Friday, December 28

New Work

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday! And we still have more to go, how cool. I sure have been busy, and if you check out my Etsy store, you can see why! I have uploaded a few new paintings and they will also soon be available at Beholder art as well. I am going to get some prints going, but until then, If you want a print of any painting, let me know.

Monday, December 17


HA! Bah Humbug. Anyway, I made some jewelry for Christmas gifts so I thought I would whip up some for me, since the blue ones I had before got stolen :(. And they are hanging out on a new painting in the works. Stay tuned for some exciting news regarding my paintings.

Going to be out of town until after Christmas, have a very happy holliday!

Friday, December 14


Thank goodness it is Friday! I decided to celebrate by having some fun craft time before I get back to work, so this morning I whipped up some napkins from some fat quarters that my mom and I got at Purl Soho last year. They were just sitting around, waiting for me to make something from them, so here they are. I put two quarters back to back, cropped, and sewed them together with a french hem so they are nice and neat. Now I need a dinner party to use them!

Thursday, December 13


Ohhh beautiful Vietnamese table cloth over on Bloesem's etsy site.
34x63 inches, $29.00

I love love love it!

Tuesday, December 11

Bjork Antikt

Oh if only I had a few grand to throw at some furniture...The way our home is set up, the front door opens right onto the living room, so we made that room a sitting area and a dinning room, the real "dining room" is our living room, in the heart of the house. It works great. But I have been dreaming of some nice furniture in the sitting area by the fire place.

These items are located in Atlanta on eBay store Bjork Antikt, 100% positive feedback, and they have really beautiful things. Zebra love seat $1,450.00
Swedish settee with new fabric...sigh $2,750.00

Monday, December 10

Note's Ink

Oh how exciting, Leigh from Notes Ink and Found, now home has some of her adorable cards at Anthropologie!

Wrapping paper

Even though the temps here in Atlanta reached the 70s this weekend! I got into the Christmas spirit and made some wrapping paper. I put the finished gifts on top of the mantle since you can't even see them under the tree. I had so much fun, I used rubber stamps that I made a few days ago. If you want to learn how to carve stamps, check out the Make Workshop.

Tuesday, December 4


There are a lot of beautiful prints over at Beklina, not to mention a sale of up to %30 off! I love the new Mociun print, orange and blue, yummy.

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