Wednesday, October 31

Sale Sale Sale

I have taken the Handmade pledge for this holiday season, yupee. And as an added bonus, my new Ochi prints are on sale for $20, plus (oh yeah baby, there is a plus) free shipping! I love knowing that when I buy a gift for someone, I am also supporting an independent artist.

Tuesday, October 30


I had my first facial today. Wow, I look really creepy, I guess that is good timing for Halloween, but I am not going anywhere, that is how bad my face is. Swollen, iky, but boy oh boy is it clean! If you live in Atlanta and you want clear, glowy, beautiful skin, go check out Derma-Luxe. Not only is the staff great but look at the place, like hanging out at a Domino photo shoot, I love the rug and the lighting...very nice.


I love this, and I totally agree. Via Creativadoration via Imaginary Moments.

Monday, October 29

More NuitBlanche!!

Oh, new cool monsters from Nuitblanche etsy store! I love the new Mandragora black softies too, so special. I wish I could get my hands on a print of her really sweet paintings. I just love that cloud with the eyes in it, so killer!

Wednesday, October 24


Ok, ya'll didn't think hard enough about sun because today is still gloomy, I hope this helps the drought problem here, although I don't think Georgia has any revolutionary or creative water collecting systems in place, I mean, only the water that falls on the lake is going to help, all the rest is just making the dead leaves on the ground wet! But I digest...(hehehe) anyway, again, I digest...HAHAHA (I get kinda giddy when I don't have sun, O can attest, I need sleep and sun, or I get sorta giggly and crazy.)

So, I want this sweater, I just love it so much, and sometimes I go to the Anthropologie store and pet it, people, it is just.that.soft.

Also, I am embracing the low light and turned on my new pendant that I got from Victory Vintage...I think they know me as soon as I walk in that place, I always leave with something so killer awesome that I can see the people driving by salivate at me with my treasures when I walk out, for reals.

Tuesday, October 23

Gloomy day here

At least we had sun this weekend, if it weren't for that, I would be really hurting. It is so dark and rainy and gloomy! When the weather goes on like this, it really effects me, I have S.A.D and usually I just forget about it but lately, working from home alone all day long, it is has gotten harder. Not that I am complaining, it beats trudging to a Park Ave high rise to work far, far away from a window on an old computer...sometimes.

Lets all collectively think of sun and maybe it will work!

Monday, October 22


Whew! what a weekend! O and I went to check out a venue for our fall 2008 wedding, and we just loved it! Serenbe is a community in Palmetto, Georgia that proves sustainable, organic living ( in south Georgia) can be really stylish too! It feels so good to finally have a venue. So far the plan is to book a cottage or two, get married in the gardens, and dance to an old fashioned blue grass band, and usher in the adventure with all our friends. Thanks Leigh for cluing me in!

Thursday, October 18

Etsy shop update

So I have updated the ol shop with another print and a new original painting. This one is called Ochi. Have a look!

Tuesday, October 16


While they last, the Ilee letterpress calendar on Etsy...I found out about it way too late last year... a very sad turn of events, this year, I am ON IT, I got a few for gifts (if you read this and are on my "good list" forget about this post...forever...

Monday, October 15

Good to be back

So this weekend O and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary, we had a lovely weekend getaway in our own city. If you live in Atlanta, or you visit, let me recommend the Intercontinental Hotel you should book a room to watch a thunder storm alone! It is in Buckhead, this place is great, except for the location, but hey, no one is perfect. You can get a room facing the back and enjoy beautiful views of Atlanta all the way to Stone Mountain (of laser show infamy) You should also eat at La Grotta, Float Away Cafe, and Au Pied de Cochon ( attached to the hotel.) So while O slept during one of his marathon naps, I check out some new blogs. Here are two that I just discovered and love, that is not to say that there aren't 50 others that I love.

These Days, and Maditi Likes.

Photo by Meg Werner, via Maditi Likes, prints on her etsy site.

Thursday, October 11

Jennifer Muskopf

I also just discovered Jennifer's work through her other genius, Clive and Sunshine, I love the tension, so subtle, and imaginative, beautiful lightness and graceful line. Serious talent here. Am I the last one to know that she made these beautiful paintings too? sheesh

Jullian Tamaki

Having spent all day yesterday and the day before in the North Carolina woods, which are so absolutely beautiful, emerald lakes, dense forests of pine and hard wood trees, dappled sunshine, crisp breezes, I felt like I was in a fairy tale....anyway, it has made me fall in love with nature scenes again, naturally I like a little I had to revisit this beautiful Jullian Tamaki illustration, I just love the line quality and color use of all her work, this one touches me today, hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, October 9

Going to North Carolina

Going to go check out some property in North Carolina, so I will not be around today either, bummer, going to have to stop making these boring posts, I know. Pretty view ain't it. Oh, do any of you know the Lake Santeetlah area in N.C?

Monday, October 8

New York

I totally forgot to mention that I went to New York this weekend for Jessica's Shiny Squirrel launch party, it was a blast! Best brownies I have had in I don't know how long. I wish everyone could have been there to celebrate. I hope you all had a nice weekend.

Wednesday, October 3


Get to have dinner in front of the computer tonight, cuz O is working late...
napkin is made from fabric I got off Ebay
Tray is from FinnStyle

Monday, October 1

Wedding Dresses

So O and I are planning to marry next October, it is the most beautiful month in Atlanta. I really want a non-traditional dress and when I saw this by Bottega Venetta I just kinda did cartwheels inside. This traditional shape, with a sexy, draped and not girly neck-line, casual length and perfect color...I just got to save up about 5 grand or so...HA!

Shinny Squirrel is here

It is finally here, congrats to Jessica for working so hard and making it happen. Go and check it out. There is amazing work from all kinds of independent artists, all exclusive to Shinny Squirrel.

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