Tuesday, April 29

La Criatura : Pinterest is my Therapist

This weekend O and I went to our first seminar about adoption. It was three hours of head nodding, chuckling, asking questions, meeting adorable babies and trying not to cry. We are excited but I am coming to find out that I may not be able to be as open about our process while we are going through it, as I thought I would. There are rules I didn't know about. I will clarify this later, when I have more deets. The gist of my post is though, that O and I are finally ready to do this. I am kinda freaking out, kinda excited, dreaming about chubby baby legs and also did I mention kinda freaked out? Getting so serious about becoming a mom has forced me to face some of my issues with myself and what motherhood means in my mind, and in reality.

Above: Tiny Overlord? I love it so much! Hilarious. Directly above: Fist bumps?! For real? I like remembering that when its my own family I can be as irreverent, goofy and fun loving as I want!
Quirky, beautiful, high design for children! Yes please. No childish furniture? Still visually stimulating and not gender specific. Dying.
Lets get therapisty: Growing up I always felt a lot of pressure to blend in. Like, you better become like everyone around you or you are being rude, and bitchy. My perception of motherhood was that its basically the end of a woman's individual life. She will be begging her husband to help her in the home, and have no more time for her job. She will accept this fate because its a woman's duty but she must stuff down any other feelings because they aren't right. As I grew older, I mostly remember baby showers, and visiting new moms at home. I remember over-air conditioned but somehow still musty church basements, lots of Publix white cakes and chilled gelatin salad. Fleshy, pale mothers gifting lots of pink, ruffly, squeaking, cartoon festooned items and I felt so much anxiety thinking that I would be that woman one day. Suffocating in a pile of pink. Soft chuckling around me at sexist jokes about daddy duty and how my life is over now...I...can't...breath! 

Lets take a moment to remember motherhood is so different in other cultures. This is beautiful to me, I love it and I turn to it in my mind when I feel the silly pressures of my urban, overly tech driven life.

 It just isn't who I am. I am not a woman in that basement. For a long time I thought it truly meant that I would never have children but I am a grown up now, and I make my own choices about what works for me in all aspects of my life. Still, it is deeply ingrained in me that I am an ungrateful, elitist snob if I reject what others accept and put up boundaries for myself. So my solution is to replace those images in my mind that scare me, with images of what I aspire to as a mom. You know, focusing on what I wan't instead of running from what I don't want. Building up a foundation instead. This way when I panic I can remember that there is this other scene I can focus on. I know that once I actually have a child, my energy will shift toward the connection I make with that human, but right now I don't understand that aspect of it, and I am focusing on what I feel looking into motherhood from the outside. 

I like this image because its playful and I wanna be dressed and have my hair did, at least once.

You mean it can be simple without toys and bright "baby appropriate" colors? No digital music? No motor? Does this come in a grown up size?
 I would like to be the same imperfect me but with a baby. No expectations piled up upon my shoulders except to love a new child, to grow with them and evolve into a family as graciously and tenderly as possible. To accept myself and my quirks, to celebrate the unknown and to not judge ladies in basements, but to wave cheerfully to them as I pass by. Every time I add a photo to my album I reinforce the growth of who I want to be but already am, and I shed that confused person who didn't know she could create her own reality a long time ago. Lordy that is melodramatic, but true also. Wait. Does that mean that every time I post an image of a perfect dressed, skinny woman with expensive accessories that I get to be her too? HAHAH! I am kidding. Sadly kidding.

I am so curious about your perceptions about being a parent, and did that change once it happened for you? Was it exactly like you thought? How did you make it your own experience? Did you have pressure from family or community to conform to something you didn't feel comfortable with? How is actual motherhood, culturally, different from how it seemed when you were a kiddo?

Monday, April 21

Julie Cohn Jewelry

Its a drop dead gorgeous day here in Atlanta and I am in the studio doing stuff and enjoying the sunshine and the energy I get from a beautiful day. My friend Michelle is here using the studio to shoot her stunning jewelry, and we were chatting about designers we like. She introduced me to Julie Cohn Jewelry and I have spent like an hour drooling over everything in her store. First though, below is an image of my favorite fig necklace from Michelle, and then after that notice that I am wearing it when I was photographed for Trouvé Magazine. (I chose that image b/c you can see my Alexis Bittar earrings. Similar ones here.)

Ok, so moving on to Julie! How stunning are these pieces? You all know how crazy I am for jewelry, its seriously a joy for me to find something that strides the line with a texture I can get behind, I like organic shapes, but also a graphic touch to keep things from going to hippy dippy mama. You know? anyway, feast your eyes!

That beautiful big green sexy mama is found here. I also looove this one, but I don't see it on any of the model shots....oh and this one!

I love this photo of collected shapes, makes me want to reach out and touch everything.

Friday, April 18

Thank Friday it's Friday!

I am so happy that its Friday! We are having a cool, rainy day here and I love it. Its cozy damnit! Really looking forward so spending some time with friends and O tonight. I have been working a lot, meaning all the time, meaning all the time that I want to, meaning not really just all the time.

This one isn't finished yet. Prom Queen I think I will cal her.

 I have still been painting though, painting up a storm! These are all going to Gregg, so contact her if you wanna scoop them up right fast before anyone else does.

I asked for naming suggestions for this one on instagram: Colorfultastic came from a four year old. Perfect.

I made a big mistake today, and quoted out something 30% of what I would normally charge for it. And since I gave my verbal agreement (no. 1 reason I don't like making deals on the phone, I need to think about them in my crazy, round about way)...I can't go back on it. But as my friend Jess reminded me, at least its more money than you had before. So there you have it folks, even veterans make stupid mistakes that make them have a tummy ache. 

Friday, April 11

Andy Spade Instagram

I like Andy Spade's instagram account. You might already know about it, but just in case...I think many of these would make great prints. Mostly I like how his images are composed. I see quirky, off kilter compositions and pops of color, and he chooses to focus on idiosyncrasies that he sees in his daily life. Fun.

You know about Sleepy Jones right? I especially enjoy the journal.

Thursday, April 10

A few new paintings

There you Go. 36x48. I always find it so helpful to see a canvas from farther away. See how at the edges there is detail that you don't see in the cropped image? Just a tiny bit, but it makes a difference. Of course up close, in real life, this piece has so much texture that is hard to capture in this image, plus a lot of gold paint.

Josh, 48x48. I asked on instagram if anyone could tell me why I named it Josh. But no one got the answer. Its because (and I have been hinting about this) that I love The West Wing, especially Josh Lyman. Have a huge crush on him. Anyway, we always show a painting from both angles as well because when the light hits different parts (acrylic paint, vs oil pastel, vs chalk pastel, vs reflective paint, vs graphite) it bounces off differently so that gives you a lot more texture. We always spray fixative on our pastels, so they won't rub off on you btw.

Hot Chicken, 48x72. I love the proportions of this one. Aja, my kick-assistant (ha!) named it Hot Chicken because she had Chick Filet for lunch. I know, less sexy than an actual sexy chicken, which is what comes to my mind. But now of course, I want some chicken nuggets, which I try not to ever eat on account of chemicals...but delicious chemicals right?

Monday, April 7

Dresses at Graniph!

Check out the Graniph home page right now. Eek!


"My" dresses and T-shirts are available for purchase! 

You can buy these ladies, as in they will ship to you in the US, from Japan. oooohhhhh. aaaaahhhhh.
I love how these turned out, I always dig an abstract print for clothing, and I especially love how casual these look, and how great for layering they are. Not to mention I kinda really dig that artwork :)

The price is JPY 3,125 or move that decimal over and its just around 30 bucks. Amazing. You can email me if you have any questions, hopefully I will get some samples in, but we have not had much luck with actually getting them to arrive at my house for some reason (postal issues?).

Tuesday, April 1

Trouvé Magazine

Sneaky peeky of some pics Paige took of me and our home for Trouvé Magazine.

Thoughts: Excited for a magazine about art, makers and creativity. The editor Amanda is pretty passionate and motivated. I love seeing people leap into the unknown to follow their dreams! Its thrilling to behold and mightily inspiring when we get to see someone succeed.

Thank you Trouvé for including me in the first print issue (eek!) and I will show you guys more when I am allowed to :)

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