Monday, March 31

Built by Wendy

Spring time at Built by Wendy! This may be one of my favorites yet. Oh, and have you seen this?

Tuesday, March 25

Austin Dreams

Well, Austin is the freaking coolest city! O and I loved it so much. I didn't take my camera, unfortunately, as I didn't have room, and I am very sorry, b/c everywhere I wanted to document something. Thank you all for your great tips and advice! We were mostly occupied with business, and when it was time to explore, we were so pooped, we didn't last long.

On the plane I read my newest Dwell mag, been saving it for the trip, so much faster when you have something good to read! Anyway, this article, and this amazing converted barn in New York has stayed with me, and I can't stop creating a future home like it in my brain...maybe in the beautiful hill country.

Monday, March 17

Austin Texas

O and I are going to Austin this week to scope out the city and see if we might like to set up shop there. Does anyone have any recommendations of things to see and places to stop and shop or check out? I would be so grateful for some insider tips.

Thursday, March 13

Hillery Rebeka Sproatt

Artist's books are so fun to look at. I love these by Hillery and I thought you might too.

Monday, March 10


Mav of Port2port, and Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day have collaborated and the wonderful result is Levitate/Sväva.

Silk screened images over photos to create a new, and wonderful artwork light and dainty but graphic and interesting too. Very small run, only 5 available.

$200 each.

Tuesday, March 4

Good Grace!

Great vintage inspiration over at etsy shop: Shop Good Grace.

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