Tuesday, September 23


My shoes, same as my sisters, but light gray, on sale for $50 at Piperlime.

Monday, September 22

Little Paper Press

So last week, among other things, was the opening of the Little Paper Planes show over at Tinlark. I so wish I could have gone, but I was getting ready for surgery, y.u.c.k. Just look at that beautiful type on the wall, oh how whimsical!
Here are some photos via Kelly's flickr.
Each artist made a letterpressed print for the show and they are also available on the new Little Paper Planes site, it looks so pretty kelly.
Mine is a navy on cream colored stock available on LLP for $30, go check it out!

Tuesday, September 2


Has it been a week already? Golly, this weekend, O and I were very sick, bummer. I probably got sick because last week was unimaginably busy! I could hardly hold my head above water. I did, however manage to get a wedding dress. I will not bore you with the specifics of how I ended up waiting so long...ordering things and those things being the wrong color! ahh...

I also never thought I would wear a dress like this, but alas, it is perfect...
We also got O a suit, I have never seen him look so dapper! Not a fan of that yellow tie, I really have no idea about a shirt and tie. White and white, black and black, lavender and plum? I like purple with gray...I don't know.hmmm. any ideas?

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