Tuesday, March 29

Large paintings!

I painted so much this past week that I had one of those stress nightmares where you..well I don't know about you, but I have these dreams where I keep painting instead of talking and I just keep trying to paint and every color I put down is wrong...and no one knows what I mean.

Anyway, been meaning to upload these new things. Currently in Charlotte with Gregg Irby for a show, although if you are interested, you can contact me, as always.

Float away, 48x48  I just had to make a subdued, mellower painting. I personally would choose this one for my own home. I love the colors together, but they are so cozy.

 Cave, 36x36 Loving deep dark blue and green together. It reminds me of what it must be like inside a seed getting ready to burst in the ground and grow. Also, you can't tell, but there is silver shimmering on the deep blue, purdy.

Girlfriend, 48x48 This painting makes me want to sunbathe on a yacht...for some reason.

 Lantern, 24x24 Orange and pink and green! Fun!

Ecco, 48x36 I love the movement in this one, it feels deco to me, and I am digging the deep green.

Sunday, March 27


So after weeks of indecision...I finally just decided to shoot from the gut, and make all decisions at once! bam! bam! bam! So this is my kitchen, already (mostly) purchased and on the way...no turning back.

Butcher block countertops

Stainless apron front sink
Chrome bridge faucet that I looooove

Satin brass hardware

Cabinets and walls will be painted Grant Beige by Benjamin Moore Historical collection in high gloss oil paint.

Still not decided on lighting. But I would like something vintage and unexpected for a kitchen...

And last but not least....barstools to go with my Ikea Stainless number. This I have not chosen yet...but they need (three) to be lightweight, easy to move and have to slide under the stainless number so no backs.  Something just like these...off of eBay

Well, thats all folks. Any great barstool options?

Monday, March 21

New small paintings

In other news...reno is moving right along. Did I tell you we are having exterior reno too? The gable is getting a new look with cedar shingles and trim that isn't 100 years old and coated in gloopy paint, ewww. Painter is coming Wednesday for the kitchen cabinets. I am not going to show you pics until it is allll finished. Why? Because I changed my mind again! and I probably will again too. I am just making gut choices, not really following any inspiration. After paint comes tile...hardware...lighting...oh dear.

Monday, March 14

Small paintings in the shop next week

Just so you know...sign up to the newsletter if you want to hear about shop updates and snag one before they go.

 Commission for a stylish client and friend for her sexy bedroom. Her inspiration photo below (I wish I were having a martini there right.now.)

Sunday, March 13

Hey YOU!!!

Number two is winning! (O is happy about that.)

I am holding a dead fish up to your face, and if you don't choose I will fish slap you!
Lets say it will go into this room: 

This will be what you see...

I can't make it any easier folks. Do the right thing, decide....

Friday, March 11

Kelley Painting

Kayla bought my Kelley painting a few weeks ago, doesn't it look fab in her house?  *love*

Friday, March 4


My personal favorite from this new batch...I am going to miss Eladora.

Wednesday, March 2

Set your marks...get ready!

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Moxie is helping me out in the studio these days; she reminds me to play with her every few hours by poking me with her paw, cute pink little paw. Coco is off being anti-social in this photo, she is getting crotchety in her middle age.

On a side note, I used to run track when I was a wee lassie. I remember my first year at Regional, it was a late night race...I was super nervous, my folks were in the stands...I got so nervous that when the gun went off I peed myself, and ran the whole damn race with pee down my leg. I got second place.

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