Friday, December 28

New Work

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday! And we still have more to go, how cool. I sure have been busy, and if you check out my Etsy store, you can see why! I have uploaded a few new paintings and they will also soon be available at Beholder art as well. I am going to get some prints going, but until then, If you want a print of any painting, let me know.

Monday, December 17


HA! Bah Humbug. Anyway, I made some jewelry for Christmas gifts so I thought I would whip up some for me, since the blue ones I had before got stolen :(. And they are hanging out on a new painting in the works. Stay tuned for some exciting news regarding my paintings.

Going to be out of town until after Christmas, have a very happy holliday!

Friday, December 14


Thank goodness it is Friday! I decided to celebrate by having some fun craft time before I get back to work, so this morning I whipped up some napkins from some fat quarters that my mom and I got at Purl Soho last year. They were just sitting around, waiting for me to make something from them, so here they are. I put two quarters back to back, cropped, and sewed them together with a french hem so they are nice and neat. Now I need a dinner party to use them!

Thursday, December 13


Ohhh beautiful Vietnamese table cloth over on Bloesem's etsy site.
34x63 inches, $29.00

I love love love it!

Tuesday, December 11

Bjork Antikt

Oh if only I had a few grand to throw at some furniture...The way our home is set up, the front door opens right onto the living room, so we made that room a sitting area and a dinning room, the real "dining room" is our living room, in the heart of the house. It works great. But I have been dreaming of some nice furniture in the sitting area by the fire place.

These items are located in Atlanta on eBay store Bjork Antikt, 100% positive feedback, and they have really beautiful things. Zebra love seat $1,450.00
Swedish settee with new fabric...sigh $2,750.00

Monday, December 10

Note's Ink

Oh how exciting, Leigh from Notes Ink and Found, now home has some of her adorable cards at Anthropologie!

Wrapping paper

Even though the temps here in Atlanta reached the 70s this weekend! I got into the Christmas spirit and made some wrapping paper. I put the finished gifts on top of the mantle since you can't even see them under the tree. I had so much fun, I used rubber stamps that I made a few days ago. If you want to learn how to carve stamps, check out the Make Workshop.

Tuesday, December 4


There are a lot of beautiful prints over at Beklina, not to mention a sale of up to %30 off! I love the new Mociun print, orange and blue, yummy.

Friday, November 30

The Hinter

I love The Hinter, I thought you would too. I love her perfect selection of classic, beautiful clothing and accessories, she inspired me to look for the perfect cardigan, I think this one is the ONE.

Pink Mascara: 3.1 Phillip Lim is available IN-STORE only. Please call 714-436-1540 to order, on sale $304.00

Thursday, November 29

Meg Werner

I got some really beautiful photos in the mail today that I ordered from Etsy seller Meg Werner. I learned about her from the fabulous Maditi Likes.

I chose two prints from her Colorado series and she had them enlarged. I just love how abstract it looks. I will put it up soon, but since we have really hard plaster walls, I have to wait for O to use a drill and a special screw so we don't hurt the plaster.

OH, and check out the 5x7 rug from Urban Outfitters that I scored for NINE DOLLARS!

Wednesday, November 28

I finally did it!

OK, I finally did it. I got the most beautiful jacket I could find. I have been looking for something tailored and unusual and well made for about three years. I sold a bunch of my clothes on eBay, and I have been waiting for it to go on sale...but it has not, and I thought maybe it would get sold here it is! I can't wait to get it in the mail. I ordered it form the store so I didn't have to pay for shipping! Now though, I can't buy anything until I sell more clothes....but I don't have anything left to sell.

Wool Oxford Jacket in Liberty Blue by JCrew, $285.00


I don't know why I think I live in some Victorian novel where ladies have a ready supply of tea goodies on hand for callers and a salon with a fireplace and cozy chairs to sit on and make friendly conversation...but for some reason I feel like I need more serving platters and what-not. I have been looking for antique silver on eBay...but this is what really makes me smile. I just found this shop via Decor8...Huset-Shop!

I love this Bengt & Lotta 3-Level Serving Tray.

Monday, November 26

Slavic Brass and Girl Crush!

Hope you had a nice Turkey day! On a totally unrelated note, if you have not heard of Nellie McKay, and you like witty music with a beautiful voice, you have to check her out. I have a total girl crush on her.

Also, dreaming of Slavic Soul Party as the best wedding band...I saw them live in Brooklyn and it was just as fun to watch as to listen as to dance, so a triple whammy... If you live in New York, go check them out at Barb├ęs, on 9th street and 6th Ave in Park Slope...right by my old place....sigh.

Monday, November 19


Wow, I can't believe that Thanksgiving is this week! I have been in la la land. First O and I had a death in the family, and then, we realized that our preferred wedding venue, Serenbe, is not preferred after all. I will not bad mouth them, but you can email me if you want a candid opinion.

So I have been doing tons of research and I thought I would ask you wedding veterans out there for your opinion. I am thinking of the Four Seasons or the Ritz Carlton, sounds pricey, but actually, not as pricey as renting a venue and paying for a caterer, and much less hassle. Anyone been to a large party or reception around Atlanta that you liked? Any suggestions?

I just want to be clear, Serenbe is a great place, it may not work for our own wedding, but I have talked to many people who have had a wonderful experience having a wedding there, and I think that it could be really special for the right bride.

Monday, November 12

Finn Style

I love FinnStyle, I have a beautiful serving tray from there, and I just about want everything on that site. I already showed O the ittala Taika dinnerware because I really love them, hint hint. Right now until 11.15.07 enjoy free shipping on any order over $100, enter ship388 checkout.


Here is a peek at what Domino did with my beloved dishes, sweet huh.


Dude, those are her actual gloves, I think, along with her jacket; plus she is rocking that purple thing look, wow, she is so cool. Sartorialist, of course!

Friday, November 9

Thank the LAWRD it's Friday

Left over apple tart with lemon creme for breakfast, I only did that one day and then gave my sister the left over tart. If you have some extra apples laying around, this is soo easy and yummy. I usually leave all of the sugar out of the recipe, and always always always make your own crust (without sugar).

New Shoes Part II

Second pair of sale shoes from Anthro: Devotte, have to wait until it gets warm again, but it was worth it. I think these may be my favorites, I had been eyeing them for months!

Wednesday, November 7


Plugging away...I had been out of commission painting for a few days b/c of my neck, darn neck. I went to my wonderful massage therapist and he made me cry, it was almost as painful as when I broke two toes dancing around in the kitchen...make sure there are no doorways with lots of hard, wooden trim around when you do that...and today, I am free and well and I got that painting feeling.

Seriously though, go see him if you live in Atlanta, or visit, he is amazing, and sweet and wholesome and cute as pie.

Tuesday, November 6

New Shoes

I took my 3 year old niece to Anthropologie this weekend, she was in crazy awesome girly heaven, I had to show her everything I tried on, and she told me if it was pretty or not, and she wanted to try all the shoes on, and play around with Rabbit, her imaginary friend, who is quite a devil don't you know. She thought these shoes were the prettiest, b/c it looks like I am on tippy toe. I think they are so cool. Plus, marked down to 50% off, then another 50% off...I got three pairs, but I would not want any one's brain to explode, so I will only reveal them in stages.

Do they show too much toe to wear with tights? (Opaque ones, sheesh, I hear you cringing) I think so, but what do you think?

Super Hero Polka Band

I love this post card set. I would frame them all in a row, for a child's room, and then make up a crazy story with them about what is going on...lets see. "Mad scientist nerd brain washes school girls into fighting his cause...the liberation of his polka band members from detention...but then it turns out that the ring leader is actually he band's lead singer, they decide to take the look of the band in a cool super hero direction...they become famous..."my poor kids, they are going to be so confused.

Sidney Pink, original water color post card set, on Little Paper Planes.

Monday, November 5

My pillow

I have been meaning to post about my new pillow. It is such a bright ray of light in my living room! I love all Lena Corwin's work, I don't know why I waited so long to get it!

I got that chair from Craigslist, I am going to cover the cushions for it but I have not made the fabric yet, and that towel is a recent thrifty find, I love thrifting.

Wednesday, October 31

Sale Sale Sale

I have taken the Handmade pledge for this holiday season, yupee. And as an added bonus, my new Ochi prints are on sale for $20, plus (oh yeah baby, there is a plus) free shipping! I love knowing that when I buy a gift for someone, I am also supporting an independent artist.

Tuesday, October 30


I had my first facial today. Wow, I look really creepy, I guess that is good timing for Halloween, but I am not going anywhere, that is how bad my face is. Swollen, iky, but boy oh boy is it clean! If you live in Atlanta and you want clear, glowy, beautiful skin, go check out Derma-Luxe. Not only is the staff great but look at the place, like hanging out at a Domino photo shoot, I love the rug and the lighting...very nice.


I love this, and I totally agree. Via Creativadoration via Imaginary Moments.

Monday, October 29

More NuitBlanche!!

Oh, new cool monsters from Nuitblanche etsy store! I love the new Mandragora black softies too, so special. I wish I could get my hands on a print of her really sweet paintings. I just love that cloud with the eyes in it, so killer!

Wednesday, October 24


Ok, ya'll didn't think hard enough about sun because today is still gloomy, I hope this helps the drought problem here, although I don't think Georgia has any revolutionary or creative water collecting systems in place, I mean, only the water that falls on the lake is going to help, all the rest is just making the dead leaves on the ground wet! But I digest...(hehehe) anyway, again, I digest...HAHAHA (I get kinda giddy when I don't have sun, O can attest, I need sleep and sun, or I get sorta giggly and crazy.)

So, I want this sweater, I just love it so much, and sometimes I go to the Anthropologie store and pet it, people, it is just.that.soft.

Also, I am embracing the low light and turned on my new pendant that I got from Victory Vintage...I think they know me as soon as I walk in that place, I always leave with something so killer awesome that I can see the people driving by salivate at me with my treasures when I walk out, for reals.

Tuesday, October 23

Gloomy day here

At least we had sun this weekend, if it weren't for that, I would be really hurting. It is so dark and rainy and gloomy! When the weather goes on like this, it really effects me, I have S.A.D and usually I just forget about it but lately, working from home alone all day long, it is has gotten harder. Not that I am complaining, it beats trudging to a Park Ave high rise to work far, far away from a window on an old computer...sometimes.

Lets all collectively think of sun and maybe it will work!

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