Monday, December 20

Jane's Dining room

She has a wooden table, red leather chairs and chrome shelf almost just like these. I would hang a mirror horizontaly behind the table and put this chandelier on a dimmer.

chandelier, table, chairs, shelf, cup, bowl, vase

This mirror on the horizontal.

Saturday, December 18

Jane's House

My friend Jane has a super cool flat just a few miles away from my house, thank goodness too, because she is one of those friends who loves you enough to stop by with macaroons on a PMS day, or calming tea when you can't sleep. In short, she is pretty awesome, and she deserves a killer house to go with her warm, sweet, yet modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

She likes warm colors, modern lines (sometimes too much) and needs it to be cozy and sexy.
I could see the whole room in either dusty lavender walls, orange headboard (in this case, the rug would be black and creme) OR deep aubergine walls with the orange headboard, or even deep, murky brown and a dark watermelon colored headboard...

My headboard inspiration, table lamp, night table, large wall sculpture, candle, tea cup, pillows 1,2,3,4

I want pearly dirty pink/taupe walls to show off her (soon to be) new bright orange headboard. I like a lot of pillows, so I would mix patterns but have them all be classic and quiet in an artsy way. I know the night table and headboard are both upholstered, (along with the chase,) but we are really trying to cozy-fy this room. There is one wall with several windows, and I think the chase would go under it, with sharp black roller shades in linen on the four windows, for night time black-out, open all day.

 Chaise Lounge, side table, floor lamp, a touch of snake skin and romantic calligraphy, horn bowl, cashmere throw, faux fur pillow, art, ceiling light 

 Blue art, lamp, mirror, hurricanes, stationary, silver holder, dresser, stool, basket

She has a Beautiful modern dresser kind of like this one. I love the oval mirror to reflect the round medallion over the bed, and candlelight at night. Also the dramatic lamp amps up the dresser and remind me of this a.m.a.z.i.n.g rug! Then she needs a sexy stool to sit and put her shoes on, and a rustic basket (for blankets with lavender satchels in them!) to ground the whole thing.


She has Berber carpeting, but it is showing wear, so it would be wonderful to put down a vintage silk number with sexy deco lines.

Now for curtains that will fall on either side of the chaise. Her windows face west, so she gets nice, warming direct sun in her bedroom windows in the afternoon, after work (or in the winter, taking an afternoon break). What better way to filter the light than through mellow yellow colored curtains? Damn skippy.

Ok, while we are here, lets set the scene! Friday night, after a long day and a fabulous dinner out with moi, naturally, at our favorite spot Ecco, celebrating our wonderfulness with many neat bourbons. She will want to unwind and relax in her pretty new room with her cute puppy Fabio.
curtains, slippers

Friday, December 17

Posters are in the SHOP

I have had so many requests for posters that I finally bit the bullet and had a bunch printed.
Secret Garden, and Elka are available now, although I will be able to make many more depending on what you fancy.

This is what I would do if I were you. Buy one, of course, and when it arrives mount it onto Gator Board. Then frame the whole thing in a floating frame like this one, have them ship it to you in parts, and you can build it when it arrives to save on shipping. OR take it to a trusted framer who will mount it and frame it for you. I awesome or what! Don't answer that...especially if you were at UPS on Caroline street yesterday around 2pm...sorry about that, It was PMS, I swear.

Wednesday, December 15

New Years Partay

Whew, the Christmas rush is finally over for me! Thank you to everyone! Now I actually have  a little time to start planning our giant New Years Party. The theme is a Speak Easy, 20's attire required, nice huh?

Naturally, after I made this mood board, with all the sources all nice and saved, my puter crashed! On account of a massive upload. So, spotty sources, sorry.

my actual invite/ pompoms on etsy/ Putting my tasty treats on these/ Making old fashioned drinks/ and eating yummy macaroons/ pretty straws (I bought grey and white)


  "The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most."
                                                                                              John Ruskin

Tuesday, December 14

Wooden blocks!

Some new items in the shop, hand painted wooden blocks. I loved making these, oh can I just tell you, crazy awesome.

Saturday, December 11

Girlfriend wants a peach room!

I love Sarah's moody photos. I am obsessed with her aesthetic; vintage and little earthy with some serious elegance in there too. I kinda want to be her, adorable style with impeccable taste, not bad right? You too? I thought so.

Note to O: We are using this paint color in our home. I notice that you haven't said anything about it, which means you accept the terms and conditions of your silence: Tacit Agreement, as set forth in the articles of Marriage.

Friday, December 10

Show and Tell: New Commission

 I had so much fun with this one! And it is a surprise gift for someone special in her life, wouldn't that be a crazy awesome surprise! What a sweet girlie. 48x48 acrylic on gallery wrap

Check out that inspiration board, very pretty. A client sent that to me for inspiration (it is her wedding mood board), along with these stunning photos that a lot of you will recognize as Judy's home from Atlantis.

This was the color inspiration, moody deep green and blue, soft blue, silver, gold and purple with hits of turquoise and bronze.

This photo shows all the gold, sooo shinny! There is gold paint, and it shimmers in different places when you walk by it. I want to use gold in all my paintings now!

If you are interested in a commission, contact me and I will paint something special just for you! Everyone else, Monday is the last day I can ship out a painting and guarantee it for Christmas delivery :)

Thursday, December 9

Ornaments are here

Our ornaments are trickling in!

Two of my faves! After we got the tree up, O decided it needed a hat and scarf, so he put his own scarf on the tree, I took the hat down because I needed it! It is freaking cold!

Monday, December 6

Vintage Ornaments

So O and I got the tree up. It is actually quite large for the knook I had saved for it. Anyway, I realized that we don't have any ornaments! HA! I think I had always imagined that we would use color coordinated glass orbs, or something sophisticated.

However, in my family, ornaments are special. We bring out the same ones every year, and we remember buying them, and they each have special meaning. But, they are different, and all over the place, and I thought that it would be too cluttered for my own home. WRONG.

I can't do it, I have to have special ornaments on my tree, and the white tree is so graphic, I think it is going to rock.

Love the funky 60's star ornaments. I also really love the idea of hanging these reindeer all in a group, like they are flying on the tree.

Cute right. Also kind of creepy, I know.

Love this banana! Dude! How cool.

This may be one of my favorites. A falling down, ice skating santa form the 60's.

Made in West Germany, boy does that remind me of my childhood. I also love the color!

Friday, December 3

FRIDAY, lawrd I need some pork tacos and a margarita

Lets shake off the week's bull honkey and enjoy some eye candy, shall we?

This is a commission for a very stylish client (and friend, hi Laurie). It looks great in her mod pad, when I get some photos, I will post them for you guys.
48x60 inches, gallery wrap, acrylic.

Thursday, December 2

UPS: Uhhhhh, I Pooped on your Shipment...UPS

Dude, this is my freaking day today!

remember Digit Horizon...she looks so young here...

Check out what UPS did to my poor, sweet painting. She never hurt anyone, she just lived to give love and provide she is dead, murdered! It actually hurts me to see this, ouch.
The box this was shipped in can withstand 300 pounds of pressure before it what do you think happened?

This is my shipping policy: Craters and Freighters. The.End.

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