Monday, January 31

And now for something completely different

Newest piece: Miracle (B/c there was an upside down magazine on my desk when I was thinking about a name, and it had some miracle creme on it...not glamorous, I know)

This one is destined for the gallery.

Wednesday, January 26

Matchbook is here

I am doing this! 

Tuesday, January 25


So tired, have not had a decent nights sleep in...over a week? Shit. But hey, check out this progress, neeto. (I am not tired because I am manfully doing all this work, nope, we have mans for that. I am tired because I can't freaking sleep, what the foink!?)

Hey builder! FOINK you! What the foink were you thinking with your stupid hallway in the kitchen for the bedroom. Shame on you!

Foink? What do you think? hehehehehAHHEHEHEHHEEHH.....

Uh oh, here come the sleep deprived crazies, better go take my hysterical woman pill.

Thursday, January 20

Kitchen Lust

With just a few days before the contractors come! FINALLY! I feel like I have been waiting for.ever. I have at last decided what kitchen we will have. Dude, I went back and forth all over the place, like for real. Remember the subway tile post? Well, I have no shame in saying that I am going to copy this kitchen. I love the simplicity, so clean and simple, and inexpensive for us to achieve based on our current kitchen situation.

Dude, this is so happening (yes, I know I say that a lot, deal). Our lighting is different, I bought two industrial looking lights but I need to put diffusers on them, and maybe paint them white with black trim, old skool ya'll. Plus our counter tops are mostly black, but I won't be changing them, unless we have to. Hello future kitchen, nice to meet you.

Wednesday, January 19

Marlena Chair + Blue for thought

These are our chairs. I went, I sat, I decided. Dark brownish gray velvet. Amen.

On another note, that Sheila B living room was probably not painted with Oval Room Blue, I got the sample, and it looks very different. I am going for a softer, greyer blue, or a brighter, happier one. Soooo

Another view of the same room. I love the tone on tone here. 

Woodlawn Blue, by Benjamin Moore

Smoke by Benjamin Moore

Wedgwood Grey by Benjamin Moore

Nantucket Fog by Benjamin Moore

Oh yes, and Gossamer blue, I really love this one.
Thoughts? Experience?

Thursday, January 13

Katy Elliot

I love blogging. I love when you guys give me advice, and help me out of a funk, or cheer me on, or share your stories with me. What I love most may be living vicariously through other people. One of my favorite blogs for that is Katy Elliot. She and her husband are fixing up an impossibly old home (250 years? Something that is shit-dog nutz-bag to us Americans, anyway...). I admit that sometimes I don't understand how they can do it, they have to fix EVERYTHING! And have had some poopy disasters along the way, and it is taking a.long.time. But her home and it's history is so poetic and so simply beautiful. Her town is stunning, I love when she walks around and takes photos of her hood. This morning I was especially taken away by her beautiful photos of the snow.

As a child of imigrants who stuck with their language and culture (thankfully), American history is so fascinating to me. I also grew up in the Suburbs of Atlanta, a city with very few old buildings, and a penchant for tearing down the ones they do have. I want to be like Katy, but I am not, so I love pretending to be like her! HA

Wednesday, January 12

My DAD!!

Just sent me these photos of the "modifications" he had to make to my childhood walker so my fat baby self wouldn't flip it over! This special racing walker is pretty mythical in my family, I admit I never realized how....extensive they had to be to keep me contained. Damn! baby girl was fat.

Thursday, January 6

That blue fabric with just talked about...

'Member that fabric from down there?? Found it here, on this chair. Purdy groovy no? I think I changed my mind about having patterned curtains though, I will get tired of them, I just know. I think today I have to not work, and go look at furniture, do you agree? I thought so. I wish you could come with me!

Tuesday, January 4

Oval Room Blue

Ack, next week some sweet new things are happening at home, namely I finally get to actually start to think about what I want to do with our bedroom! I know, I know, but here we go.

I can't get this idea of a blue haven out of my mind! Ack again. I think my favorite is Farrow and Ball's Oval Room Blue. Most notably used in Sheila Bridges Harlem home, I love me some Sheila B man, this kitchen, ball'n.

Over kill, I know, but I want O to get a reeeeal good idea of what I want.
Goodness me I love this color. Our bedroom is large, and right now it is brown, and I like it, but....I don't know. Blue just has to happen. Our new floors look like this, by the way.

Next up, we will have a seating area, and the chairs need to be comfortable, like I never want to get up, and even though I love the look of low back chairs, I need some for reals neck support...and since I am super lazy, and I learned my lesson with buying chairs that O has not sat in and given his O seal of approval...they must be new. Which naturally brings me to Room and Board, like Doy.

I like these, and they are tall enough in the back, and I would do them in a soft blue velvet, like Sheila did in her drawing room (her's are linen though.) Cuz you can order a Room and Board chair in any fabric you fancy. Yippy. OR I would do a nice bold spring green, nice huh, with nail heads! HOLD ME BACK.

They would flank a mantel (to put candles on, and put a mirror over! Hollah!).

Next I would love some blue and white patterned curtains...What I can't decide is if I want to hang them from my white rods, or if I want one of those curtain cumberbuns..what are they called? Damn, PELMETS! Thank you Domino.

And, the curse of all decorating (for me) the #@$% rug! Oh, spoke too soon, I like this one!
They just cost so much, and I live in fear of spilling, but that will be later on anyway.

Monday, January 3

Hi world. I am really excited to be back into the swing of things, but also still recovering from a cold I caught on Christmas Day. Sheesh! Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Check out Aaron Wexler's amazing work. This has really, really inspired me. Do you think he needs an intern? I would be game!

Via Seesaw (really super cute bog, I Looovre)

These are paper and paint on panel, wow. I would love to see these up close.

I also really love his large scale murals he has done, what a dream project! Oh dear, I am getting flustered.

Wow, the texture, perfectly executed.

Check out these giant cardboard ribbons! Pretty amazing craftsmanship, I would love to watch over his shoulder.

This is what he has to say about his work:  

"My work deals with physical and pictoral occurrences in nature. Through curious observation I find infinite instances in which natural order and disorder create framework. For example, fractured light through broken glass or a web of tree branches intertwining through a matrix of space. Wound Together, the pictures I make float in and out of illusory space while simultaneously denoting flatness of their plane materiality. Surprisingly an arhythmical rhythm emerges in all this. What excites me is the beauty and its unpredictability."

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