Wednesday, November 6

NEW canvas prints are here....again

New canvas prints are in the store right now! I am pretty excited about these, and they look amazing, if I do say so myself.

Bermuda Biangle. This painting sold so fast, I almost couldn't make a scan of it. 36x48 inches, wrapped onto a sold wooden frame 1.5 inches deep. Wired and ready to hang, and has my logo on the back.

Dark and Stormy is 40x40 inches. The original is 48x48 inches, but that size is very cumbersome, and expensive to ship, but 36x36 seemed too small for this one. The canvas print is wrapped around a 1.5 inch deep solid wood frame, with logo on the back. Wired and ready to hang, natch.

ps. The original Dark n Stormy is still here! The print is slightly lighter than the original, that is just something that happens when you are trying to translate an original to a digital print. Because Dark n Stormy has so much light to dark variation, it is more obvious with this print.

End of End! This painting represents the first time I started to play with washes on a painting that I sold to the public. Whew. Anyway its a 36x48 inch canvas print wrapped onto a 1.5 inch solid wood frame. Wired and ready to hang with my logo on the back. All of my prints ship from our warehouse in Michigan via Fedex.

I am going to send out a newsletter, but since you love me so much that you actually read all the way to down here, you get 25% off! Just enter "Shenanagram" at checkout for your discount.  You can use the discount on any pre-stretched canvas print. Contact me for wholesale stuff.

Lets not forget that the 2014 calendar is also here! Featuring my Pop Rocks painting. You can still enter "thatswhatshesaid" to get 15% off any print, including the calendar.

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