Tuesday, June 3

A Coco by any other name

I am finally taking Coco to school for manners, actually I am the one doing all the learning, Coco, it seems just needs boundaries. Who knew! Anyway, it made me realize that we really don't call her Coco, I have this thing with nicknames, I have so many for O, he kind of just responds to anything that doesn't sound like a real word.

Her names so far are: Cokie, Cocopuffs, Corarella, Coco Channel, Cocs, Munchi, Cosco (thats from my mom), Cokie Pokes, Coca-ma-Pokes, Cocatron, Cocen-tokes, Cokie Poo, Budja Budja and Burf-Burf. Whew!

My nicknames are few in comparison, Michi, Meeps and Moops, unless it is my mom saying my name then it could be anything, Michu, Michunga...you get the picture. We aren't the only ones right? you do this too?


  1. What a cutie pie she is! My heart is melting just looking at these photos.

    And yep, our dog had many many nicknames as well, and my nephew has even more - the day he will absolutely forbid me calling him Bunny Bunnykins (obviously his nickname is in Finnish, but that's how I'd translate it) will be a sad one!

  2. Eep, we totally do this. We have a Cocoa dog too (full name: Cocoa Puff), also known as Cokes; Billy the Kid AKA Billy Bob, Bills and Dum-dum; Mia AKA Wookie; and our kitten's name, DJ, just hasn't stuck; instead, she's known merely as Cat, Pussycat and Nappy Cat. Poor thing.

  3. so adorable!!

    i'm not brave enough to reveal in public all the names i call my dog!

  4. Your dog is very very cute! We are terrible with our cats names too, it must confuse them so badly. Our boy cat angus aka fang, pang, ang, sausage, possum, big puss, and tiger. hmmm

  5. AnonymousJune 18, 2008

    so I think i have to come to Atlanta and take COco away from you?!

    She is too cute and I need her to live in Brooklyn with me. Tell me how your doing! I miss chatting.

  6. so cute! i dream of the day we have a dog. i've been dreaming a long, long time! ;)

  7. I am the SAME exact way!!!

    Real name: Zoe the Cat. Nicknames: Zo'Zo', Zo'meister, Kiki, Kika, Zo'lady, Zeze, Muffy (?), Muffin, Lovefluffer, etc.

    Real name: Sadie the Dog.
    Nicknames: Saysay, Sadie Lady, Mooka, Leelee, Floofer. (We haven't had her as long...)

    What the heck is with all those crazy ones??? I am such a weirdo.

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