Friday, August 31

Feeling blue

There are a bunch of new 18x18 pieces in the shop right now. I am loving blue!

Down the Pub

Do you read me?

Tuesday, August 28

More prints at OKL

Hiya folks. One Kings Lane is having another great emerging artist's sale today. There are tons of new prints by me, on canvas. These are really great quality, made in the USA prints. Quite a good deal too.

Check it out here!

Thursday, August 23

Design Sponge Toolbox

Thank you Ginny and Grace at Design Sponge for writing about me and my paintings. I am like totally blushing over here.

Wednesday, August 22

I want

Holly hell I want short hair again!

Oh...wait. I changed my mind.

Sunday, August 19

12x12 are back!

There are a bunch of new 12x12, and 18x18 paintings in the shop starting now. This is my last batch of 12x12 btw.

I also have a bunch of new prints!

Magic, 13x13.5

Kitty, 13x13.5

Black, 13x13.5

Last Minute, 13x13.5

00011, 13x13.5

Thursday, August 16

Tuesday, August 7

Just talking about clothes again

So I am not buying clothes right now, and I don't plan on investing in any new pieces anytime soon. However, I have been building up my clothing pinterest board with classic looks that I can turn to for inspiration when the time comes. I find that I never know what to buy, or I guess I never know what to wear. I think perhaps I should just pick a look I like, for example: Dark jeans, graphic pattern t-shirt, cropped jacket, small shoulder bag with great hardware, funky boots (like those down there...drool.) Ok, so then I pick that look, and just copy it with what I have in my closet. I think thats how you do it right? B/c I can't seem to figure it out without straight up plagiarizing.

Distressed dark jeans and a sweater that shows a lot of collar bone. Good look.

These boots are insane.

So are these. I would love a reason to say "You know, every woman needs a pair of bright, graphic statement heels." But alas, I never have occasion to wear them.

This I love for the denim skirt trend, and the man's shirt. Styled perfectly here. This whole look is so very chic. I would personally have paired it with sturdier shoes, but I am basically an oaf on heals, so I need them to be strong.

I have been looking for a cute, cropped leather jacket for almost a year. Either I can't afford it, or it isn't just right.

I need someone to teach me how to accessorize like this! This girl knows exactly what works on her, and she is tearing it up with this outfit here.

Lastly, I would love a classic, sexy black dress. Something so well made, so stunning of fabric and cut that I feel like a million bucks wearing it. I mean. WOW.

Friday, August 3


I am so glad its Friday afternoon right now. This week has been a shit tornado. I know it is a pain when bloggers say that, and don't elaborate, but I don't feel like it, so there. The highlight was certainly a panic attack while I was driving on 400 (Atlantans all gasp in sympathy) and somehow ended up someplace I didn't know, and had to call O to get me out of it. Now that has not happend to me since high school (when I drove to the airport during rush hour and was so panicked that I peed myself in the parking lot after I got out of the car). Luckily I kept the peepee under wraps this time.

I also just finished my first at home workout since I got the sickness a month or so ago. It sure took me a while to get back into it. I was shaking so hard I couldn't get my legs over my head for my standard pilates workout. I have to claw my way back damnit!

Tonight friends are coming over and we are going to take a stroll to our favorite mexican place and chill out. My ideal Friday night activity.

Peace out.

Wednesday, August 1

Me on the Toolshed

Check out Toolshed.

Several months ago the awesome Michelle Toole contacted me and we did a fun interview. We met when she visited my studio, looking for art for her home. We had a nice chat, and kept in touch.

Favorite Musician: "Raul. Ok, he is imaginary, but my husband and I invented this famous Tambourine Soloist one day when we were at a restaurant where the sound system was so bad all you could hear of the music on the system was the clanky Tambourine. He wears all fringed outfits, so they move around while he dramatically plays the…..tamourreeeeeen. He also wears eye linner and a lot of turquoise rings on his playing hand. Oh, and probably some high healed boots. His recent album cover features just him, mid jump, fringe akimbo and his tambourine placed strategically over his…instrument. He recently was on the cover of Rolling Stones doing a spoof of the Lady Gagga cover, but with old timey pistols…I could go on."

My studio doesn't look like this anymore, I changed it all around. This area up there is my painting spot, and I have a huge easel now.

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