Thursday, April 30

It's mine....all MINE

Life looks like this right now, we finally closed on our little house! It was a day from hell, or from the mind of a sitcom writer, either one. Wow, moving so fast, and tomorrow is my birthday! Sheesh, the big 30, and what do I get to do???

Meet with the security guy, change out a garbage disposal and install attic flooring! Yeah me! We are actually moving next weekend, so I will be posting intermittently, but you already figured that out right. Well, gotta go to the house and meet with the fence guy, wow, so many new men in my life :)

image from flickr...

Monday, April 13

Little Paper Planes

New prints of mine are available over at Little Paper Planes, digital prints of original oil and pencil pieces that have been sold. Today the power keeps going out (and our front bedroom window is currently on the roof, we are having some windy weather, so I guess it is a painting day!)




Oh yes, and we are finally done with the negotiations, and the house is ours! Well, lets nobody dance until the have the key in hand, that is in two weeks.

Thursday, April 9

Wide Open Spaces

Loving Wide Open Spaces lately, I think Emily has such great taste, and not just because as I look over her archives I see so many images I have been squirreling away for myself...

And since I am working, and loving Luis Fili's new (to me) website.

Sunday, April 5

Still working

Have not slept in four days! What the hizzle? So tonight is the night I must sleep for tomorrow comes the inspector man...I have been trying to quiet my brain, by painting, and I have a new one to show you guys.

But what I am really here to do is ask, what do you do when your brain will.not.quit! I guess it is all the exciting adventures happening around here, but O snores the night away right away...and I know b/c I am wake to hear him all night.

You guys are the best, I tried the Tylonol PM, and I slept purty good! Woohoo, and the inspection went well too, so lets see what happens. 

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