Tuesday, June 9

On Etsy right now

Remember when you had to explain to people what Etsy is? ahahhahah, those were the days right?

Here are a few things that I am favoriting, thats a word right?

This belt is so pretty, and I have a few dresses that would look so killer with it. Full honesty here: I bought it, and I will let you know how awesome it is when it arrives. Ok?

How beautiful is this rug? Great colors, and so hardy. I love imperfect rugs like this one.

Perfect ottoman/ pouf. I need something for Alias room for when she is crying at night and needs to be cuddled back to sleep. I am just not comfortable unless I have my feet up, its just my thang.

How cool are these earrings! Once Alia is old enough to understand that ripping things out of or off of my head is not cool, I can wear stuff like this again!

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