Monday, June 30


Back from the beach, it was so great to get away, we relaxed so much that I left my purse in a bathroom and the lovely people at Seaside had to ship it back to me, now that is what I call professionalism. I didn't take so many photos...I wish I had more.

Friday, June 20


Off to the beach to celebrate O's big bday...see you soon

Monday, June 16

Eno Henze

I apologize for the lack of posts, summer is making me misty-eyed and lazy. I am inspired by so much sun and flowers and growth and life now, that these computer generated, brilliant pieces seem more fresh to me than ever. I wold love to see this up close.

Monday, June 9


Inspiration in my trash can, and around. Things are slow around here, I had some little-bitty surgery and now I need lots and lots o rest.

Tuesday, June 3

A Coco by any other name

I am finally taking Coco to school for manners, actually I am the one doing all the learning, Coco, it seems just needs boundaries. Who knew! Anyway, it made me realize that we really don't call her Coco, I have this thing with nicknames, I have so many for O, he kind of just responds to anything that doesn't sound like a real word.

Her names so far are: Cokie, Cocopuffs, Corarella, Coco Channel, Cocs, Munchi, Cosco (thats from my mom), Cokie Pokes, Coca-ma-Pokes, Cocatron, Cocen-tokes, Cokie Poo, Budja Budja and Burf-Burf. Whew!

My nicknames are few in comparison, Michi, Meeps and Moops, unless it is my mom saying my name then it could be anything, Michu, get the picture. We aren't the only ones right? you do this too?

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