Thursday, May 30

So me this morning!

Dear you,

Normally I don't post images that are not beautiful or personal. But I was just sitting in my kitchen, drooling on account of the three hours of sleep I had last night (jet lag, snoring husband, eating strange foods...)

Anyway. I canceled my workout appointment (miraculously I woke up early and emailed him from my phone, I have no recollection of this.) Then I woke up and ate a doughnut.

Ok. Two doughnuts. And some salad. I gotta get back on track dudes. Today I will get all of your orders out the door, you are welcome. And make a list for what is happening this coming week because I am ready to get going again.

Did I mention that I went to LA after I came home from New York? Like two days after?


Thursday, May 16

New York City

My traveling theme this spring is going strong, huh? I leave tomorrow for New York Design week. Looking forward to checking out ICFF, Surtex, and seeing friends, new work, cool new ideas and all the boring old shit too. I always use this time to check out some of my favorite museums and shops. Lots of walking and just being in the city makes me super happy.

Looking forward to introducing my friend Shari to the Neue Galerie and Cafe. Like heaven!

We happen to be staying at the same hotel as all of our girlfriends! The Jane.

Naturally I have to stop off at my other favorite place in NYC, Bemelmans.

Going to go visit my friend Alyssa's sister's macaroon shop in the village: Bisous Ciao

Naturally we have to spend a ridiculous amount of time at ABC...I used to go there almost every day when I worked in NYC, my office was right around the corner. I used to dream about being independent and come shopping there in the middle of the day...oh how times have changed!

May have to pop into the shoe department at Barneys...

I miss my Brooklyn too, going to hit up the Williamsburg Brooklyn Flea.

Been trying to hit up Eataly every time I go to New York, maybe I can see it this time.

Where is your favorite place to hit up in New York? Anything to suggest?

Monday, May 13

Beautiful People

This is so beautifully written, and I think no truer words have ever been written. Becoming a loving, gentle person is a true upside to misfortune. I hope that when I go, people will say that I was one of them.


Friday, May 10

Bermuda Biangle

48x60 inches. Its one of only two really big ones I have right now. I am having it scanned I think. What do you think? Prints??

Thursday, May 9

Could you live in a loft?

I kinda can't stop trolling over this listing for Simon Upton's loft in Notting Hill, London. (hello Julia Roberts could like totally come knocking on the door.) I love the all white, the tasteful, industrial touches like the metal railing, painted brick and concrete, the lucite? "so you don't fall from the bedroom" guard. Decor wise I like, kinda Hemingway - Out of Africa ish. I would personally need less clutter, but how bang'n is that huge wall orgy over the long console thingy? Epic.

If I lived here with O he would be constantly draping his old t-shirts over that lucite wall, and I would be constantly rolling my eyes at him for it.

I wish O would keep his office this neet. I think you might feel like you are coming off of a crack high if you saw it. I mean, all itchy and grossed out. Isn't that what crack is like?

This is that console thingy I was talking about. Love the black and white, reflection of the glass serving as texture, and the pop of red. The proportions...all great. Hate the fabric hanging though...and the rug. Not pictured is the private rooftop terrace. You had me at roof...the perfect spot for a place to chillax.

Wednesday, May 8


Um. Pretty awesome.

More beach inspiration

Everyone loves beachy colors. Any painting that has turquoise in it is a hit. I personally like the light, dusty pink next to the olive color, and the various shades of blue/green together. Beachy, but a bit more sophisticated.
I really loved the moody colors, boho patterns and laid back luxury of the outdoor grill at Soho Beach House. I think you can get the same feel from this color palette. I really love a peachy coral, especially mixed with cream and black. Note about black: never a straight black, always a mix of colors that eventually turn dark, but not black.

Tuesday, May 7

Donna Karan dress

Dear Universe,

Hi, its Michelle. Please give me the money to buy this dress. Like, just send cash in an envelope please, or if it has to be all in Pesos or something, whatever. Just...I promise to like always walk old ladies across the street, and never scowl at smelly homeless dudes and I will give thanks before every morsel of food from now on -even drive through fries. Dude, for real. Just please let me have this dress.


Soho Beach House

It was pretty awesome. I don't know what else to say on the matter, I mean. It would sound too braggy. Starting with our arrival at the Soho Beach House, and unexpected upgrade to an ocean front suite (holy shit it is beautiful, thank you sososo much SBH!), the stunning beaches, sunshine, attentive service, beautiful ground and decor, and hilarious people watching. It was an epic birthday. O and I will most certainly be back.

It feels like cheating to post pictures from instagram... But anyway I had to show you the stunning suite we stayed in. Everything was unique, and beautiful. I had to get my butt to the beach right away, so I didn't stick around to document every beautiful detail.

You know, these kinds of trips are so important to re-fuel, get away from the daily to-do list and come home with a fresh perspective; new colors and textures swimming around in your brain. The staggering in-box can be tackled with a little less of a chip on the shoulder. O and I are learning to simplify and he is teaching me that I actually need to travel around and experience places that I long to experience.

I have catalogued some of the things that I saw and liked. Lets go over them shall we? Seeing these images is reminding me how soothing it is to have ocean views out of every window, and to be able to hear the waves crashing, rhythmically and constantly. The hotel common areas were truly beautiful, but I wasn't able to snap any pics, they have a no phone/camera policy that they enforce.

Just two of the color inspiration images I took. I have more for later in the week.

Later this month I will be visiting New York for design week, and then LA for Jane's bachelorette weekend. I was a little nervous about all that "being away from the studio" but I decided that I wouldn't want to change it now, so I might as well loosen the ol butt-cheeks and enjoy it! Enjoy the freedom, because it won't last forever.

Also I was nervous that via instagram my life would seem so lux, so glamorous, so...expensive. But, I decided not to worry about that either. I mean, obviously I am only posting the beautiful, and the things I personally want to look at again, and remember. I have an instagram account because I figure that you all want to see that too, and I want to look at other creative's sources of daily inspiration too. Sometimes it can seem like a mystery, the way an artist lives, and her perspective on what she looks at, and surrounds herself with. Well, nothing this day and age is a mystery, but you know what I mean. I hope you all enjoy taking a peak and keep your "real life" perspective fresh and near.

I have been helping my mom with some design decisions, and it has helped me realize how differently our brains process information, and how we make decisions in general. When I explain why something works, her eyes light up when she sees it too. It has made me better at expressing what is inspirational to me, why I choose certain colors or textures or lines. I think its good to pass that along to you guys too. Hence the color palettes.

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