Tuesday, March 31

I want my window treatments!

update : we have it under contract! And I cant resist showing you the infamous "window disasters." and of course the hospital yellow walls.

hehehehe, we are in the deep of the bidding war for our house, and this photo kinda sums up how much fun it is! Wish us luck!!

I just found this on my desktop, no idea where it came from, please forgive me for not giving you credit.

Monday, March 30


These images changed.my.life. Seriously, I was in bed, with my lap top (Coco was trying to burrow under it for warmth, she is a succubus,) anyhoo, and I saw those chairs, with that rug, the lamp and the wallpaper and I stared at it for about 30 minutes. I saw it on City Sage, I was reading allll the back posts b/c I am obsessed, what great taste. I am not kidding, sometimes when something really captivates me, I stare at it and day dream about it. Well, I just can't get it out of my head.

Also, that wallpaper, that bedroom, we have all seen that stunning bedroom, some hate it -too girlie and busy!- some love it -so eclectic and cozy (moi)- For me that wallpaper is devine, but it would also be nice in a dining room, with all the modern fixins to make it less girl-ishious.

I am super nester this week, we are so excited about buying a home. Unfortunately we went to visit the cute bungalow this weekend, and it had rained for day on end, and the basement was a swimming pool, plus it smelled (probably from the standing water.) and our inspector dads gave it the thumbs down.

BUUUTTTTTT, we have secretly been courting another little (not so little) lovely on a better street, better school district with no water issues. And we are in bidding wars right now, so I will not share the listing just in case. But will let you know as soon as I dare.

Thanks to all the lovely, nerdy ladies who got my Transformers joke a few posts ago...hehehe, you got a surprise in the mail.

Thursday, March 26

30% of EVERYTHING at Kate Spade

Go, now, don't finish your lunch, just go, for the love of everything perfectly styled! GOOOOO

If you can't read that, go here.

Wednesday, March 25

I have to walk the plank

Or rather, I was tagged by my friend Jennifer.
...and I have been tagged a few times since I got her tag a couple of weeks ago, I am super slow...

So, here are the rules; step 1: Respond & rework-answer the questions on your own blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own. step 2: Tag-eight other un-tagged people.

What is your current obsession? eBay for vintage froks and books, also Federal style.
What are you wearing now? Hmmmm....extra large jeans that I got on sale, rolled up b/c I have not hemmed them yet, and a green t-shirt that is super soft...my miu miu glasses.
Do you nap a lot? Not unless I am like this.
Who was the last person you hugged? my husband O.
Which item from your closet are you wearing most lately?
Cashmere cardigan...on sale for $20 from GAP
What's for dinner? Hmmm, probs roasted veggies and salad.
What was the last thing you bought? Tons of organic veggies and yummy food from the Farmer's Market, in fact I still smell like farmer's market, not a good smell.
What are you listening to right now? Home Movies on You Tube...it is still playing from the nap question..
What is your favorite weather, and why?
Fall, because I have a memory of being a kid at recess on the playground in Texas and it was Fall, and I was running to catch a ball, and it was like the first ball I ever caught, and there were witnesses, and I was like..."Kid, this is living, remember that..." (Houston air is usually like mayonaise, so crisp weather is very nice)
What time do you usually get up? 8am
What is your most challenging goal right now? Yikes, dealing with vendors and time lines for a new project.
Say something to the person who tagged you: Your blog is adorable, you are hopelessly fashionable and your taste is perfection. Your photos are really great, I love looking into your life....you find really great patterns :) And to other taggers, you are cute, your blog is cute and I like your toe nail polish.
If you could have a house-totally paid for, fully furnished-anywhere in the world, where you want it to be?
S.P.A.I.N....Extremadura, in a field, with ancient, gnarled trees as far as the eye can see. Own a few horses to go riding in the misty mornings. A good ten minute walk to a grocery or a store...A stone building with shutters and a west facing facade. I would school my kids there, paint all day and make olive oil...and eat lots and lots of ham.
Favorite vacation spot? SPAIN!!!! (San Sebastian)
Name the things you cannot live without: My husband, sunshine, coffee, my doggy Coco, my family, moisturizer, oil paints.
What movies can you watch over and over?
My Fair Lady, Singing in the Rain, French Kiss..(don't hate me!) Emma...the Southpark movies...
What is your favorite tea flavor? Mint
What are you reading right now? Every issue of Gourmet I can get my greedy little fingers on!
What is your current guilty pleasure? sitting in my sunny office, (I LOVE my office) and looking around and going... "Holy freeking S#^t! I work here, all day, doing what I love and I freaking don't have to deal with co-workers or office politics or a commute..." I do it....10 times a day. And I feel guilty b/c my husband's home office is in the basement...it has stone walls, we call it his man-cave.

I tag ye maties: actually, I hope you all don't mind if I don't tag anyone, it gives me anxiety!
* I found this on my couch one morning when I came downstairs, it's name is Carson, he is our friend and he has a key...not related but you can tell a lot about a person from their friends.

Tuesday, March 24

Bloggimus Prime

I am working on something that is sucking the life out of me, that said I LOVE it. ( I am transforming my career...har har har*) I will go ahead and tell you soon, since I no longer feel the need to show only my perfect, amazingly talented, unbelievably enviable life, but instead endeavor to shock startle you with my normal-ness. My once beautiful office is covered in tape and paper, it looks like a modern art installation.

This is what my endless days and nights have been filled with...and I am dumping things on that poor chair, but I thought they looked pretty there for a while. See how I did that? I cropped it in until only the pretty shows, can't see the dead flowers on the mantel, my purple, marble exercise mat, or the pile of shoes to sell on eBay. But I just told you, so we are even.

awww: O nick named me Meeps when we were first dating, b/c it stands for "my main peep,", how cute is that. Now he uses my abbreviated nickname: Meech, instead of Michi. But that's ok, I call him boobs.
* if you get my really silly joke, I will send you something cool.

Monday, March 23

Rachel Comey

Oh man, I want one of each please, my absolute favorite! Rachel Comey.

Thursday, March 19

TA DA!!!!!

This is me, before coffee and still in my p.js. O decided to hit the snooze about 50 times this morning, starting at...lets say 5am, so I woke up late, b/c obvi, I need my beauty sleep. Also, cuz I drank a huge margarita last night at my Pattern Sisterhood meeting, (every time I say that, I feel like telling people we cast spells on clients and made magical illustrator demons to do our work for us.) Actually, Jessica and I chatted about blogging and about how we sometimes feel pressure to make our lives look great, and our work look effortless, and well, we are kind of disillusioned with it right now. You know what I mean, you see it, and you are sick of it too, probs, maybe not, I don't know you, damn, quit bragging about how great you are...anyway.

(no, I am not flicking you off, sheesh.) Every day I listen to the news and I feel like I live in a vacuum, at home, with my work, and what is my work anyway? Is it valuable to anyone aside from me and my clients, do I spend my vital life force on things that are overlooked and unappreciated? Yes, and no, I don't know, save me blogging masses! We even chatted about getting a part time job, something escapist, like retail or restaurant, just to get away from the constant home.work. sigh....I love my life, I really do, and when I am feeling this petulant, I often remind myself that I am lucky I am not laying on a dungeon floor, ala Tale of Two Cities...

Ok, question time, do you work from home? Do you have a part time job to keep you sane. Stigma? lets hear about it...you know, from being an educated designer, artist, whatev, who has to work outside of their field.

Spill it.

Tuesday, March 17

Yeah sunshine!

Aside from going to bed at 8pm last night b/c I was so tired, I am back baby! It is sunny today, it is like a jolt of carrot juice to the brain. So after a long walk this morning with poor cooped up Coco, I tried my first Palates video. Um...I didn't make it to the end, I admit, no bragging here, my "powerhouse" is more like a rest home...for now. I am motivated by dreaming of bathing suits and the beach, but I am attracted to one pieces this year, seriously, though, I am. Ok, there is a two piece in there I suppose, but how cute is it! I love this one, but it's too shinny, sad.
Too cherry-ish?
more cheeries...hm.

Also quite fond of this one, but it is all sold out, bummer. What do you think? 50's style one piece or not???

Monday, March 16

Sun! Where are you?

Ok, so my hypothalamus has shrunk, dangerously, as it tends to do when we don't get sun for dayyyayayays on end. Today...rain, all day, again! Bah Humbug say I...Damn Earth and it's weather patterns and needs, what about my needs, huh Earth? Anyway, since I can't have real sun, I am basking in this less real, but just as happy sun by Jeanie Nelson, and check out her little letter pressed sun note cards, devine. via Black Eiffel. Sorry to give you a "via" on our fist day of this miserable, rainy, gray week...but my brain, she is melting, ok.

Wednesday, March 11


I know it is almost the weekend again, well, actually, today is hump day, but you know what I mean. I am just now getting around to telling you about last weekend, my beautiful aunt Cecilia got married, and she was such a stunning bride. She wore a striking blue dress and a navy fascinator and veil that I made from Jcrew rose barrettes that we spotted in the check out line while we were buying her shoes...

Isn't she adorable! Anyway, I have been dreaming about fascinators and fancy shmansy things like that since Saturday...lord help us! I love, LOVE that vintage birdcage veil, wow, how stunning, and romantic! Someone please buy it and send me pictures of your perfect wedding with your perfect veil!

Tuesday, March 10

Johny Miller

Miller is the genius behind the beautiful Kate Spade ads (the photography, you know there are a slew of people who's collective brain juice makes Kate Spade ads so groovy.)

And these still lifes are so beautiful and still. These images make me happy today. enjoy....oh, and I can't get this out of my head!

Monday, March 9

Inspiration today

Wow, life is crazy right now, we could possibly be home owners in a few months...c.r.a.z.y.
So naturally, my head is swimming with all sorts of ideas, and I see inspiration all over the place, also naturally, I have to work...bummer. See you later.

That silhouette is gorgeous, but I don't remember where I found it, anyone know?
Image from here...

Image from Jen Gotch, and Door Sixteen flickr stream, via automatism.

Thursday, March 5

This talking house

update: so we spent Sunday there, hanging out and meeting neighbors and we decided...to go for it! hehehehe, exciting, so maybe this blog will have a remodeling section?? Hmmm, sounds good.
So I have been looking for a home in Atlanta since we moved here...or rather since we decided to stay here after we moved here (it was a tough choice, but we love our families.) We have fallen in love with a little neighborhood called Kirkwood... although it blends into East Lake and Oakhurst rather atlanta srawl-rilly. And, since our economy is taking a crap break...we are no longer priced out of this groovy little spot.
Anwywho, I am in love with a feisty little brick cottage from the early 20's, and this house, like for months now, has been speaking to me. I first walked inside the solid wood door and he (yes he, is a frustrated vaudeville actor, lots of talent, but his bathroom was always too ugly for real stardom.) Anyway, he says to me, "HEY, finally, I have been sitting here for like, a year! I have got an itch you wouldn't believe right behind my screened in porch! go and have a look. I know carpeting, sheesh, I was overpriced for a while there, and my kitchen tiles are...shall we say...the shame of my very soul, yes I have a soul, it lives in my crawl space. Oh, before I forget... PAINT MY FREAKING FLOORS WHITE!!!"

Now before you get carried away, we have not even put an offer on this home, we still have not stalked it sufficiently, or interrogated the neighbors, or camped out in it to get a "feel" for it :) But a girl can daydream, no? Image above from Domino...sniff.

The rest of the images come from House Beautiful. Now, you can find all sorts of people talking about white painted floors online...even anna did it, and I just admire her handy-ness so much. So considering we were to use washable paint...high gloss...anyone know how hard they are to keep clean? I heard once that they are easier to keep looking clean, b/c dust is light...were they drunk when they told me that?

Wednesday, March 4

Martha Stewart and Pingg

Finally, I was wondering when this was going to happen! Stylish evites, por fin! Go check out Pingg, and the new Martha Stewart Collection featuring the beautiful photography and stylish design we all know and love (and imitate). Pingg also lets you print out your invites, stamp and mail to all or some of your guest list. Plus, you can still manage your event online through a dedicated "sent" webpage link where you guests can also RSVP online.

Also, Pingg and Martha have teamed up to create Entertaining guides online where you can learn about how to pick the perfect hostess gift, or ideas for kid's party planning. Also, if you happen to be hanging out on the Martha Stewart website, you can conveniently create an online invitation for your event by incorporating the imagery on the site correlating to your search, pretty snazzy no?

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