Saturday, July 30

Stuff no one needs, especially me...but is pretty anyway

Some things I love from Net-a-porter browsing late at night...

I always want stuff I see by Raquel Allegra, but this really intriguing to me. I know my mother is cringing "she looks like she is wearing a giant t-shirt and squatted into some bleach!" I can't help myself, I like it!

Who pays 2k for a frigg'n sweater! Go to hell sweater.
Come to momma big chunky sweater that will make me look 20 lb heavier...oh yeah, I am gonna stuff some tissues in those pockets. A fab fart blocker I can see too. This one gets a 10 from me, and about a 2 from O, winning one point cuz it is big enough for him to borrow, and one point for that fart thing.

Friday, July 29


Superb color story.

Thursday, July 28

Hump Day

Wednesday, July 27

Lulie Martin Paintings

Lulie Martin is one of the other artists that Gregg has in the gallery here in Atlanta, and I always check out her stuff when I am doing a drop off. I like her style, her colors too, they are so chic and happy. Some of my very favorite pieces of hers.

These all happen to be 36x36, one the easiest and best sizes. I think that last one has a perfect color palette, I am going to be totally inspired by that this week, alas I wanted it for my bedroom, but it was sold, so sad.  On a not sad note, I did buy the top one, Spring. I love those colors, I am totally having a love affair with peachy pink (like you and your momanem most likely) right now, and that pattern and the quirky lemon and texture in the blue shadow, it was just too cute.

Tuesday, July 26


54x54 inches. Huge!

Sunday, July 24

Rebecca Chair

I have loved this chair for a long time. Finally, it was a floor sample! AHA! A bunch of butts have broken it in for me, now she lives in our kitchen.

WHAT? Your Kitchen? Yes, shit, don't yell.

O said we had to have a chair in the kitchen (for him to lounge in while I cook, or for me to sprawl myself out and sigh repeatedly and heavily while he is mixing me a drink). So I accepted an Ikea chair in there for a few months, but enough is enough already. There are a lot of places to sit in our home, we take our lounging quite seriously.

Friday, July 22

Serena and Lily Bazaar

Fun! I recognize my painting there, hi little buddy.

Don't forget to check out the Serena and Lily Bazzar to scoop stuff up before it goes. Also there are new things available at Gregg Irby, next post.


So I am putting the first touches of love on the studio these days, and I ended up choosing the Atoll Mirror from Ballard Designs for over my desk. It came to the house and I was so excited I unwrapped it asap. I kinda love the antiqued glass look. It is sitting in our bedroom right now.

I ended up buying it from the Florida retailer, b/c online they are not available until late October, poop. Have a nice weekend loosers.

Wednesday, July 20


So my computer at the studio has started acting strange, and as I wait for some back up equipment, I have to blog at home, on the lapton, on the kitchen island. (I am there right

I love this dress, isn't it neeto? I am totally obsessed with it!

Monday, July 18

Ok, even more new work now. Do you ever get the feeling like you just take in so much information that your brain aborts mission and...I think my brain hit the eject button and is now gone forever....

Saturday, July 16

I painted some more folks, go check out the new batch. Also, I am sexifying the studio, can't wait to show you how it looks so far...stay tuned.

Sunday, July 10

New paintings are available now

Go check out the store lovely people.

Tuesday, July 5


My first day in the new studio! Really digging the energy here.

Meet Pablo, my studio assistant. I got him as a Christmas ornament, but he arrived well after the holidays, so I kept him around to chill with me. Pablo likes strong coffee, long walks in the woods on a cool day, crispy pizza with extra cheese, and me of course. We get along so well!

He and I are going to go grab some coffee and have a chat about what needs to happen next for us, we have big plans!

Friday, July 1

Commission Love

Two sweet sisters commissioned paintings from me earlier this year, and they turned out great. Mostly because they both love their paintings, and I love having happy clients, it feels great.

Isn't she adorable! She had her piece framed, it looks great there too.

Big sister Mary's house.

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