Wednesday, December 31

Happy New Years...

Happy New Year! I will be wearing this tonight ($20 on ebay baby, oh yeah)...and serving about you?
Recipe and image by Orangette...

Monday, December 29

Vintage Flatware

I spent this weekend doing nothing, it was wonderful. Unfortunately now it is Monday and my home is a mess, bummer. I decided to spend some of the gift cards we got for the wedding and Christmas to get some silverware. (I spent a lot of time surfing around for vintage flatware...that counts as nothing right?) I love these vintage ones...mixing and matching and collecting over the years.

Monday, December 22

A Second Wedding

Wow, is Christmas this week? Crazy. I have been too busy with work and events (not Christmas related) to realize how fast it is coming! Mostly I am super excited about my aunt Ceci's upcoming wedding on March 7th...

She already has a dress, but isn't this so beautiful! That lavender beading at the hem really zooms it right into my heart..thud thud...vintage. White flower ring pillow, and black and white photo by Martha, of course.

I am sort of her unofficial planner and designer, so my head is just swimming with ideas for her...what do you think so far? Her dress, Silk Dupioni Dress in Iris, Jones of New York
Shoes by JCrew, Carmen satin peep toes in mint Julep, Rome fascinator by Tiedandfeathered.

I also love this vintage ivory hat from Vintagerepeats. So structural and so pretty.

This room really inspired me for the blue and white almost spring theme. Since the wedding is during the day, a simple dessert buffet is in order. Blue and white is so appropriate for March I think, clear skies and a cool breeze with the promise of spring on the air.

Blue and White favors, white boxes on cake stand, and table setting all by Martha.

Cheese display by Martha Stewart, also by Martha, blue favors, flower detail by Lucyina Moodie.

Green and white invites, by Martha, Green swirls letterpress card set by Pistachio Press, and a sweet little Rosehip letterpress coaster by Paperedtogether.

Lets just stop back over to the accessories shall we? Etsy is a gold mine for wedding accessories! Ceci is a very chic lady, so only unique vintage finds and structured but happy details allowed.
Circle vintage broach by HautStuffVixens, Vintage Pearl and rhinestone collar by VariedTreasures, Vintage hand beaded clutch, by Pinkmilkvintage, Vintage wedding hat and sequin bag set by OhTwoVintage.

Saturday, December 20

I would drink more beer if it looked like this

I love this illustration style, plus happy colors. NICE
Designed by Anders J├Ânsson...

Friday, December 19

Peyton and Byrne

I love this packaging so much. AHHH, feeling better already. Found here.

Thursday, December 18

Kate Slater Illustration

I love it.

The perils of working at home

Two things, why don't I work here, so I could go to those office Holiday parties (in the sixties)? And why can't I find a party to go to so I can wear this?
images via slate...found via Darling Dexter...
Just kidding I hate office parties, but working from home means I don't have as many opportunities to wear pretty things, which hurts me deep inside.

Wednesday, December 17

Caroline Swift

How beautiful is this? Over at Design Sponge.

Special Ceramics and rugs

A wedding gift that I just love is from O's aunt, she is a very talented artist and ceramicist. She gave us a collection of the most gorgeous handmade, glazed to perfection pieces of love.

Another gift that I just love (and so does Coco) is a beautiful Caucasian rug from O's folks. We simply could not be happier with our cozy addition.

Pinhole Art

I love anything blind embossed, just love it so much. This is so clever to me, same concept, a design with no ink, and so affordable and so unique...go on, buy them up people, you know you want to.

Tuesday, December 16

45% at Beklina

With the purchase of any full priced item from Beklina's Women's or Accessory sections, you will receive 45% off your second item. The code is gift45, and valid for 5 days only. WEEEEEEEEE

Some of my personal favorites...I have wanted that fake weave Mociun dress for foEVER...just can't justify it right now....poooooooo!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10

Dress anyone??

I am making some changes to the ol Blog, so sorry if it looks like doodoo for a few days :)

Need a wedding dress???

Tuesday, December 9

Beet it Dude....sheesh

Arg, while making dinner on Sunday, I totally threw my neck out, I do this quite often, since I am so, as Jon Stewart would say, decrepit. Hehehe, so yesterday I bummed around all day, mad with frustration over not being able to DO anything, and I was so sure that today would be better...bummer, it isn't. I can't make any more posts today...those beets were yummy though, steamed and then garnished with oil and balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and crushed, dried mint...

Monday, December 8

Mina Perhonen

Oh so pretty.


A resounding Yeahh, Ellyy is back! and making beautiful posts. What a great way to start the week. I love these images, they seem almost like science fiction, she has this way with natural forms, she just captures them so well.

Friday, December 5

Getting my 50's houswife groove on

Ahhh it is Friday afternoon, around here that means that I clean the whole house in anticipation of a nice, relaxing weekend. Essentially Coco is terrorized the whole time b/c she is simultaneously intrigued and very afraid of the vacuum, and I sure as hell don't wear a dress while I clean. Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I wear a white bathrobe, b/c it can get all dirty, and it doesn't matter if it gets bleach on it..and then I just put it in the laundry...Do you have a cleaning the house uniform?

Labour and Wait

I am happy, so happy when I see beautiful packages like these...

Furry Hat

My mother-in-law is the coolest lady, and she gives wonderful gifts. For no reason, she pulls this super cute hat out of a bag and says "I thought you might like this..." And it turns out, I LOVE it, I have decided to try to wear as much vintage as possible this year, and this hat is my first step toward Vintage-incredibleness. I just love that little pompom!

I am going to try to get a photo of me wearing it soon, but I need O for that...he takes terrible photos of me, I mean, yikes, so I will work on that.

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