his mouth fell open. He told me I was being crazy, this coming from a man with endless, bounding energy who works all day, works out, does his honey do list, and cleans the kitchen just cuz, and finds the time to be my business coach. I will just take more rests throughout the day, and still get everything done. That is my plan, and also just pretend I am sitting in this living room by a toasty fire. Or, as my very pregnant friend Ruth said to me the other day: "Birth plan? What birth plan. I am just going to listen to some Eminem and tell myself I can totally do this thing!"

I have already subscribed to and stalked all of the archives of Ben Pentreath's blog, and shop. Via Katy Elliot.

Wednesday, September 21

Archive blog

I have created a new blog, to house all the of the sold out paintings. Holla


Thanks world, I am pretty sure my studio assistant needs have been filled! Thanks to all of you who sent me your info. Get ready for a lot more art from me.

Last night was the first one in about a month that I enjoyed seven hours of un-interrupted sleep, without drugs, or sobbing in the middle of the night with panic "why can't I just sleep already!" I went to see a specialist yesterday, he basically gave me great advice, no drugs (good news!). I can't believe it, I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of people I have confided in have admitted to also suffering from occasional, debilitating insomnia (really? you too? Oh thank you for sympathising with me...soooobbb). Do you? What do you do to help yourself?

I am so looking forward to painting today, can't get to the studio fast enough.

Tuesday, September 13

Studio Assistant

Listen up world, I need a studio assistant. A nice person who will work hourly, about 10-15 hours a week. They must know PhotoShop, be competent with a camera, Google docs, social media and be willing to learn all kinds of malarky; I have big plans, and need someone flexible and excited to work on new things.

This person must be self starting, go getting, trust worthy, detail oriented, and willing to have impromptu dance parties. Are you interested? If so, then please email me your resume, or list of qualifications, and we can take it from there. armas(dot)

Monday, September 12

Australia Painting

This is a commission I painted for a client in Australia, it is a 30x30 size. I sent it to her un-stretched, rolled in a tube; this way she paid only 50usd for shipping (to send something this size, stretched onto a frame to Australia from the US would cost many hundreds of dollars.) Her handy boyfriend attached the canvas to a frame himself! 

I painted lots of extra inches around the edges, so it was easy to get a clean look, with the edges looking like an extension of the painting, wrapping around to the back; easy! The paint is not harmed at all by doing this. Isn't this the cutest office? This is where magic happens.

Thursday, September 8

Commissions: updates on policy

I have been working so hard these past several months, and I am truly loving every minute of it. Thank you so much to all of you who support me by buying my paintings, and talking about me on your blogs, and recommending me to your friends. I just can't tell you how much I appreciate you, and lovelovelove having you out there to chat with.

Lets do some more chatting, as I have decided to change some of my policies about how I work, and I think this is such a great way to talk about it. I have amended some policies, and these are the new things to think about. 

Commission fee: I have agonized over this decision, but I really feel good about it; there is a fee to order a custom painting, otherwise known as a commission. I simply takes so much more time to paint a custom order. Not to mention thought, I really do my hardest to deliver exactly what you want when I paint for you. Sometimes I have to go back several times to make changes before you see your painting. Most of the time they are minor changes, and I am happy to do that, because like I said, I want it to be perfect. This brings me to my next change.

Pricing as of 2011
18x18, 16x20, 200usd;  24x24, 600usd;  30x30 800usd;  24x36, 1000usd;  36x36, 1200usd;  30x40, 1000usd;  36x48, 1500usd;  48x48, 1600usd;  48x60, 2000usd

Other considerations about pricing: If you want a custom order, Yippee! I am super happy to do that, it costs 275 extra b/c I have to (naturally) order special parts, and pay someone to put it all together to make sure it is square, and sturdy, you know, all the usual crap. I am not making a profit on this, it is what I am charged by my framer. Always better to go in even numbers when sizing, by the way.

Two alterations allowed: Yup, two times I will go back and make changes to your painting after I show it to you and you consider for a while. Now, let me be clear, if you specify you want lots of blue, and I don't put any blue in your painting, do not despair, I will obviously not count my error as one of your alterations! Also, of course I will allow wiggle room. This policy has to be in place for people who ask me to make change after change b/c they don't actually really know what they want. It also forces both of us, you and me, to be very clear about what you expect from your painting, instead of waiting to see what I do, and then asking for a different look. Not that you guys do that as a rule! I am just noticing a trend of people who are not really paying attention, and this is very disrespectful of my time and efforts, and I think this is the best way of addressing this issue. On the other hand, if I am not clear about what you really wanted in the first place, this process of changes can go on and on, b/c my brain is too scattered to really focus on your painting, and that has happend before, and I feel that is disrespectful of your time and money!

Cancellation Policy: This has not happened before, but I expect it will at some point in the future. If we can't find a happy place with your painting, I will offer a refund, and re-sell your painting. Now, I don't charge anything for the effort, but if this becomes an issue, I will come back and start charging a cancellation fee of 25% of the cost of the painting (in addition to the commission fee, which would not be refundable if I had to resort to canceling our work together. Good Lawrd I hope this doesn't have to happen.

Turn Around Time: I am running about 4-6 weeks, and I won't let this time frame grow any more. Its just  too hard to keep track of everyone in that kind of time frame. Most of the time is spent by me painting the commissions of everyone else who contacted me before you. It doesn't really take too long to paint a canvas, but there are so many others, not to mention the gallery, and the shop to paint for. Plus, ya'll know I like to layer, and I need a few days to stare at your painting to be sure I covered all the bases. Not to mention, shit happens! I get painter's block, or a cold, or my wrist starts acting up, or my more bitching, ok, I'm done.

Paintings in the ShopSign up to my newsletter if you want to be one of the first people to know when new paintings are up in the shop. I know they tend to sell out fast, I do try to keep it all updated and neat and fresh. Starting October 1st, there will be many more paintings in the shop to choose from, I am hoping that by charging the commission fee, more people will want to buy something from my shop instead. I am hoping this means I will have more time to paint for the shop. This really is the best way for you to get new ideas, and techniques and the coolest color combos I can think of. I can't make new cool things if I spend all my time painting custom orders. I will offer all sizes, and as the months go on, more and more paintings will be available! I have high hopes for this new arrangement. 

Retail and wholesale: Contact me if you are interested in selling my paintings in your store. I offer two levels of discounted pricing, and you can order right from the store. I only choose about three or four places in the US to sell via retail, and this year I have met my quota already. Also, I like to be sure that the shops that sell my paintings are places that I love, and would shop at myself. In other words, I like to control how my paintings are perceived, that is basic brand maintenance, so I reserve the right to decline to sell paintings to stores on a case by case basis. Unfortunately I don't do retail offers for international sellers. I would have to paint on an un-rolled canvas, and this means I would have to essentially paint on commission, and this is too much to deal with when I am accepting a lot less for the painting than I would on a regular commission. I hope you all understand! This reminds me, my turn around time is higher for retail orders (of course, unless you buy something directly from the store), because I make my commissions my priority. One more thing, I don't work with third party sellers, so if you have an on-line gallery, I am not interested, but thanks anyway.

All of these stunning images are saved in my "color inspiration" folder, and come from This is Glamorous tumblr account. 

Wednesday, September 7

I am supposed to be in Pilates right now...

 I don't feel like doing Crap A. Shite-burger. Sigh.....

My Heath dishes, yipee.

Tuesday, September 6

Nimrod Wildfire

Hmm, what do I have to tell you today? Today is the first day I don't want to cry from the heat, on account of it being rainy and misty and cozy; look for leather boots online! My latest painting, well sort of. It might be bought by a store, if not, then it will show up in the shop! Speaking of which,  am making a few changes to my policies here soon, the way I do commissions and run the shop. This is fun! There will be a detailed post about those changes coming soon.

I am trying not to eat carbs, which means I dreamed that an eclair asked me to dance at a ball, and I put my hands through it's yummy cream center on accident. I killed it, and I was too horrified to eat it. Can you imagine! Eating a giant eclair that you just killed at a ball on the dance floor!! While everyone looks on in disgust. I guess it means I am a prude, damn shame.

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