Tuesday, November 30

New in my shop

Wanna see some new stuff? Sure you do. It is officially time to shop for Christmas, and I am nothing if not helpful, right?

I am offering up cards with some of my most popular prints on them. These are super special, printed on extra thick, velvety etching paper, with photo quality, extra special inks. They make the colors really pop!

A4 size, blank inside, stamped with my logo on the back. They come in a creme envelope.

I also have some teeny art for the budget art collector. 4x4 inches, and painted all the way around, these oil on canvas paintings are unique and great for a little knook or a book shelf. I have one in my kitchen.

Also, have a series of 12x12 canvases painted in acrylic. Gallery wrap, signed on the back and side. A great gift idea.

Monday, November 22


 ....Sunshine glinting off of shop windows with colorful flowers inside, the ocean sparkles in the distance, sand sticks to your bright red toe nails...a delicious breeze tickles your bare shoulders, as you take a sip of your ice cold drink and turn your face to the sun...all while strolling back to your hotel after a delicious meal, looking forward to slipping under the cool, crisp covers with your baby. Capri.

Saturday, November 20

If this guy could shoot lasers out of his eyes...

We would be dead, or whatever happens when eye lasers hit you.  Dude, lighten up! You can't wear red pants and look so pissed. Whats up with the Hitler Youth hair? British. I can't sleep, can you tell?

Thursday, November 18

I feel obligated to share a comment

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Dude, check this hot shit out! From the intrepid female over at My Notting Hill.

Couch: $25 bucks at a church sale
Fabric: Kelly Wearstler's Fern Tree, $28 smackers a yard at a discount fabric place.


Tuesday, November 16

Dude, bad dreams

I woke up vibrating form head to toe, inexplicably in bed while I swore I was running for my life from Pirates in Manhattan, stealing a burka off a woman's back (in a public bathroom stall at the Bloomies on Broadway), so I could pretend to be a blind Russian old lady??? Naturally. I had to hide from "Willie" the face expert British pirate captain who was hunting me down...

Girlfriend ate too many olives before bed. Also, I need to perfect my Russian accent for emergency use, you never know.

So, excuse me to wander off into my happy place; looking out over the Spanish countryside from a well appointed finca.

(not from the same house, this is a Parisian apt. if I remember correctly) I like the pattern overload in theory...this is the visual equivalent of my brain today. Enjoy, and don't eat before bed. From the archives of Belle Vivir.

Monday, November 15

Happy Anniversary Booby

I got to marry my best friend two years ago today. We had fun, we are still having fun.

Reason number 23,435,897,000 that I love my booby:

While making dinner reservations online for our favorite spot. "Do you have any special requests?" Hmmm, thinks Booby, then writes "Plenty of floor space for performing of fresh feats."

Thursday, November 11

2011 Calendar, and making stew

So I decided to do a Calendar this year. Whuppeee.
13x19, features my Antonia painting, signed, $30 usd.
Printed using archival inks on fade-proof paper. You can cut off the calendar after the year is up, and you have yourself a print.

OR, take it from my friend Carl Weathers, put it in a pot, add a little watter, and you got a stew going baby!

Wednesday, November 10

 Rosalia. This is the one that looks like pop art to me. What do you think? Japanese?

Also, would you like to see paintings in the context of an interior? Does it help you get an idea of how it would look in your own room? I am thinking of shooting all the paintings (if I have time) in a room in my home. What do you say?

Monday, November 8

Happy Monday

Wow, amazing! As my friend Floyd would say, "Balls to the Walls man."
By Kyle Field, via LA in Bloom

In other news, my new paintings look Japanese pop art to me, maybe they will to you too. And, it is a new week! So many opportunities, so many fun things planned, so much room for creation!

Friday, November 5

Friday House Clean

So today I would normally be cleaning the house, from top to bottom, like I do every Friday...but this is a differnet sort of day...

I hired a cleaning lady. And now I am painting, instead of cleaning. And it doesn't even feel weird. I thought it would, but nope, not weird.

Wednesday, November 3


A few new paintings for you this afternoon.

Meet Antonia, she is 36 inches square, acrylic on gallery wrap. I just finished this one last night, whilst listening to this book on tape, and eating Junior Mints. ahhhhh.

This is Harriet, she is different, as you can see, and quite unique. A whopping 54 inches square, acrylic on gallery wrap. She is sort of shy, even though she looks so bold. Harriet was inspired by Blue.

Lastly, Vega. 48x60 inches of pure, celestial love. Acrylic and oil on gallery wrap. I always make descriptions like this, I mean, what am I supposed to say? Prattle about meaning and all that bull-honkey. Can I get an AMEN!

Tuesday, November 2

White Christmas tree

My two favorite white Christmas tree inspiration photos. I bought one this week, pre-wired. This year, I will be prepared! No more ghetto Christmas. I just have to decide what kind of ornaments now.

I bought this one, from Balsam Hill, 7.5 feet tall, on sale. I had a hard time deciding, and I looked at a lot of trees. I kind of also love the flocked look, like the one above. Here is a good option, if you are also looking. Another great one, here, is tall, but slimmer, and very pretty. And if I had a two story room, this one would look great!

Monday, November 1

My home made costume

Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra (me) and white Tina Turner, just chilling on Halloween.
What did you do?

Head dress: paper plate, bib necklace: painted cotton, dress: safety pins!

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