Wednesday, March 31

Vintage Photo Contest

Wow, totally loving the vintage photo contest over at the Sartorialist. So stunning! I often think about future generations looking at our style though his photos when we are all gone, and what they will think of us! I am always so inspired by the past, it seems so poignant and relevant to me.

Sunday, March 28


psssst, some stylish Atlanta please buy these. Campaign dresser for 25 smackers.
Bamboo look aluminum chairs from Ballard. $45 big ones.
Fiberglass rocker, red and bad-ass, $187? Negotiate that suckuh.

Birds and Flowers

Blogger sucks so hard, can't wait to move my blog, you hear that blogger, the masses are running away in horror at your suck-balls-ness. Moving on, sweet wallpaper over at Armelle.

Friday, March 26


Flowers, so pretty. I wish we would get sun already. I gotta leave in like 5 minutes to drive up into the burbs to pick up some Craigers finds. Then I gots a date with my hubbs tonight. Other thoughts....was maybe going to do some shopping, but I hate shopping so maybe not. Thinking about hiring a stylist after I read this, today.

Monday, March 22

Overstock Rug Sighting

I put the floral lampshade on the sidewalk and it was gone in an hour, so someone on my street has the "hives" lampshade. Moving on.

Does this rug look familiar? Found via my favorite Canadian lady, Sarah.

Nice huh? I wish it were slightly lighter. The great lamp debate is also at a close, I chose white shades, boring, I know, but I like the crispness. Will show you a photo later.

Peace out

Thursday, March 18

So the other lamps I got, for the living room, are almost the same as the bedroom ones, but not quite. I am thinking green lamp shades? Black maybe, I am going to buy a few and have you guys decide for me, great idea, I know. That flower shade is going to give me hives.
Painting that wooden table white this week.

Wednesday, March 17

New lamps bitches

I got four new lamps this weekend at HomeGoods. All of the shades (with the exception of the cool black ikat one,) suck balls. Soooo, I changed out the bedroom ones today, what do you think? I like the thinner shade, makes the lamp look slightly more retro, but also more sophisticated. See you later pink damask velvet fleck, EWWW.

They look nice together no? I guess that means I have to remove the plastic. The painting above the bed is a new one of mine. Don't mind the mess, I hurt myself this weekend, SHOCKER, and I needed home mags and my bed buddy, so there.

My favorite spot in the bedroom, while we are at it. So nice to sit and read. I have some lovely vines coming in the mail to grow over the wooden fence that is right outside that window.

Tuesday, March 16

So pretty

I think this wedding is so touching, and beautiful. They look so freaking happy! Aren't they cute? That last photo is so stunning and beautifully styled.

Maybe another idea

Then again...I am thinking maybe orangy-red for the love seat, with this new pallet...

This rug is calling my name baby. $495 at overstock, 100% wool, 5x8.....drool

Oh dear, tomorrow is my fabric day, so I will show you all of my swatches, and if I find that stripped gray and white for the bathroom. Also hitting up Ballard Outlet, oh yeah baby.

Wednesday, March 10

Dining room

My color pallet for the dining room.

Hello dorks. You are here, so you might as well hear all about my plans for our dining room. This May, we will have been here one whole year, and we still do not use our dining room. Mostly b/c it is a huge room, the heart of the house, and we have almost no furniture in it. BUT, I have been work in hard to change that. Meet our new dining table, hello there sexy.

Remember that love seat I bought, I had a hard time figuring out what to do with it, but then I saw this photo, and yes, I knew. I will upholster it in a bright blue linen, gray rug and Lucite table (that part I already knew I wanted.) Accent pillow fabric ideas above.

Now some rug ideas, this one is very tempting from Overstock, b/c it looks more expensive than it is, doesn't it. It has sold out since yesterday, but I am sure it will come back. This one too! Wow, when I find something I like, I better buy it up.

Next up is another photo inspiration. I would like the dining room to be a hang out, library, eating sort of space. So I think two wing back chairs (high enough to pull up to a table, but loungy enough to chill out in,) in green or blue ikat is perfect.

Some ideas from my fave fabric spot in Atlanta. Can't really tell what the fabric would look like with these samples, but you get the idea.

Hello there sexy

I saw this photo recently (sorry, forgot the source, probably another blog,) and it snapped in my brain as the inspiration for our second bathroom, yes the one I just painted. This paper is to the trade only, bummer, but I could get a similar look with a stencil, found here. I looked around for something similar, but I didn't turn anything up. I like the idea of print the stencil onto grass cloth, what do you think?

That mirror is pretty bad-ass as well. I like this one, and this one, from Ballard.

This one is a slight departure, but purty. This one is also for Ballard, nice huh?

Now for that beautiful gray and white seat cushion. It looks slight ikat-ish, if you look real close. I will use something similar for ceiling to floor shower curtains. I like this one, but I will go in person (next week, weeee) and find a stripe.

Now for a rug, when I saw this one, I was greeeeen with envy! I need it! I even called my local Pottery Barn outlet, but they didn't have it, sad. That said, I think and red and white rug will work great in the bathroom. How about this one? This one is new to Dash and Albert, oooh, purdy. This one too.

The vanity could use an update as well, I love this one. Pretty affordable too. Lets not forget the sconces, these are my favorite, and I can't wait to use them in the bathroom, and maybe on some bookshelves? This is it, done, I am starting on this right away, I will outline everything, with costs when I finish. Shame I spent that time painting it...oh well.

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