Friday, April 30


I love all of Sarah's floral creations, but this one made my brain drool. She also inspired me to say everything I want when I want it. Crazy brilliant, sending a message to my higher self, floating around in the universe to help me on. (Note about higher selves. I had a session once with a therapist who had me imagine my higher self. Dude, let me tell you, I have some serious awesomeness awaiting me in the future. I was older, with short black hair (um, check) and I was wearing some crazy jewelry (hello last post) and pretty much looked hot as hell.)

Anyway, what do I want today??? I want a winter trip to New York to go ice skating at Bryant Park, and picnic in the park and chilly walks and warm soup with my main squeeze.)

And I want 30 new pairs of shoes to celebrate the last day of my 30th year.

And I want to snuggle with my brand new niece Payton Nicole.

Wednesday, April 28

Classy way to flip you off

Yes please, one of each. This kind of jewelry makes me sing a little song and do a little chair dance, involving lots of arm squiggles and butt scootches. Via Jennifer, that girl's taste is ballen (I am taking a little apostrophe strike, so there, deal with it).

Thursday, April 22

Lets look at looking at Bootie

Nothing like a bootie to get you going. Robert Doisneau, via here.
OOPS, a reader just let me know this link is bad, and I know I found it on Flickr, but not exactly where. sorry dorks.

Wednesday, April 21

Once again, are you bored yet?

O and I keep re-arranging our furniture, like once a month? This is the newest iteration, with all the furniture still waiting to be re-upholstered. We are planning on putting a set of French doors behind the dining table.

Monday, April 19

Rachel Nasvik NEW BAG

I finally bought a dual strap bag. I have the most gorgeous Kenneth Cole green leather bag, but I have to carry it around like a looser, can't strap that thing on and it is annoying to dig through piles of fabric or rummage through a junk pile at a shop with that thing flopping around on my wrist. Who designs these things? I do love it though... Well, it was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I found this little looker in my Gilt sale...I bought it. I can't wait to get it. What do you think?

Wednesday, April 14

Purdy rocks

I have a weakness for pretty rocks. The biggest decorating element in my home is rocks, stones, limbs, shells and moss. I guess it makes sense, in elementary school, when we had recess, I would walk around the playground muttering to myself like I was a documentarion explaining about how rare this clump of weeds and mud was.

Monday, April 12

My new chairs

My latest craigers purchase. These Ethan Allan chairs were custom made for the lady I bought them from, pristine blue leather and dark cherry wood. I thought the wood was way too dark and gave them a dentist office feel, I wish I felt like sanding them down, but alas not to be. Instead, behold two layers of primer, three layers of paint and my dining room is getting cozier by the day.

Oh, and the price? $340 for the pair, suweet. They are nine years old, but look new. I kept all the clutter in the photo for you, aren't I nice. The pendant we have not hung yet, in almost a year, the metro shelf I am thinking of slip covering...the dog pee clean up spray...your welcome.

Also I got a pair of those William Sonoma silk zig zag pillows (original tags still say 88 smackers a piece,) for 20 on ebay. I would like a better table for between them, larger and higher.

Wednesday, April 7

shopping by not shopping

I spent most of yesterday morning online shopping. It sounds so lush doesn't it! But no, this is how I shop, I make a list then, go online and use sites like Guilt and Rue La La for specific items, like this Tucker dress I got yesterday, and sites like shopstyle to find jeans, and cardigans on major sale. I wish I had a cozy cardigan when it gets cold, but they are so expensive! Theory, on sale. From Barny's they have great sales.
I also love Revolve cuz they have so much selection, and great customer service, not to mention free shipping and returns. Oh, and for t-shirts, Alternative Apparel, nice and soft. They do take a really long time for returns though.

this t-shirt is soo soft and slouchy, I always go for it.

Why am I telling you this? Well, cuz I hate shopping. Let me restate that, shopping is the biggest waste of time I can think of. The driving, the limited selection, the BO smelling dressing rooms with terrible lighting, even at the big malls (I just puked a little...) I always end up returning most of what I buy online, but I can't figure out another way of doing it. How do you do it? How do you stay fashionable and keep yourself in styles that flatter your body (for me fitted in the waist, hello 40's fashion,) without

Sevens, from Revolve, free shipping, and return shipping, the best way to buy jeans.

Did you know Zappos sells jeans? I was happy to learn that, because Paige is my favorite brand, but not too many place sell them. Also, Paige's customer service is awful! I hate using their website, I avoid it at all costs.

Oh dear, how do you shop? Do you have any sage advice?

Page Laughlin

I saw the work of Page Laughlin at Coco + Kelly this morning. I love interiors, and oil paint, so yummy together. My dad used to say all the time that you should just mix your two favorite things (food wise..) like ice cream and katchup. I think this is tastier, don't you?

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