Wednesday, May 21


I kept getting linked over to Chairish from other blogs like Little Green Notebook but I was too impatient to stick around and really see what was on offer. Since then I have wised up and I have bought some very nice things from there including a totally rad abstract folded paper on mirror crazy awesome piece of art, and a pair of perfectly colored, aged and be-tassled Moroccan ottomans that even the ol husband loves. Pictures to come.

I like to just take a mental break from answering emails or dealing with details to let the awesomeness wash me out between the ears. Lets see what I have found shall we?

Proportions, amazing. Color, stunning. Price, no brainer.

Martha Ceccio Signed Acrylic Painting- After Dusk. $850.

I love this for layering!

Grey Elephant painting by Joseph L. Klein. $2800.

Um, hawt. Maybe change out the feet. Pale blue pillows. No! Lavender, silk...

1970's Deco loveseat. $425

Also this, and this. Its nice when they don't match.

Lets see, what else? This sexy fucker for one.

Or this lovely rare blue persian... Why all the red folks? I like seeing softer colors, and this one looks like it has rockets on it. Nice.

I would put a plant on this guy sooo hard!

Seriously. Put him in a corner under a window and just put a huge plant on him, something crazy with wild arms and maybe do some googly eyes because you can never turn your back on a cactus folks.

Tuesday, May 13

Trouvé Magazine is here!

You can snag this sexy little magazine right here. This first volume is centered around the theme "beginnings." We are all in a state of beginning, all the time. At least I feel like I am. Always learning something new, and for me the very beginning of a new adventure is the tastiest. And its the rush that I always remember. Its a bit mushy for me because my home is featured in this volume, and its a nest that O and I are fluffing and readying for our own new beginning: parenthood. Thank you so much to Amanda talented, hard working editor, Paige my favorite photog both for her astounding talent and her deep soul, and Beth cute, funny, insightful, genuine, crazy talented!

Thats my sofa! I am on the cover! teehee. Annnnnyway. So. Follow Trouvé on instagram here.

***click on the picture, it will grow bigger, and you can read the text!***

But really the best news is that I have a gift for one four lucky readers! A free, beautifully packaged copy of volume one of Trouvé (you just hold down the option key, it makes an accent, then you type the letter, in this case "e"... I knew you were wondering. Your are welcome).

Leave a comment on this theme to enter to win a copy of Trouvé:

For me, my home is my experimentorium. I love to move everything around (in fact, since these photos were taken, I have changed quite a bit, taken down all of the art so that I might hang it all back up again! Its too much fun to do just once for pete's sake.) Its like a fresh new beginning every time I do, and I love how it changes the energy of our space, and watching how it makes us live differently is crazy fun and fascinating to me and probably only me :) Alas! What is your most important new beginning this year? It doesn't have to be about your home though. 

Ok, so please note that this post is very selfish, and its all about my house! HA! Please do check out more form the mag right here, you will be happy that you did.

Wanna see some more?

All photography by Paige French. You know what? Since these pictures were taken, we have changed a bit around in our house. Mostly b/c we are adding some to the kitchen, and we re-arranged the bedroom. Well, I did it, while O was at the gym, and he came home and surprise! Its all different. I will show you guys when its all done, mkay? Now. Enter to win a copy damnit.

Thursday, May 8

Name this Painting

Lets play the Name Game! I am finished with this one down here. Its a mixed media watercolor effect piece on 48x60 canvas. I want to frame this bad boy so much! This is a game that I like to play on instagram a lot, so go ahead and follow me if you wanna play. I have never given any prizes before, but I think that I will start offering a print of the piece in question. Right? Got your nips a tinglin?

Rules: Not what it looks like to you (A Ballerina's Majesty) eye roll. Those kinds of names me no likey. Also, I like phrases, and you gotta know this by now...quirk!

I do have other news, like I am working on moving my blog over to another, better, younger, hotter blog mommy with a tighter kapooter. Lets see what else? Oh, next round of renovations are happening at our house this summer. So I am going to be showing you guys that, and I am designing a kitchen island (its not really an island, or a peninsula, more like a bay. Yup, a Kitchen Bay). So in honor of said renovations I moved around a bunch of furniture, of course. Things look different, in a good way and I can't wait to show you that either! What else? A framing tutorial, a potential new art show this summer too. I have to buy a new car b/c the Golden Buddha (my 2001 gold minivan, sexxxxxyyyyy) doesn't have any seats in it and I am not about to Britney Spears my kid around on my lap. So. Mov'n on up to a used something with leather seats in the sky. Thats enough right? Sure it is.

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