Wednesday, November 11

Public Service Announcement

Beautiful new work by one of my faves Karina Bania over at Mille. 

I just love Karina. You do too, admit it.

Monday, November 9

Silver Bells....

Ok, Halloween is over. See you later rotting pumpkins. I have learned from bitter experience that if I don't begin to gather the spirits of Christmas by the first of November I will be surprised by how fast it comes and feel stressed that will make me enjoy the season less. So even though I try to overlook the crazy over commercialization of Christmas, I am already planning for Christmas.

So maybe order some garlands? (also super cute, maybe with a toy elf sitting on it with long dangly stripped legs. Or Polka dots made out of pom poms.

I know that I am too lazy (read: just don't care enough and I know it will be up until Valentines and that will just stress me out so I am just owning it) to decorate outside. HOWEVER! One wreath and one mailbox swag is ok. I like this cutie pie:

This wreath is cute and not too christmassy You know what I really want to do is put a jack-o-lantern out there with a santa hat on. Right? Hilarious.

Maybe something for under the tree? I still don't have anything good for that. But how do I keep the toddler away? Putting a child gate around the tree is out of the question, too much clutter and I can assure you that it is no match for Miss Aliboo Magoo. Just scrap the tree altogether? Or put it on a table?

Other pretty Christmas ideas...

Wednesday, October 14

Art School: Ben Nicholson

These lines and shapes have been showing up a lot in my work. One day I was like, hey this totally reminds me of this guy I learned about once.....Oh yeah! Ben Nicholson! I really love these swooping shapes, arches, bubbles and stacking shapes.


Monday, October 12

Rome and Greece baby!

Home sweet home! Oshy and I just came home from a wonderful two weeks-ish trip to Italy and Greece to hang out with friends and go to our dear friend's wedding in Santorini. It was like one long Sutter Home commercial from the 90's but with expletives, dirty jokes, ouzo shots, boat rides and swimming. I always wanted to have a cool group of friends when I was a kid, like I wanted to live in a Friend's episode. If my kid self could have seen myself yacking it up with my beloved pals on the Agean sea I would have cried with joy.

We flew into Rome from Atlanta. Its a nice direct red-eye flight. 

Honestly the best part of the trip was seeing my sweet friends get married, but hanging with friends in the mountains of Crete was....beyond anything I could have hoped for in a vacay. So we flew into Rome, O had never been there and I knew he was going to fit right in. He totally looks Italian, according to every Italian and Greek we met on this trip. His honorary new name is Mario. Anyway. Our first night in Rome we are sitting at this cafe and O says "when do we fly out tomorrow morning to Athens?" I say I can't remember, check the phone. Well it turns out that I booked flights for 10pm the next day, not 10am as I was supposed to b/c we were meeting friends in Athens. This is one of the many things I love about O, he just called Amex (I always use them to book trips now b/c when the shit hits the fan you have a professional shit scooper on the other end of the phone just for you). He changed our flights and didn't get upset at all, even though my mistake cost us...wait for it...600 effing bucks. OUCH.

Our only night in Rome before we moved on to Athens we took a walking food tour of the Trastevere hood. We ate so much food and had yummy wine and before it was even over I had to peace out and go to sleep. The next day we hopped over to Athens and then the next day we took a flight, that we almost missed (running through the airport like at full speed with our bags) and landed in Crete. My favorite place on this whole trip. CRETE!!

In crete we decided to hop on a huge boat and go see the beaches of (honestly I can't remember but we dubbed it the "SS Tetanus Beach" on account of the rusted out shipwreck right there. See it? Its way bigger in real life. Like right this second. O and I had a scary hour of swimming in this sea after the wind picked up and it got very rough and currenty and we almost got major tetanus but then we got back on the boat where nice music was playing and cold beer was in my mouth!

The view of Chania harbor in the distance from the balcony of our Airbnb. It was so ridiculously wonderful. I highly suggest every single one of you go there. We had breakfast on this breezy balcony and night time sunset ouzo and laughed and took a redic amount of pics of the stunning ocean and buildings around us.

Delish coffee every morning by the rocks and the sea. Hearing and seeing the water from the house and balcony was so soothing and amazing. I can't believe that house is on this earth right now and that I am not there!!

Balos beach. It was chilly and it smelled like Sulfur. But with this eye candy its not tooo bad.

The water is so beautifully blue, and there are these crazy goats called KriKri that live on these nothing but rocks islands. They are amazing with these huge horns and have like supernatural powers of climbing.

Charming Chania (pronounced Hania). Cute shops and strolling around and lots of white wine and swimming.

View from dinner on the Chania harbor. Mostly the places are very touristy and not great but we had a reco from a local and it was gooooood.

Delish Squid in its ink. I haven't had this dish in years and the last time I remember eating it was in my grandmother's kitchen in Texas when I was a small kid. It was so good, and my grandpa let me have a tiny bit of red wine with sprite, and I felt so cool. I looooved eating this and having cold white wine and laughing with friends, tired from the sun and sea. It was amazing. 

getting thirsty just looking at this! yummy!

Next time I will show you the most beautiful beach in the world, and the mountains of Crete, my favorite. I kinda wanna start planning our next trip asap.

Thursday, September 17

Sophie Buhai

Damn gurrrl, you are my crush a lush a dingdong. Sophie Buhai is my spirit animal. I am the kind of woman who invests in jewelry that is sculptural and something I will keep and keep. Not even subtle about hinting to my honey that I likey.

There’s a certain woman who wants to buy a jewelry piece as if it were a wearable piece of sculpture, and invest in it. You want quality. You want something that’s beautiful and that’s going to last.Sophie Buhai

Thank you Joslyn for reminding me how much I love Sophie. I loved her line Vena Cava, and I love her home too. Lets take a peek shall we? Also Vogue likes her, lucky lady.

I love her space, so light and fresh and minimal but cozy and attractive. Exactly like her jewelry. Ok O, I like the choker and the long bean pendant....ahem.

Friday, September 11

Pretty clothes

I have never wanted a jumpsuit before. God forbid...a playsuit. I think just using that word to describe the clothing that fully grown woman wears is revolting. Baby doll dresses, playsuits, those lacy socks with sandals : Infantalizing women. That is not something I want any part of.


I saw this beautiful jumpsuit by No. 6 at Totokealo and I took a second, and third look. Not only is it pretty much the exact replica of a jumpsuit I had in middle school when I played the cello and I needed something nice to wear to an orchestra thingy but I couldn't wear a dress, but its just cute. Right? Its something an adult woman can wear and not feel like and idiot.

I believe I prefer the dress version though:

Thank goodness its sold out. I have been eyeing this dress for a long time, while simultaneously vowing not to buy any clothes. The close I do buy though must be not made by slaves; not be made of polyester (you would be totally surprised if you pay attention to it how many expensive, beautifully conceived articles of clothing are sadly composed of the dreaded polyester...) and have to be something I know I will wear in the future. I feel like by the time you reach your mid thirties you have a pretty good idea of what you actually will reach for, and what you know will probably sit in your closet. Nothing is allowed to lalygag in my closet. I would rather give away a very expensive item that I ended up never wearing than keep it just because I feel paralyzed.

Thats all.

Tuesday, August 25

Moven on up

Hey guys! I am moving studios here this week! I can't believe its actually happening, I have been wanting to move for a couple of years and I only finally was ready to harass my land lords the correct amount to get them to pay attention to me. read: I was an pain in their asses and they are glad to be finally rid of me. THATS how you get a new awesome place in a hot market.

Remember when I moved into my very first studio? Well the trees outside of my window have basically doubled in size, and they block a lot of my light. I needed a very sunny spot with a little more room and I finally found it. I move on Friday and I am just wishing I could beam myself to Friday evening already.

Anyway! enter "studiosale20" at checkout to get 20% off of anything in my store guys. Valid a few days only.

Here are a few more photos for prosperity.

Friday, July 31

New Paintings, I have been working so much

I am on a freak streak about painting right now. My goal is to move as few empty canvases as possible to my new place. Lets see how this goes!

48x48 Believe So. I love a masculine, messy painting man.

48x48 Sway Her, Ink, soft pastel, acrylic and graphite on silk dupioni. Remember the curtains I had in my living room? Thats one of them right there.

Adolphus, 36x72. Can I tell you I am loving this size so much, its a great shape. You can go horizontal or vertically, so great potential for moving around your home. I always consider that when I buy art, it has to be something so interesting to me that I would want to hang it anywhere.

Agean 36x72. These two are so in love. They just have to be together all the time.

 Three Hundred and Fifty Years 30x36. 

Who Wouldn't? 40x50. 

Mr. Blue Sky 36x48

Turn and Slide 30x33

Neutron 30x33

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