Tuesday, August 25

makes me happy

This is frigg'n brilliant. At first I thought I was hallucinating, on account of the fact that I have not slept in days, just can't sleep. Via Katy Elliott

Speaking of hallucinating, I saw a black and white cat this morning (side note, i accidentally wrote "black and shite cat...I changed it so you wouldn't be offended :) and I told it to "shooot", but it was not actually there, Coco looked at me with pity, I saw pity in her eyes, I swear.

Friday, August 21

Wary Meyers

I love this little guy! I want him in my house, I have a friend who had raccoons as pets when he was little, they slept in his cradle with him. They used to try to get into the fridge, so his parents took to locking it, but the little rascals figured out how to unscrew the door, pretty interesting no? In my mind, our raccoon here is the head honcho on this island, and he is about to go have a meeting about what to do with these meddling humans, then "Home Alone" antics ensue. ahhhh, imagination. Fabulousness by Wary Meyers.

Tuesday, August 18

Light kitchen

So while my dining room is half bright white and half painted dark green, I am dreaming about the kitchen, I want to knock the wall down between these two rooms so bad, I dreamed about it last night! We have decided to go with a pale look, right now we have a real kitchen like space, and when we open it up, we want it to be more of a room, an extension of the dining room. Soooo, these are in my inspiration book, don't know where most of them are from, sorry, except for this one, from Design Sponge this morning, almost the exact same shade I was thinking of...

Monday, August 17

Home Lust

The paint color for the dining room is still up for grabs, the green was too dark, it looks kind of crazy in there right now, but I did repaint my office, and the kitchen, whew. Right now I am working on a new roof and ventilation, learning more about construction than I care about, but hey, isn't that what home ownership is all about?

What I am really here to say is, O and I are making a mood board of all the things we want for our lives, like a home in Spain, a family and a home large enough to have large parties with a great porch...not to mention and happy relationship and health, you know, all those basics. I started looking around, and I have house envy, what do you think? (Ok, how lame is this post, seriously, sheesh.)

This is an all American Four Square home, my personal fave, and prolific inside the city in certain areas here in Atlanta, not to mention my dream home, did I mention I like these homes?

Tuesday, August 4

This painting just changed my life

...seriously, I LOVE it, wow, hmmm, now I am inspired to do a triptych on wood....gotta go!

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