Friday, August 21

Wary Meyers

I love this little guy! I want him in my house, I have a friend who had raccoons as pets when he was little, they slept in his cradle with him. They used to try to get into the fridge, so his parents took to locking it, but the little rascals figured out how to unscrew the door, pretty interesting no? In my mind, our raccoon here is the head honcho on this island, and he is about to go have a meeting about what to do with these meddling humans, then "Home Alone" antics ensue. ahhhh, imagination. Fabulousness by Wary Meyers.


  1. Pet raccoons. How interesting. They really are such smart little creatures. And that painting is great.

  2. Oooh how lovely! I'd love to have that print.
    We don't have raccoons in Finland, by the way, so I've always found them a bit exotic. Cute and exotic!

  3. yes... he's so cute, isn't he?

  4. this is adorable! and they sure are rascals! i saw one once in a tree lurking above my garbage cans. i swear, he looked like he was 40 lbs!

  5. I ADORE raccoons! This one is just so fun!


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