Monday, April 30

Design for the other 90%

The Cooper Hewitt is having a exhibit I wanted to share with you guys. Design for the Other 90% is about how great design can improve not just an ordinary household item, but an item that will improve quality of life in a more profound way. I studied these kinds of projects in undergrad when I was studying International Affairs, and these kind of amazing designs inspired me to study graphic design. The Opera and branding is a far cry from this kind of truly meaningful design, but I am getting there. This is called the Life Straw, a mobile and personal water purification unit. The exhibit is on view May 4-Sept. 23 of this year.

Friday, April 27

Sooo, since my birthday is coming up (this Tuesday the 1st!) I am just putting it out there, mom, and anyone else...I really like this ring holder from sure is nice and affordable. Just thought I would let that hang out...Seriously though, this is really cute, if you are like me, and you have all of your jewelry displayed on plates and well, your collection of porcelain pieces, then this is a really perfect addition to the ol' collection. Grace posted about Doe today and I think she even go this little beauty, so jealous!

Jacob Whibley

I really like this collage. Very soothing blocks of color and subtle texture, these are surprisingly difficult to make this well. I would hang this on a wall covered with vintage, but still bold wallpaper to challenge those geometric shapes. Check out Jacob's work here.


I just got the latest Blueprint, I always get my mail late but at least now I am getting it! I had to share these photos of Joelle Hoverson's pad from Purl Soho and Purl Fabrics. All of the pieces in her home are one of a kind, and she even uses the fabrics she sells so beautifully. I love the nursery for the little girl she is adopting from China, how sweet.
If you haven't already done so, you must subscribe to this little hottie right now! At least check out the blog.

Wednesday, April 25


HI! Megan over at Presslings, and her super fun blog has introduced a cute new letterpress card. And turtles have a special place in my heart, they are just as cute as can be. I love her logo too, and she has a new design website so check it out.

Green Grass Design

I have been such a bad blogger lately, sorry. I am still working out how to work a 9-5, freelance and blog...kinda tricky. I did want to share this beautiful vase though, I think it would look amazing stuffed with sea grass, all tall and striking.

Thursday, April 19

Outdoor Rooms

I miss nature. I want to be outside. Here are my favorite inspiration images.

Monday, April 16

Lusting to wear sexy sandals

Le Tain Bleu is a place I learned about through other bloggers a while ago, and I go back to check out the new stuff every once in a while, as all of you who live in the North East know, the weather has been torrential lately, I was so cold today, I actually got pissed off, but that is beside the point, I want these, and I want a reason to squiggle my pink toes in them!

Elements of Style

Abraham Lincoln was my very first crush, my friends all know this about me, because in a sense, I still am in love with him. I can't help myself, I just dig him so damn much! Plus, I love this illustration from The Elements of Style illustrated by Maira Kalman. Such a fresh and lively style, it makes me happy.

Elephant Love

I adore Elephants so much, I always have. In school I did a 250 page book about them! This ring kills me, it almost looks childish but also strangely cool. Old Cities estate jewelry is a great place to troll around for unique things like this, you can scoop it up for $250!

Spring dresses

This weekend I enjoyed Saturday's great weather and shopped around the Slope, I found so many beautiful dresses, and it seemed like a lot of the ones I really liked were from Mayle, so I will be dreaming of these today as I pull on my wellies and trudge to work. I was in fact so inspired that I am making a dress of my own, so far it is going well, I will post when I am done.

Wednesday, April 11

Found Art

This kind of thing inspires me so much, I love it! Some day in my studio I want to have an entire wall full of beautiful wooden frames filled with found art like this, so I can sit back and enjoy everyones brilliance as a collective. Photo from Sammybee's flickr pool. :)

Heidi Merrick

Some people are just good at what they do, this post is about two ladies. One, Jessica of Shinny Squirrel always finds awesome new designers and I usually like every one of them, so good at mucking through the crap and pulling some real pearls out. She recently talked abut Heidi Merrick and so, naturally I checked her out, and I fell in love. These pieces are so rich and textured and they seem like they tell a sweet story, one that I would like to play in for a while. I can't afford one of these dresses willy-nilly, at almost $500 a pop, but I can save up for one, and I think I most certainly will!

Working Girl

Going to work today, I start my new job a Lincoln Center Met today, woohoo. I realised this morning that I have nothing to wear, of course. I will be dreaming of an outfit that goes with this room from Making It Lovely blog. Nicole and her husband bought a new house and they are showing their decorating adventures! I just love the bedroom, it would make a killer outfit!

Tuesday, April 10

Craft Contraption

Yesterday I spend an hour on the train (thank you MTA!) to get to a Fabric store that I read about online, Fabric-Save-A-Thon, essentially it is the Big Lots of fabric, I was pretty disappointed until I realised that they also sell hot glue guns, buttons (super cheep!) hair birds and jars and well, an assortment of crafty-girl essentials. I lugged a huge bag home and proceeded to turn this ugly Walmart computer cabinet into my craft and art supply super-center. First paint (it took almost a week!) then corking the inside of the doors with leftovers from another project, I do hate waste, and then fabric. I also made sweet little fabric tacs that I learned about via How About Orange. The bib pattern and the funky little post card are from Mr Monkeysuit, she so kindly sent me the pattern after I admired a bib that she made and posted. I am very excited to make some bibs for my new niece, and hey, I can post those when I am done too! O says my cabinet looks like a cheery little man, I must say I agree.

Also, this I got this little bird too, (three for one dollar!) he keeps me company now :)

Monday, April 9

I am so inspired!

Via Yvestown flickr set, I see this. Now I am inspired, I am planning a little project of my own, and I will post pictures when I am finished! Oh fun. Well, I am off to the fabric store, grocery shopping...getting the house fixed up b/c on Wednesday I start a new job at the Metropolitan Opera here in NYC! Fun things.

Flea Market Rug

This rug is so cool! I found out about Atelier Blink via Bloesem.
I was just telling O all about Sevilla, and one of my favorite things is the gypsy markets on early Sunday Mornings where you can find Camel hide lamps and chandelier parts and antique tiles, so many treasures. This rug totally reminds me of those long mornings spent carefully tip-toeing around the displays...ahhhhh, nice memories.

I love the Sartorialist

How cool does this couple look! Check out more pics from NYC's Easter Parade at the Sartorialist.

Friday, April 6

Spring Inspiration

Yellow is my favorite colour, this photo makes me want to bake a blueberry pie, one because flaky crust is yellow in my mind, and blue berries look so beautiful when the are all cooked up, dark violet and deep blue and that complements yellow so well. (and the bag is from Target!)

Photo by Stephanie of Little Birds Handmade

My kind of Reception

I say, skip the ceremony and have one hell of a reception! I love the idea of a super lavish picnic, outdoors but with the style and sophistication of a ballroom affair. These photos are from Elegant Bride, they have a nice gallery section, with lots of beautiful photography.

Thursday, April 5

Nobody move!

Dude! it is freaking snowing! SNOWING, what the hell man...maybe if we stay really still, it will go away....nobody move....
This photo is from Lena Corwin, on a walk in Fort Green, nice.

In anticipation of Spring...

I have decided to spruce things up a bit at home, so I am going to make some new roman shades for the three street facing windows, my office and our bedroom. (O says the shades I have now, which I retro-fitted to our windows look like a 90 year old's boobs, and I confess, they do, they have got to get a lift!) I chose this really nice geometric 70's fabric from, and this Denyse Schmidt flea market floral for our two small buckwheat pillows...yummy. Yellow for the bedroom and oatmeal for the office. I will post pictures when I am done.

Wednesday, April 4

Blog Love

I just love this photo of "Lady A" from Soul Mama's blog. I catch up with her and her beautiful family about once a week, and always feel like I didn't get enough of her crisply composed photographs and insightful, thoughtful words about her life and her family. I just had to share this sweet little snap shot, enjoy.

Stina Persson

I love Stina Persson's illustration style, very fluid and so cool. I really love her campaign for Lillet, so girlie but super sophisticated, plus, that type! How beautiful! Check out her online portfolio here...Cheers. Also, please excuse the sporadic posting, I am under a tight deadline, so work, work, the weather has been cloudy here in NYC, and I am just less productive when there isn't nice sunshine and birds chirping!!

Tuesday, April 3

My new happy place

So, this month's domino is following me around the house, as in, I take it around with me so I can gaze at my favorite picture whenever I need a break from working...this couch in this room is my new happy place. Allow me to explain, I have designed an entire apartment in my head around this little corner and I love it, it is my dream working girl couch and all. I just love this, although in reality, I would have chosen something with straighter lines to pink-up...O will not let me have a pink couch though, so, for now it is just in my mind and heart!

Monday, April 2

Maija Fiebig

I love this painting! Grace posted about Maija Fiebig this morning, and I had to share the love. You can see more of her work over at her website. I am so drawn to pink and bold pattern lately, and this painting has such a dreamy quality that would be so nice to just look at for a long time. I am up to my ears in paint today, trying to finish more paintings, starting a new job...and doing some home repairs that involves even more paint.

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