Saturday, January 30

From my inspiration folder

Various images that make my heart go pitter patter, and I though worthy of saving for future reference...

Friday, January 29

Recently bought....

Mostly I buy art from Etsy or antique shops...some things I love and bought in the recent past.

Two prints form Swan These will look fabulous in large frames with expansive white (or black) mats, and (in my dreams) a faux tortoise shell frame, (in reality) a wooden frame.

Stunning stones print from Holcroft, great place for authentic, vintage prints. I think this will look fabulous on the wall behind my new Prism from The Wild Unknown. Check out the video, it sold me. Found via Cup of Jo.

Thursday, January 28

New Mirror

I got this a few months ago at a thrifty store around here, and painted it the same color as the trim. I have wanted one of these for a while...excuse the cluttered mantel, I was rearranging things.

I finally ordered some curtains, and went with the Pearl colored textured silk from Overstock, the quality is sooo good, I was going to return them, but O and I loved them, so...Waiting for the next two to arrive, what do you think? I am also waiting for drapery hoods, so they will pool a little on the floor, and am going to paint the rings white, I am not crazy about the black.

I rearranged the room, this is by far a better configuration...I love it.

Some craigslist purchases. Love seat, $100, antique. Going to recover, obviously. Ignore the large tree limb, I found it outside and thought, this is too fabulous to ignore, but for now it is resting on the love seat. The blue chair up there is also a craigslist find, a new Room and Board Quinn chair and ottoman for 250. Nice.

Tuesday, January 19

Cheese party

Sunday Suppers is my personal replacement for Gourmet RIP. I think the imagery is stunning, and for people who love food, isn't that half of it anyway? I totally fell in love with this cheese display that they did for Martha Stewart Weddings Blog with Darcy Miller. I must find myself some glass cloches and some white display china....


A stunning cheese display.

I love those little cards...remind me to get some card holders for this exact purpose. The calligraphy is by the talented Maybele Imasa-Stukuls

I found some great, fairly inexpensive options at...

Amazon, $24.99

Save On Crafts, $9.99 for 6.5''

Large Premium Glass Cloche Set - Reverse Bell Jar
Pretty Clever Decor, $84.60 for set of two, 20" and 15"

Product Image Cake Stand - White

Great White Cake Stand, Medium

Food Network White Cake Plate

Kohls, $29.99

Classic Round Place Card Holders

Classic round place holders, $29.95 for set of 12

Lets see, I would use a proper table cloth, since I don't have a pretty, rustic farm house table to show through the cheese cloth...

French Linen Quality huckaback Towel 39 x 59 inch Linum Cream

French Linen Quality huckaback Towel 39 x 59 inch Linum Cream, $19.99
I know it isn't a table cloth, rather a linen towel, but hey, it would fit, and look darn purdy.

Monday, January 18

Joslyn's new painting

I love how her Wise Math painting looks in her house, I have a million canvases swathed in their first layer of bright color in my studio...they take several layers of paint before they become "finished," and I can't wait to make more.

That X bench is so haute!

I am loving Nicole's So Haute x benches! I have been loving them, since being introduced by my former flame, Domino. I keep hoping to find them for 35 bucks on craigslist...HA! I love the fabric she chose to cover hers in, and how cute is her skirted table?

Currently, the best place to find them, for reasonable prices, is for $179 at Ballard.

Sunday, January 17

Rue La La

Run, don't walk to Rue La La....sign up and snag this great stuff for deeeep discounts. Or in other words, be like me! I have been a member for a few months, I get my daily email, and I usually disregard, but this morning, I feasted my eyes on this walnut book table, and I nearly fainted!And only 9.98 shipping, yes please. This boutique is Global Views, a company I had not heard of until now. No I didn't get paid to say all those cheesy things...sheesh

Thursday, January 14

Cozy room

Some flanking book shelves inspiration for you.

And some styled bookshelves with art on them. I know there are a bazillion other images out there, and I should have been saving them as I saw them...but there you have it. A quick search found these.

So after chatting with the O last night, we decided on two bookshelves flanking the large window, versus a larger cabinet for our TV against the wall with the fireplace. Keep up, ok. They need to be rather narrow, these 35 inch Markor from Ikea are nice, solid spruce. I would paint them white, and change the legs...some options...

Hartford square, $8.61

Albony, $13.89

Roman, $17.69
Then we could put a smaller flat screen on it, and then strategically hide it with a large painting. I don't like having a big steal me item in the front room, just not clever.

So, what do you think?

Tuesday, January 12

Greeen....again, I can't get away

note: sorry for the wonky type, ewww, but I am working from a computer that is technically retired. I swear it is possessed, I can't fix it, scouts honour.

Ok, also, looking for a dresser for the entry way. I kept finding some, and showing them to O, and he didn't like any of them, he couldn't say why. Then he realized it was b/c they had a lip, as in, a larger top piece, so now I am looking for sleeker ones, like these, with no lips. Damn lips. He is totally right though, they look more bedroomy with lips.

and two chairs for either side...ahhh symmetry.

Two more images that I am loving, with green curtains...
Hello, there, care to weigh in on the green curtain debate?

Pottery Barn Greenhouse Dupioni Pole Pocket Curtain Panel (50x108in)

$99 per panel.

While we are at it, I have a drum pendant for the living room, but I couldn't help looking around...what do you think about this one?

I think I am leaning toward the pottery barn ones...they are the greenest, no?

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