Monday, November 24

I am back

Honestly, it still has not hit me that I am Mrs. O right now, but I guess it will right? I don't get the professional photos back until after Christmas, we had a fun filled photo shoot in Atlanta's oldest park, on a chilly day, it was perfect. I can't wait to see those images. If you want to see more, go here.

Friday, November 14

Getting Married

See you in a week....

Sunday, November 9


A little looky-loo into the last week of wedding planning, minus the boxes all over the place, our Kramer (and new addition to our household for the foreseeable future, hi Carson), the anxious doggy or the zit cream...

click to make it bigger

From top left: vintage millinery flowers; don't have time to make the bed; real make-up for grown-ups, finally.
vintage sweater from eBay, Nickolas Niel silk flower pin; shoes with handmade vintage velvet bow;
more vintage millinery flowers; wedding toppers; more flowers; monogrammed programs.

Thursday, November 6

Emma and Michael

Well, I was over at A Cup of Jo this morning and wouldn't you know it, I see the cutest wedding in t'arnation! Emma and Michael (also cute names, the cuteness just keeps coming too, so be prepared). They are having so much fun! Don't you just wanna be friends with her! And her dress is so perfect, I wish I knew where she got that little baby. See more photos here...

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