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New YORK bitches

It was last month, but I still wanna talk about it ok! You guys know my friend Karina Bania right? If not consider this a virtual face slap, get with it! She is an engaging artist, and a great friend to me as well as a partner in crime of the highest order. In any case, we wanted to go check out the Affordable Art Fair so we did. We spent the week shopping, eating (we ate french fries every day) sampling ever single mezcal cocktail we could find, looking at art and planning. A particular highlight was meeting Helen Dealtry and seeing her studio and meeting her studio mates. Ive been a fan of Helen for years and years, you may recall my talking about her scarves here before. I sent her a message on instagram after Karina and I set our dates for the trip and just asked her if she would want to have lunch. She was down, and how I have a little british crumpet of a friend who I think is the sweetest, most lovely and wonderful human. See, the internet is awesome.  I

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