A cave of my own....

So my dad has this way of dealing with life changing issues...he simplifies. When I was moving out for the first time, struggling to find a decent place to live, and feeling homesick once I did, my dad said, "This is life, you live in our cave until you are ready to find a cave of your own..." just like cavemen...hm. So, now I have my own cave...and I share it with O. Ok, still, we need caves of our own inside our cave, this is getting kinda crazy. Anyway, THIS would be my cave...(in the cave...you get it.)

I have dreams of making a my office like this...I had this idea when I moved my office into a smaller room, it would be perfect, and I can have my own cave drawings....

via apartment therapy, via the Times....


  1. i like this a lot.

    it does have the feeling of a former meth den.

    gorgeous though.

  2. I agree with Paul, plus I'd like to add that the fact that you can never truly evenly clean a chalkboard surface would drive me mad! It's a nice idea, but would never work for me.

  3. You guys are both right, it could be creepy, but I think I would use the green chalk paint and it might help the meth den look...

  4. I simplify during my life stages, too!!!

    And I lOVE this image. :)

  5. Cool idea.
    Congrats on your design-sponge feature! I love how your house came out! Very snazzy. :)


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