Wednesday, May 20


Now there is a yard and a dog, soon there will be a yard and two dogs. Yes, that is right, next week, O and I are going to start looking to adopt another Coco, except we won't call her Coco...maybe Loco, who knows, anyway, this is Molly's dog, Jack, but I hope our next guy looks a little like him, or a lot like him.

Dog ownership is so very rewarding, and everyday we love our Coco more and more, now we just know she would like to have a friend, she has been sighing a lot lately, and giving me the bored eyes...I feel sorry for her that she doesn't have a partner in crime. Hmmmm, am I hearing myself, two cookie stealing, couch peeing, butt scooting, barking, licking, jumping....sweetie pies...yup!

Tuesday, May 19

Random home images

Pantry, a huge, freaking enormous pantry, with plenty of room for everything. CRAZY, but it is ugly still, so you only get to see the floor.

Detail of coffee table (O told me not to buy anything, but this was the BEST deal, 32" long marble coffee table for $60,) dood, I couldn't pass it up.

New Living room, with huge window (no blinds yet, so I avoid it at night, I feel like I live in a fish bowl in there :)

What a creative post title huh, yup, I'm back baby! Well, not really, but I just have to show you my $60 vintage marble coffee table from eBay (local pickup, duh), and my old man bedroom.

old man bedroom, and Coco's bed

O doesn't know that I refer to it as an old man bedroom, but it looks like one doesn't it? The carpet, and the mid century night stands, and the gray bedding, well, if you could see the rest of the room, with all the medicine on my night stand, for my old man back, you would agree, and chuckle. The weather has been wonderful, this neighborhood is so relaxed, so chill, every time I take Coco for a short, limpy, pathetic walk I meet someone new, and they have been cool.
back yard

In fact, yesterday Coco decided to poo on the sidewalk (yes, SIDEWALK, EWWW) of the people I was stopped to chat with. Then she scooted her butt all over the driveway. What did they say? They said that she had to do what she had to do, just like humans, so no worries, here is a bag, clean up your dog's poo. Wow, in my old hood, some middle aged lady told me she would sue me if Coco barked at her dog again. I (Plus, we got a place down the street that serves "Kountry Kook'n,") sign me up.

Friday, May 15


Whew, we are moved in, but haven't made any real progress since Monday, why? Because were are tired, tired as hell, and I destroyed my back, I can't even sit at this computer right now, and when O finds out I was sitting, and not laying, he will be mad. Anyhoo, I can't nest, but I saw these images over at SevenEight, and I am seriously thinking they will inspire a few paintings. Ahhh, to paint, if only I can rig some kind of laying down painting to rest.

We also finally got to pick our our Coco, who has been loving life over at Le Resort de Grandparents, poor Coco, now she is home with us, why is life so cruel?

Thursday, May 7

Sympathy laugh!

I love this photo, via Under a Paper Moon, as I scroll around the blog world, taking a break from le packing.

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