Thursday, February 27

Thank you Tom Dixon

Thanks also to everyone to spread the word about my Furbish pop up sale. I am really enjoying painting on paper lately, and I have a series of portraits on paper I am working on, they are soo much fun!

I had to take a self portrait with my new light. Lame.

 This week is pretty slow for me, because the past two weeks were crazy with a capital F! I had deadlines on top of deadlines making out with deadlines and making deadline babies. I have been recovering at home by gorging myself on West Wing and making veggies all day long. Its like a brussel sprout laboratory up in here. In the middle of all my deadlines I also had to get the house pretty for a little photo shoot that happened this past weekend with my pal Paige and TrouvĂ© Magazine.

At the very last moment the beautiful Tom Dixon copper light came in, Friday night to be exact. I walked out onto the front porch at around 10pm and screamed! I was freaking.out. Of course I pleaded/forced O to wake up Saturday morning and instal that bad boy stat. He did, and it is my favorite. He is the best. Anyway I am almost finished with the bedroom too! I can't wait to show you. Here is a little peak...

Sunday, February 23

Furbish Pop Up Shop Bitchezz

Heylo there lovers. Lets get all hot and bothered for the Furbish Pop Up shop madness feating my blood, sweat and tears. Read the flyer.

Friday, February 14

Lighting. Help me. Please.

Update: I have chosen the Copper one! Thanks for your insights. Copper won by an overwhelming majority, and my own vote was for the Chester Copperpot...sorry, couldn't help myself. I am in the midst of a major nesting kick, so like stay tuned or whatever.

I have been really wanting to change up some lighting in my house lately. Especially in the kitchen, and the parlor. I am also totally in love with these two (silver, copper). Vote for me please! Which one? Its going in here:

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I can't figure out why its so crappy :(

Here is some in situ inspiration y'all:

In a room:

Which one? The copper or the chrome??

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