Tuesday, February 28

Me and Anthropologie are bestest friends

So my big, exciting secret is out! Anthropologie is selling my frigg'n paintings ya'll. Damn straight.

They have lots of other large pieces, none of which are online yet, but I think March 1st. is when all the pieces will be up on the website. My friends have been forwarding me the digital catalogue today, it must have just come out. Thank you Anthro, you and me be real tight.

Monday, February 27

eBay and searching your inner depths

Stuff that I am lusting after on the eBay.

This weekend I rested, a lot. I also painted, b/c I have a back log of commissions to finish. I want to finish them so badly because after I am done with them I will be done with commissions in general. For a while at least. I need a break. I do have a waiting list though, so contact me if you are totally bummed out by this news :)

I was at a meeting of like minded art-entrepreneurs and we were all moaning and groaning about commissions. I actually love painting commissions, I love my clients and I love the challenge. What I am craving right now though is experimentation! Adventure! Time to evolve and try something scary and intimidating. You see, I believe that when you venture into that area of the unknown, and the uncomfortable you actually are time traveling into the future you just haven't realized yet.

Do you ever have that suspended reality feeling when you are going head first into something totally new and un-tested? I can tell you honestly that there are tons of aspects of my carear were I felt exactly like a swimmer in a cold, dark lake; totally blind and scared and not really sure what the hell I was doing there. HA! What about you, if you could be fearless, what would you do?

Thursday, February 23

Welcome home me

What a great time! I feel so very refreshed, and thats a good thing, b/c yesterday I did a big fat nada, unless you count overseeing some blinds installed in our kitchen, the most complicated blinds ever, it took three grown professional contractors to put them up. By "overseeing" I mean standing in the kitchen munching on a granola bar offering useless suggestions. I also watched Limitless and now I am typing this so fast I can't even see my fingers.

We kept calling these Dinosaur trees.

J and Me.

 I miss the California food so much, you have a salad there and you want to make out with it. Shit. I am happy to say my Janey is very well, and has a beautiful, happy life in Cali. Even though it is hard to miss a friend, seeing them living a fuller life is very satisfying isn't it?

Cool coy pond at the Getty Villa.

We shopped like crazy, bought matching shirts (of course), I got my ears pierced, I had a sushigasam at Sugarfish, and another one over the edemame dumplings at True Food. Oh, and we hit up the Barneys warehouse sale, I got some shoes, actually the shoes. Can't wait to show you.

Speaking of visiting people, do you guys leave a "hostes gift"? I like to leave a card, and pay for a special dinner or something. Maybe a gift certificate to a store you know they like? Or, do you think your smiling face is gift enough?

Thursday, February 16

Mermaids Tears

My best friend moved away, sad I know. To LA of all places, could she go farther away? Sheesh. Anyway, O and I are on our way (right now!) to visit her. I am super looking forward to seeing Janey, we even have a girl day planned where no boys are allowed! She and I met a few years ago when she re-connected with O on facebook. She and O go way back, and they even used to date! Whenever I tell my friends this the reaction is always so interesting. One friend was so appalled she could hardly keep a straight face around us. I personally don't give a hoot, I mean fifteen years ago they dated for a few months, whats the big deal?

We hit it off right away. We both have immigrant parents, and are always talking about what it was like growing up in a little bubble of a different culture. Also parents who are form "the old country" do things that regular American parents just don't do. This is a huge bonder. Basically though we get each other, and are pretty much sisters form another mister.

Anyway, in anticipation of my fun trip, I did my nails all special. This color is called Mermaids Tears. I do my own manicures (I used to get pedis with Jane!). Mostly I am pretty good at it, and it lasts about a week. The only problem is the occupational hazard of being a painter on your manicure. This is a regular day of paint splatter.

I miss my puppies already!

So would you be friends with a girl your husband used to date? I am so curious. Any recommendations for cool shit in LA?

Tuesday, February 14

Jewelry Obsession

I am so inspired by Jewelry, I just can even express how much I love it. Here are a few things that have caught my eye...



I sure do wish I had the patience to search for great vintage things. I don't, no lie. These are a few of my favorite designers:


All for the Mountain:

A Peace Treaty


(I have this one, and I love it so much, reminds me of a Gaudi building)

Anndra Neen


A few places to get inspired:
here, my own jewel faves, Totokaelo is my go-to, Erie Basin, 

Ok, so I shared my loves, do you have any one designer, or store you go to for your favorite jewelry? I am dying to know your secret sources!!

Tuesday, February 7

Chrome and Lucite Barcart

So you know how you can make friends with all sorts of lovely people through blogging? Well, this is a story of three great friends with such good taste and antique chops that they should have a store. Wait, they do! I am talking about the Minty girls, Susie, Nelya and Jenny.

I met Susie (who has a stunning home! and is a very gifted graphic designer) first when I bought some awesome industrial pendants from her, and then she introduced me to her buddies and also her niece Buff, who became my trusty shipping assistant and has probably helped you if you have ever contacted us for anything shipping related. I am pretty much a devoted slave, and last August I asked them if they would go shopping with me, basically if they would just put hot shit in front of my face and tell me what to buy. I bought this bar cart, and a few other goodies.

Minty is pretty special people, and you should be checking it out, I mean it. There is also a rumor that they are going to start an online presence for everyone not lucky enough to live driving distance. Minty is located at the Antique Factory (the best spot in the city as far as I am concerned.)

Back to the bar cart! It fits so perfectly in this spot, and I specifically wanted something airy, but cozy. The lamp has been around since we moved to Atlanta, and the artwork is by Erin McIntosh, and I feel so honored to have it in my home! I love her work, I discovered her because she also shows at Gergg Irby Fine Art, the gallery I work with in Atlanta. I hope I get to meet her one day, I have an artist crush on her. This is the second piece I have from the gallery, remember the Lulie Martin painting I got?

Those blue horses are ceramic, and I bought them at an outdoor market in Sevilla last month. I don't know why, but I love them so much. Randomly I also bought that little, blue antique ink well from Sevilla, but 12 years ago from an antique shop near my house. Also, just in case you are curious, the brass crab came from High Street Market (love!). Golly I have been meaning to show this to you guys for a long time, I love it!

Monday, February 6

18x36 paintings

I finally painted something for myself, and brought it home! And I am loving this new size, 18x36. There are a few in my shop right now, go check them out. Also I sent out a newsletter today, full of new paintings. If you haven't already, sign up here. I sometimes offer special discounts and sneak peeks that are only available to my newsletter subscribers.

I am going to tell you about that lucite and chrome bar cart tomorrow!

This is where I dump my bags when I get home. I like having a little color to greet me. The painting is called Scary Story, b/c it reminds me of a graphic novel night scene, for some reason. I am sure I will put it in the shop someday.

Friday, February 3

You must relax! NOW!

I am so glad it is Friday! Sheesh. Apparently I need some major down time, O says I seem really stressed out, and I must say my back muscles agree. I don't get it tough, I can't think of what is stressing me! Isn't that crazy! Except that I do feel pretty tired, like all the time I have sleepy eyes.

I wish I had a good book right now! I LOVE that feeling of knowing I get to go be lost in another world for a while. Anything you recommend?
I guess this means I have to really rejuvenate for this next week! I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes I have a hard time figuring out how to relax. As soon as I nestle into the sofa with a glass of wine and the puppies I start daydreaming and five seconds in I am thinking about painting. I can't help it. I get ideas and I have to go write them down, or something. 

Is there anything better than a lazy breakfast in bed with your honey? 
What do you do to de-stress? If your mind is busy busy busy, how do you unwind and refresh your creative bone? I think that time with friends makes me feel good, and time sleeping! Also, I like to do something engaging, but not too thinky, like gardening or organizing. Lets have your tips!

Wednesday, February 1

Feb/March 2012 - Adore Home Magazine

So, "Moody" has been featured in this month's issue of Adore Home Magazine. Totally rad, right?! Doesn't she just fit right in with all of those other delightful work space goodies? 

We just hope that "Moody" doesn't let all this celebrity go to her head. She just will not stop talking about being included in this magazine. Strutting her stuff and acting like some kind of A-Lister. The other paintings are getting a little tired of hearing it. 

Go check "Moody" out at Adore Home Magazine. Oh, and she wants me to let everyone know that she is available for autographs and group photos. sigh.


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