Tuesday, May 30

New YORK bitches

It was last month, but I still wanna talk about it ok! You guys know my friend Karina Bania right? If not consider this a virtual face slap, get with it! She is an engaging artist, and a great friend to me as well as a partner in crime of the highest order. In any case, we wanted to go check out the Affordable Art Fair so we did. We spent the week shopping, eating (we ate french fries every day) sampling ever single mezcal cocktail we could find, looking at art and planning.

A particular highlight was meeting Helen Dealtry and seeing her studio and meeting her studio mates. Ive been a fan of Helen for years and years, you may recall my talking about her scarves here before. I sent her a message on instagram after Karina and I set our dates for the trip and just asked her if she would want to have lunch. She was down, and how I have a little british crumpet of a friend who I think is the sweetest, most lovely and wonderful human. See, the internet is awesome. 

I am such a huge fan of her nudes! I want a huge painting to hang in my house, and I think she should take sittings and paint nudes don't you? I would sit for her, we would laugh sooo much I think.

Look at this beautiful desk! She said that sometimes she looks at her hand and can't believe it can create such art, I love that so much. Her talent is so innate. I was so inspired by her color swatches too, I could create paintings just with those colors forever and ever and never get tired of it.

Speaking of colors, the ombre shelves at Mociun were a very fun to go through, I picked out a few things I wish I could buy.

While Karina and I were in Brooklyn we hit up the amazing, incomparable, so refreshing and inspiring and endlessly interesting show Georgia O'Keeffe Living Modern. Curated by Wanda Corn who I learned about because she was featured as a muse for Apiece Apart. I have to say that the clothing in the exhibit was my favorite part. I could almost see Georgia wearing them, living her life. I filled me with excitement to just be near them. (you may remember that I tried to convince The High Museum of Art in Atlanta to do a Sonia Delaunay exhibit back in like 2003 and I wanted clothing to be a huge part of the exhibit, but they kinda just thought I was a loony, so the lesson here is that I love looking at old clothes ok).

This photo, this whole show made think about the legacy Ill leave behind one day. Mostly for Alia and for my family but mostly I am never photographed. Lucky Georgia to have such talented friends who captured her in portrait so many times, looking at them, and looking at her face change and age with time through the photos was very powerful. That unapologetic, direct gaze. I could learn a lot from her.

You can see better photos here, my phone began to die like right way, naturally.

Next we went to visit my friends at One Kings Lane. I have been working with them from almost the beginning, and I had never visited their amazing showroom! Did you know that the office from the movie The Intern was inspired by the OKL offices?

We saw some beautiful photos taking shape, but really seeing the art rooms, and hanging out with cool people was the best parts.

Ill do another post on the museums, because I don't really have room to keep laying down photos!!

Ill leave you with this photos of me peacing out.

See you on June 1st at 11:00 am

Hey loves, if you haven't done so already, be sure to get on the list here, and get first dibs on new pieces coming out this week in smaller sizes. I'll have a few 12x12, 18x18, 24x24 and even a 40x40.

Many of these pieces are an exploration of oils and inks on canvas. For a long time ive been experimenting to see if I could recreate pool paintings onto different kinds of canvas and linen. I was craving a new line, new marks to mix with the soft pools and I felt like the raw, nubby canvas and linen was perfect for drawing so I figured out a way to make pools onto it!

I hope that you like them as much as I liked making them, please let me know your thoughts!


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