Progress in the old home

I just bought these curtain rods, in natural iron for our bedroom. It is painted a deep, rich brown. I am planning on putting creme colored linen drapes.

I went to check the Estate Silver line of curtain hardware this weekend, and O gave it the thumbs up. I like the thinner, plain end cap version. Next month, I hope to buy two for the living room, which we are painting a beautiful, fresh creme color! So happy to finally get rid of that blasted yellow!!!
I like this rug a lot too, the rug we have now is stunningly beautiful, a gift from O's parent's, but it does tend to make the room quite dark...

And I do think the ivory silk curtains will work (Restoration Hardware via Ebay) in either the living room or the bedroom...I may get some and test them. I heart Ebay for things like this.

I also love Ebay for things like this: Fabulous stool, huge chunk of amethyst, (bought by me!)
and a beautiful, deeply discounted William Sonoma Home Pendant.


  1. I'm loving where you're headed with this. I can't wait to see the results. And that chunk of amethyst is fantastic. I have a votive just like it.


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