Tuesday, July 8

I am back

So, you may have noticed, I have kinda been distracted lately, but now I am back. So many new things are happening, and I can hardly seem to get a handle on anything. I have been ill for a few months now and it has made me realize how much energy it takes just to make it through one day. It also has given me time to hang out in my imagination a little bit, and think about art...

A cosmic forest...art for me is about being lost in a world that is not reality, and this is a world I could escape to any day.

And, Joslyn, and Jordan... and Brooklyn on my mind...
Seriously, how cool is this from MayLuk

and lastly...summer sales.


  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2008

    Feel better soon!

  2. so glad you're back...and sorry you've been sick!

    that plate...awesome.

  3. I emailed you & left you a vm recently hon. I want to know how u are. Feel better soon.

  4. I've been anxiously awaiting a post from you, hoping that all is well. I had to smile at your featured items today - I happened across MayLuk's etsy shop yesterday (I think she was featured in a treasury?) and I love that Brooklyn plate.


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