Monday, February 28

Reno part one

I have finally sort of caught my breath since our remodel pause this February. We are still waiting for the kitchen cabinets we need to come in and install them, and counter top, and lighting,(that will be fun, I will show you cuz I have to customize them) hardware, faucet, paint job....yikes. The demo is done, the new appliances are in (fridge and hood vent!), floors are down, and doors installed. Whew. I painted the bedroom Woodlawn blue, and it also has wood floors. After it is all finally done, I am going to design an island, very much looking forward to that! Waterfall? Hm, maybe butcher block and modern? Oh the options!

Before: Small opening into kitchen, hallway and door to master located in the kitchen, cutting 1/3 of it off (what? bunch of dorks.)

View into dining room from living

Wall between master and dining, and small opening into kitchen....wwwaaaaay over there

Old photo from the kitchen into the dining room.

 First few days, the opening into the kitchen grows, and a new, symmetrical opening into the large bedroom. Down there the floors come up in the kitchen and bedroom. Paint the bedroom...Put panelling in dining back up.

 Next, lay wood floors in the kitchen. They are not exactly the same as our existing floors, but it would have been super expensive, and less sturdy to lay down unstained floors and have them all matched up. The difference is hardly noticeable, when you get down to it. I have not stained the sanded down parts yet, so it will be much nicer when I finally get down to the details. The floors look super different in this photo, but I promise it isn't so bad in real life.


 View from bedroom, doors primed but not painted yet, and I need another door knob. So much nicer to see this when I come out of the room versus the wall in the kitchen. Down there the view from the bedroom again, so pretty and sunny.

View from kitchen into dinning. New fridge! I love it so much I want to caress it all the time. The furniture is temporary, the server will move, and we would love long, sexy sofa where the two chairs are.

The whole house was covered in dust and paper pathways, a tool repository in our entry. So glad to have my nice neat entry back. Down there, new view from living room. (We are changing the front door soon, it will be solid, no windows.)

View of new space when you come into the dining room from the living room. So you can see that the island in the kitchen will be visible when you enter the dining room. I can't wait to design it! Plus all those wires will be gone, and it will be neater when we are finished.
This is really cool. I love knowing there are makers and artists around, and that is what I got from each of these super cool makers too, they all love being around other artists. That is hands down the thing I miss most about Brooklyn, the feeling of possibility in the air! You can taste it. Check out The Makers Project by Jennifer Causey.

I feel so happy in my studio, so happy to just be myself and do what I love most of all. Thats why I love to see other artist's in their element, I feel a link with them thats...totally cosmic man, whatever.

Friday, February 25

Some E Cards

Its Friday! and the birds are chirping, the wind is nice and brisque and all my shit is done for today; I'm in the mood to laugh. My friend Jane sent these to me today, and I had a good time going through them.

I can imagine that if I were still single, and had some cute guys in my life I wanted to vette for possible dateinghood, I would send them one of these to see how he reacted. Just saying....O would laugh, respond with something very witty and then comment to his friends that he thought that was some pretty hot shit, and liked this whacky girl a lot. Awwwww.

Thursday, February 24

My sofa got a boob job

 Remember my inspiration photo? 

Behold! The glory of new fabric and nail head! Can you feel the softness, the fabric was 2.99 a yard from Fabric World in Stone Mountain, Ga. (Home of the Chuckle Hut!!) I would have preferred it in silver or a soft charcoal, but cheep ass girls can't be choosy.

Well, what I mean is, wouldn't a geometric rug looks ball'n in here now? It feels like a whole new sofa, and it is. If you are in Atlanta, and need an affordable, amazing upholstery job, contact Angie at, you will not be sorry.

Wednesday, February 23



Monday, February 21

New small paintings! AGAIN

I have all new small paintings in the shop! 12x12 is 100 usd, and I have a few 18x18 for 200 usd. Check them out before they all go!

Wednesday, February 16

Moodboard Blog

Scootching around this blog, found this photo...perfect color story for a painting! Ohhhh fun.

Small Paintings in the shop!

Go check it out, there are several new 12x12 paintings in the shop today. I am having lunch with my Avi, which is Catalan for grandfather. Salmon salad here I come!

Monday, February 14

Hot, right?

Happy love day dorks. Since I love you guys so much, here is a discount code for you.
Just type in: "Luveyou" in my store to get 20% off of anything! (of course not off of the canvases I sell through the gallery, but you get the idea.)

Wednesday, February 9


Working on a commission today for the gallery. This is the second go. I had to paint over the first attempt. I don't mind when that happens, it is fun! Lets see what they say.

Tuesday, February 8

I read a lot of blogs, but one of my favorites, is Lena Corwin. I get excited when she makes a new post (I am a total wanna-be yes) and now I am reading her new blog Wee Textile and gorging myself on photos of her adorable Eli and his very cool textiles.

 I have (and love) the red pillow she is making here, I am looking forward to her shop opening up again ((maternity leave!)) so I can get some more!

 She has effortless style, very elegant but most certainly artistic, she is an artist in everything she does, she inspires me all the time! Maybe this is a good time for a Lionel Ritchie song?

Just a few of my fave images recently.

Eli's adorable bedding. Isn't winter time the best time to bring home a sweet new baby? It looks like so much fun. Thanks Lena for being so inspirational and so freaking cool! Ok, imagine I just sang that with a Lionel Ritchie voice! Ok, now laugh.

Thursday, February 3


It is sleeting, and there are some pretty funny Beavis and Butthead jokes drifting up through the floor boards where some people are working to install insulation in our house. I don't think they realize I can hear them, hehehehhe

Things I am hearing as I type this post: "Dude! I need to get small, I am going to get as small as I possibly can after I get out of this." If you know who said this (on the TV), email me! I will send you something pretty.

Wednesday, February 2

Pimp my sofa

Things are happening!! Ordered rest of cabinets last night (my helper lady was a cool metal smither!) Fridge: BAM, Chimney vent: BAM, paint color: BAMOLA (( BM Woodlawn blue)).

 my inspiration photo for the upholstery angel

Annnnd, the sofa is already gone to sleep away sofa camp. Camp sofawakawaka is very good at turning your old, ugly sofa (sorry dude, but you really let yourself go...) into a stunning, firm, cellulite free hottie with nice, round, perky.....nail head trim! High fiving a million angels.

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