Friday, September 28

Armas on Another Shade of Grey

Julie at Another Shade of Grey posted about my paintings yesterday. Thank you! They are almost sold out, and like she said, prints will be available on Shiny Squirrel next month, yeah!

Thursday, September 27

This woman looks amazing

This is the exact blend of sophisticated, classic chic and edgy, artistic chic that I want. I wish I could go shopping with this woman, she!

Tuesday, September 25


I love this print! So nice and light and fresh looking. Also, Atlanta just got a new Zara, I had no idea, I was just wandering around the mall, trying to figure out where I was...and there it was, I thought it was an illusion. I got this coat, the shape reminds me of the gray one I posted about a few weeks ago...but this one is actually afordable, $99.

Friday, September 21

European Collection at Gap

A-line cardigan, $48

Swing cowl neck sweater, $58

Modern duffle coat, $148

I just found out that Gap has a new collection that is available only online called the European Collection. Inspired by and designed by people in their European studios, these cuts are much sleeker and more interesting that the usual Gap fare. Personally, I am always looking for European tailoring and I always found Gap's clothes to have a slumpy, almost dowdy fit, on most things, not all. So I am very excited about these simple, neutral clothes in rich fabrics. Like I said, available only online, but Gap has an in-store return policy...I assume that you can return anything to the store, I always had, but don't quote me on that. Oh, and did I mention it is a limited edition, as in, hop on it?

Wednesday, September 19

Preview of new work

Here is a sneak peak at some new work on the way...

Tuesday, September 18

Things are happening

Hello! So, the last few days have seen massive improvements in our little house. First, we had a housewarming party, friends came in from LA and Portland for a visit, so it was a perfect time to have a crazy shindig. It was rock'n fun, and really helped to make us feel like we live here. I finally got to use my asteroid vase from rare device! yeah.

Also, I went to Victory Vintage to scope out the well priced mid-century treasures, and I came home with a super cool lamp, two side tables and a small, very groovy table. In addition, we had our couch delivered today, what a difference it makes to get rid of that darned futon. As if that weren't great enough, we also took advantage of the Container Store's shelving sale and got a Metro media shelf with huge casters so that we can move the entire computer/tv out of the way when we want to use the projector to see movies on the wall across from the couch. So in two days we made more progress that I can believe.

Plus, I now am totally hooked on the idea of making glass-based lamps. It is so easy! Check out the image where I took our lamp apart, it is a basic lamp kit with the screw on the bottom wrapped in a sheet of cork to make it fit snugly into the glass mouth (maybe of these cool glass bottles?) Then you need a nice shade...The cord just hangs out back there. Imagine the possibilities.....

Friday, September 14


Sad news around here today, I took Saki back to my parent's house to live. She is a very social little dog and she needed to be around other dogs, and since my folks have three other little dogs that she had been bonding with before...she was not as happy with me as she could have been. So now she is very happy, she has a big fenced in back yard and friends and a pond with fish to torment and two loving I get to visit. O and I are still planning on being dog owners, just have to find the right fit for us.
To cheer myself up I drank some old fashioned Argentinian mate from my favorite gourd, like we used to all do when we were kids, with heaps of sugar! If you have not tried the flour-free chocolate cookies form Whole Foods yet, hop on it peeps! They are yuuummmyyy.

Wednesday, September 12


I think this is the perfect pendant lamp for my dining room...can't get it now though, so you should! I love this folksy, Finnish design motif. Only 6 hours left, current bid is $123 plus $65 shipping to the US from Denmark.

Monday, September 10


Thanks to everyone who has left comments for me, it is so great to open up my email and find encouragement when I feel so displaced. But now I feel much better, I have the studio up and running, plus we are starting to buy furniture. I love, LOVE that process. First purchase was 6 leather dining chairs from the 50's via craigslist. We paid $120 for all of them! I think it is the deal of the century.
Still have not decided on anything major like paint colors or anything, but we have just been so distracted. First off, we have to see everyone now that we are back, so lots of social engagements, and also we have added a new member to our family, Saki. She is a sweet little puppy that my parents gave us and I am happily settling into a new schedule with her.

Tuesday, September 4

Down South

It is good to be back in the south. I knew I missed the southern hospitality and the secedas and the good Mexican food...actually the secedas were so loud our first night here that we thought it was car alarms going off, now that is a lot of bugs. Things are taking so much longer to settle than we thought they would, so I will not post for a few more days still. But I wanted to share these pictures I took from the plane on our way out of New York in a thunder storm. Thank you to everyone who left sweet comments for me, your support is brilliant.

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