Saturday, July 28

Shiny Squirrel

My prints are all ready to go off to Jessica at Shiny Squirrel. These prints are of original oil on canvas paintings, printed on matte, acid free, archival paper. Each print is in an edition of 20. Thanks Jessica for asking me to be a part of your exciting adventure! Please stop by the Shiny Squirrel in October and check it out.

As always, click on the image for a larger view :)

Friday, July 27

See you soon

Going to be out of commission for a while, at least a week and a half. Unfortunately I pulled my neck yesterday and spent the entire day in bed! I hate that, I am so restless and I just feel useless when I can't at least work a little. So, since our house is a complete disaster while we pack, I don't have a proper bed and boy was I dreaming about how a beautiful bedroom to be confined in would make me feel oh so much better.

I would upholster the wall behind the bed like this Domino editorial, that bedding is beautiful and perfectly simple for a flowery backdrop, but use the Hoffman bed from Room and board, and also the Saarinen side table...yummy. And the rider lamp from CB2. Add a side Chair and a desk...more lighting for the desk and a floor lamp, and I don't mind staying in bed all day, I like a room with texture like the upholstered bed, that throw, the marble table and stainless steel and polished coper, they look much less harsh against that beautiful floral. It is hard to see the splash of bright blue in that pattern, but that little touch makes that pattern modern enough to play with the other modern elements in the room.

So I will see you next week, btw, do any of you have any experience living in a loft? O and I are looking at some lofts in Atlanta for live/work, any advice? Wanna see?

Wednesday, July 25

Ready to go!

My package is all ready to ship for the Book Swap!

Tuesday, July 24

Worldly Inspiration

My friend Alev just got back form a solo around the world tour, how cool is that! I thought I would share some photos of Santorini, Greece. Looks brilliant doesn't it.

Sunday, July 22

Help me with my final summer purchase

OK, going to buy one more dress for summer, than can transition into fall, b/c since I am going to be living in Atlanta, and fall is very mild, I can wear one for longer. These are my choices, what do you think?

Double Chocolate dress, Anthropologie, the least expensive option.

Mociun Tie Dress, been wanting this for a while. It is available in other patterns.

Sophia Dress from Lola y Maria, also been wanting this for a while.

Friday, July 20

Grace Sun

This would be my version of the Annie Hall look. By Grace Sun, really beautiful, rich fall colors and textures.

Wednesday, July 18

Orange Camper Beautiful?

I love these shoes, I just had to swipe them off of Orange Beautiful, I love that it looks like a school boy drew on them with blue ink. Camper stores are one of the many things I miss about Spain.

Tuesday, July 17

Love and Death

Work by Damien Correll as seen in Faesthetic.


Images form the archives of Eley Kishimosto. So inspiring as I do some research for patterns.

Thursday, July 12

Ernesto Caivano

Ernesto Caivano is brilliant. He was my first post, but I think I want share his work again. I love the idea of an epic, narrative theme to his work. These characters travel and there are battles and space travel too. His work is so dreamy yet strangely dark too.


Tag, I am it. OK, I have been tagged by Ma Vie en Rose.
I have to expose 7 dirty secrets, I mean, 7 regular secrets about myself and then tag 7 other unsuspecting blog-a-teers. Prepare to be shocked and awed!

1. I LOVE Abraham Lincoln, ever since I was a kid. I read every book I can about him, he is my role model.

2. Just like my tagger, Halloween was my fave holiday growing up. Any excuse to make funny noises and wear make-up. Once I was a cranky pregnant lady, and my brother was Watson, but everyone thought we were a couple, and once I was Carol Burnett.

3. I think of design in terms of problem solving, and I would like to work in a medium that distills that issue to it's most basic parts, pure and simple.

4. I hate cats, like if I see one from across town, my skin crawls. (but I am never mean to them)

5. When I am stressed I design things in my head, I even have my dream workshop in there, and I also created my dream apartment, and I remodel a lot, so much cheaper in my imagination.

6. I kinda wish I had gone to culinary school and become a personal chef.

7. I have Synesthesia, it means I associate all numbers and letter forms with colors, also emotions have colors and so forth. That is how I do math 6 is teal and 4 is violet and I just know they make 10 b/c of those two colors, I don't even think about the number 10. I can remember phone numbers I dialed 5 years ago just by thinking about the key pad and the colors. Crazy.

OK, I tag, Poof Your a Frog, Bloesem, Happy Cavalier, Hoping for Happy Accidents, Silk Felt Soil, Inside Design, Lena Corwin.

Wednesday, July 11

Buy it, save me!

Somebody buy this please! It is very sweet and modern, would look great with a big long table or across from couch in a living room. $375, Apartment Therapy classified.

Monday, July 9


Wow, what a beautiful portrait by etsy artist Volkstricken. I love the detail, This would look beautiful in a deep light wood frame, I just love it. I found it via Brownerbrown.

Thursday, July 5

New Town Home

My really cool aunt just bought a new town house in Atlanta, and it is about 3 times as big as the condo she was living in before, so she is looking for a new look, grown-up sized furniture and bold color. I thought you guys could offer suggestions since you are all so savvy.
I created two color explorations, the first one is bold like her but still feminine. This is the other one, it is more refined and I am thinking adding a little glamor to her mostly Scandinavian furniture and look. I will explore that color scheme next week.
I say lets start with the foyer, it a small hallway with the kitchen just off to the left when you walk in. Natural light doesn't reach this area so I suggest installing an interesting pendant, bold paint color and/or an intriguing coat rack or hooks.

Maybe for a more feminine look she could hang a large piece of plywood covered in fabric or wallpaper and scatter some hooks on that for a more romantic look.

This image from Blueprint is exactly what I mean, except instead of the entire wall, wallpaper a large sheet of plywood and lean it or hang it on the wall, just in case she gets sick of it and wants to change it out.
The color should move int the kitchen and also to the bar kick-back. I love the idea of having this shot of color seen from the living room. I wish we could paint her ceilings but they aren't smooth, so we have to stick to the walls. She could also cover the kick-back wall with a stainless steal sheet like a back-splash, or just paint that part and leave the rest of the kitchen neutral.Now lets tackle the living room, she has an neutral couch that I like, but it may be too small for this space, if she were to buy a new one, I suggest this one. A light but interesting coffee table...

Dark color for the walls, or maybe just one accent wall, some bright pillows, and a rug.

And storage that hides all of the millions of books she has, to minimize a cluttered look, I like this image from Decor8's flickr. Maybe two of these side by side? I want to say this unit is from Target, does anyone know?One of my favorite features of her living room, is this little nook off to the right of her fireplace, I think it would make the perfect desk area, with built in shelves and a beautiful accent chair. This image is great, except without the doors and not quite so wide, more cozy than this. Image from Decor8's flickr.There is also a large window, about 7 feet tall, and she wants a flowy, feminine look. I personally think she needs more structure than she thinks, so I offer a crisp roman shade in cloth like this one from PBteen (it is on sale!) but I would iron on a ribon around the trim in a solid color.Can't forget to add a festive throw pillow. Next week I will make a post for her dining room and bathroom. But this is what I was thinking for her bedroom...

Tuesday, July 3

Fly me to the moon

(I promise I will stop with the silly post titles soon, I am feel'n silly lately) While I was in Atlanta, I had a lovely lunch with my mom and O's mom Linda, and she gave me this beautiful moon-stone necklace as a gift from her trip to England. I think it is so beautiful, I just had to share!

Can't bind my love

I just ordered a few M.O. Binders from See Jane Work...I already had one in Moss, so I copied myself and I have spent the last hour watching old Simpson's episodes and organizing my magazine clippings into plastic pages...Since we are moving soon, I am trying to consolidate all my magazines, I have enough saved from this year to build a room full of furniture, into smart little binders. Just in case you were wondering, that is the definition of anal.

New Paintings coming soon

OK, so etsy is also coming soon, but I am working on some other things right now, If you haven't heard, Shinny Squirrel boutique will be opening can look for my prints there soon!

Monday, July 2

Summer Bag

From ModCloth, by Mark Allen Miller, fully lined, it does laundry and also covers for you when you forgot about a dentist appointment, truly a stellar summer bag. $27

This is on sale for $17, it does not have any powers, but it is dern cute.

Sunday, July 1

Bed Jumping

Yah, this is the coolest.

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