Wednesday, June 2

Dash and Albert

While I am working on totally ripping off that dining room down there, uhem...

The great rug situation continues for the living room. I returned the "blue" rug and ordered this one, lets hope it isn't magenta or something. See the cool dragons on the border, hello, dragons?? Suweet. I was looking around at my favorite sites, and am still lusting after a few Dash and Albert offers. This one is really pretty, but I have my heart set on a 9x12 and they only come in 8x10 or 10x14 (too big for our room.)

Lets oogle it over at this beautiful pre-war Manhattan apartment...sigh. Remember this Lonny?

I sometimes look over them too fast, and miss things, but that rug jumped out at me last night while I clicked along.

Those windows! Oh my! Lets see here, I love her tasteful display of family photos, love it. I know this is not "done" but who cares. You need stunning frames and well edited photos, but I may steal this or our bedroom? That leather chair, check, zebra stripes? check...double sigh.

Ok, so you can't see the rug, but a working fireplace! I officially passed out form all the sighing. O and I dream of fixing our fireplace (or installing a wood burning stove that looks modern,) and removing our Transformers mantel, it totally looks like a robotic head with a gaping mouth and crooked teeth, I promise.


  1. ugh-- i love that room. i'm totally going to do some craigslist stalking for that glass coffee table. and ditto on the working fireplace...i have a heavy black!t that refuses to turn on.

  2. love a fireplace. so jelly of this space.


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